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Rookard (pictured above), who became a Cleveland city truck driver after the war and retired in 1986, said the only fond memory he has is that of the French people, who treated African Americans nice.
When the program ended in mid-November 1944, Red Ball Express truckers had delivered 412,193 tons of gas, oil, lubricants, ammunition, food and other essentials. Now 82, Cranchall, a resident of Philadelphia, was a part of the historic June 1944 D-Day landing and invasion of Nazi-held France along with 120 African Americans of the all-black 427 Quartermaster Truck Battalion. Over the last couple of decades, majority parties in the House of Representatives have taken to reserving the very first bill numbers for their party’s agenda. Which leads to the embarrassing fact that no one seems to have noticed about this year’s House Republicans. Over Memorial Day weekend, the weekly addresses from President Obama and congressional Republicans were deliberately apolitical, with the president giving thanks to fallen U.S.
The Constitution extends some fairly specific powers to the nation’s president, including the ability to make recess appointments.
In the last Congress, President Obama nominated some qualified officials to serve on the National Labor Relations Board, only to have Senate Republicans block their confirmation votes. The Senate GOP conference has asked the Supreme Court to invalidate President Obama’s January 2012 recess appointments as an unconstitutional abuse of power. All 45 Republican senators on Tuesday signed on to a brief arguing that Obama overstepped his authority in naming members to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) while the Senate was technically still in session.
When a tornado pulverized an Oklahoma City suburb last week, it renewed a debate in Congress over whether federal aid for disaster relief must be offset by spending cuts elsewhere. This mirrors another recent Post poll, which found that a majority of Republicans, 54 percent, disapprove of the spending cuts being imposed by sequestration, while only 39 percent of them approve. I gotta say thx to the young blood at walgreens for saying he liked my hair but no dude u can’t have my number, u look young enough to be my son! Perhaps they are implying that he is bipolar and that he was in a hypomanic stage at the time.
The social media giant has signed a deal called Twitter Amplify with several major media companies to increase its dominance.
A few weeks ago, I wrote about the recent job postingfor a news chief at Twitter – someone who would coordinate Twitter’s relationships with the news industry and, as well, help the company conceive of its place and identity as a part of the news business. Read the article but still don’t know why I should care if Twitter hooks up the msm with advertisers. The Swiss government is considering a proposal to disclose bank client names and pay a multibillion-dollar fine to the United States to help resolve a long-running dispute between the two countries over the handling of tax-evasion cases, American and Swiss sources briefed on the matter said on Tuesday.

The fine, which could reach at least $7 billion to $10 billion according to these people, could be paid in part by the Swiss government, which would then seek reimbursement from the banks. Joining Rucker and Usher, who worked with Shelton on The Voice, are country stars Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan, Rascal Flatts and Reba McEntire, among others listed in the lineup. Central Oklahoma May Tornadoes Relief Fund and will be used for recovery and rebuilding needs.
Darius led Hootie and The Blowfish but is quick to point out that he’s not called Hootie. Maybe they are going to show Brad Paisley and LL that a white country singer and a black singer can collaborate without creating drama? Remember Capehart, Lawrence O’Donnell, and Charles Blow unraveling the phony character witness Joe Oliver? Three relatives of House Armed Services Chairman Howard “Buck” McKeon, R-Calif., have registered their firm to lobby on behalf of clients who have defense-related products. Zimmerman’s attorneys posted on their website Wednesday that the fund had less than $5,000 left. The attorneys say they calculate that Zimmerman needs another $120,000 to put on a good defense or even another $75,000 to give him a fighting chance. Lo in Normandy to Paris and eventually to the front along France’s northeastern borderland. Drivers wanted to live up to their growing reputation among combat units and reporters, who sent home news stories about their exploits. Patton needed,” said Rookard, who was drafted into the Army in March 1943 and was discharged in December 1946. By then, 210,209 African Americans were serving in Europe and 93,292 of them were in the Quartermaster Corps. The 1952 film Red Ball Express featured some African-Americans, including Sidney Poitier, although in a supporting role even though the majority of the truckers were African-American. Inhofe talked about the various agencies at the federal, state, and local level tending to the needs of affected communities. When lawmakers left town, the White House said the Congress was in recess, and gave the officials temporary recess appointments. The Senate is responsible for scrutinizing the nominees and either approving or rejecting them.
In the case of the Oklahoma tornado, conservative senators such as Tom Coburn and Jim Inhofe immediately declared the need for offsets.

The poll finds that 59 percent of Americans say “federal spending in response to natural disasters is emergency aid that does not need to be offset by cuts to other government programs.” Only 29 percent say such spending must be offset by cuts elsewhere. And Judge Debra Nelson made that clear today when shedenied several motions by Zimmerman attorney Mark O’Mara to introduce the 17-year-old’s suspension from school, past marijuana use and his participation in fights. The company website states, “we have worked inside some of the most capable threat mitigation agencies in the world.
Patton’s bold armored advance across France in 1944 is credited historically as a significant contribution to the Allied victory in Europe in World War II.
In 1973, CBS aired a situation comedy called Roll Out! about the adventures of a largely African-American trucking company on the Red Ball Express. Previously, large swaths of Republicans in the House voted against federal aid to victims of Hurricane Sandy, demanding it be offset by cuts elsewhere, which ultimately required that it pass the House mostly with Democratic votes.
According to the network, tickets went on sale Saturday morning and were sold out within five minutes. The request for his arrest, written by the lead detective, noted that Zimmerman’s killing of Trayvon could have been avoided if he’d remained in his vehicle or identified himself “as a concerned citizen.” Just what in Zimmerman’s past might have led him to take these actions and kill an unarmed teenager with a gunshot to the chest is relevant in this case. There’s a possibility that such evidence could make it to trial, but by releasing all the informationlast week, O’Mara ensured that everyone, including potential jurors, knows what lurked in his client’s victim’s past. The Allied breakout from Normandy and the French hedgerow country in the summer started a race to Paris and points north and east.
On an average day, 900 fully loaded vehicles were on the Red Ball route round-the-clock with drivers officially ordered to observe 60-yard intervals and a top speed of 25 miles per hour. Some of the fellows ran into ambushes, but my company, Company C, 514th Quartermaster Regiment, wasn’t.
Even that is pretty minimal – it’s far more of a symbolic position than it is an energy policy. Supreme Court, and yesterday, literally every Senate Republican urged the high court to hear the case and rule against the president’s tactic. But thanks to Florida’s incredible sunshine laws, we know a few relevant things about Zimmerman. But at least it’s a real bill, and to their credit it is a substantive measure, even if it’s not an overall energy policy.

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