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Spread the Cost - Hire Purchase gives you the power to choose the car you want, right  now. By submitting this affiliate application form you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the CarShop Affiliate programme. Browse our massive range of up to 4,000 used and nearly new cars as wea€™re bound to have your perfect car. Whether youa€™re looking to trade-up, or you simply want to part with your car for a little extra cash, we can help. For Home mortgage, the interest rate quoted by bank is your annual interest rate over your outstanding principal amount.
However, for Hire Purchase, the interest rate quoted – bank multiply this with the number of financing years AND the purchase price of your vehicle. Hence, you take this Total Money Paid to Bank, divide by the number of financing Months, you got your monthly instalment. This monthly instalment, well, to simplify things, you compare it with the monthly instalment if you were to buy this car WITHOUT any interest.

Then, this monthly interest rate, you multiply it by 12, to become annual interest rate which is comparable to home mortgage interest rate. Hi KampungInvestor, in the HP agreement, they actually state this clearly – the Real Annual Percentage Rate but banks never actually explain this to customer unless you ask. Hi, how come you took RM 100,000 to calculate Step 1 when you only took a 90% loan from the bank?
Hire purchase - Also known as lease purchase - is the most common product, where you eventually own the asset at the end of your agreement. This does not mean that you will be accepted into the programme as all submissions are reviewed for eligibility and we retain the right to refuse any application without disclosing our reasons.
Whether you want to customise your own uber-stylish MG3, get hold of a fully-loaded MG6, or the all-new GS get in touch and let us guide you through the process. Of course by using all the tools I do get the exact answers but i still don’t get the logic towards getting the answer. So you have – HP interest rate x Years x Vehicle price = Total interest paid over your financing years.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. You only need to fill in the yellow cells and the rest of the calculation will be done for you. At the end of the agreement and the payment of the nominal purchase instalment, the car becomes your property.
And people thought home mortgage calculation is hard due to amortization, but it’s really direct.

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