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A15) Yes, you can apply for DBSS even if you have submitted your application for BTO, you will only need to cancel the BTO when you book a DBSS flat. Q16) I am very interested in getting a unit (if the price is right), what is the procedure? If you are really interested in getting a unit, you should first engage a salesperson to check your eligibility to buy a DBSS. Check with the salesperson on the documents required (NRIC, payslips, marriage certificate etc) for e-application and fill up the e-application form prior showflat opening. If you are applying for HDB loan, you should ensure that you received the HLE prior booking. Other than working out your finances, you should also be shortlisting your preferred units. Bring along your list of shortlisted units (as many as possible), pending documents (if any) & 5% cheque, HLE (if applicable). A16) If you missed the e-application, you will NOT be qualified for the balloting and thus you will NOT be able to book a unit during the balloting exercise.
For applicants without salesperson, our sales team will be able to advise you on the relevant documents to bring for booking and actual pricing (if you do not have time to visit the showflat during price release). For first timer who is eligible for MCPS, you may be eligible for additional $10k CPF Housing Grant if your household income has not exceeded $8k.
Should you be eligible for HDB loan, please apply for the HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) letter from HDB website.

When the showflat is open, you will be able to focus more time on the showflat viewing rather than spending time doing the paperwork. Bring along your relevant documents for e-application and submit your e-application at the showflat. If you are applying for bank loan, you should get in-principal approval from your preferred banker.
This is even more important if you have just started to work and do not have alot of CPF contribution yet or you have utilized a large portion of your CPF to pay off the existing housing loan. Some of the factors you may want to take into consideration are unit type (3, 4 or 5 rooms), layout, facing and level etc. If you are really interested to book a unit, always speak to the salesperson first and try to engage the same salesperson throughout the entire process. However, should there be balance units after the balloting exercise and your ethnic quota is not filled, you may still be eligible to book a unit via walk-in-selection.
For applicants with a salesperson, please check with your salesperson on the balloting results, pricelist and booking procedure. We will also assist you with the booking, as there will be many forms which you need to fill up during the booking. It is expected that the showflat to be crowded during this period, make an appointment with us prior coming down to have a better viewing experiences. Showflat is expected to be crowded during launch, thus it is advisable to make an appointment with the salesperson prior visiting the showflat.

For those with existing housing loan, the maximum loan granted will be lower than those without any housing loan. The actual pricing should be released about 2 days prior booking, check with your salesperson on your shortlisted units pricing (actual pricing usually will not be released publicly). The booking may span for a few days and if your booking appointment is not on the first day, it is likely that you will be anxious to know if your choice units are already taken up.
Booking may take few hours, thus do have a proper meal and bring extra clothing (may be cold after few hours at the showflat) prior coming down. Please speak to the salesperson, as buying house is a big commitment, we will be able to advise you accordingly. The e-application is free of charge and there is no penalty should you decided not to book a unit (even if you are successfully balloted). Weekend are expected to be even more crowded, thus to have a better view experience, you may want to consider visiting the showflat in the weekdays instead. If you have e-applied with our salesperson, we will try our best to update you on your choice units availablities. Note that you do NOT need to pay the salesperson any commission, we are engaged by developer to help interested buyers with all sales related matters.

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