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The next incarnation of the Kuga compact SUV features a number of exterior and interior changes as well as a new turbodiesel engine. The look of the new Kuga is enhanced with a large upper trapezoidal grille and a smaller lower grille that are flanked by sleek headlights with integrated LED daytime running lights.
Ford’s SYNC 3 connectivity system will allow drivers to control audio, navigation, climate control functions and connected smartphones using more conversational voice commands. In an effort to make parking simpler, the new Ford Kuga is equipped with Perpendicular Parking that enhances the semi-autonomous Active Park Assist. An enhanced version of Active City Stop collision avoidance system operates at speeds up to 50 kph.
Ford South Africa has not confirmed when the new Kuga will become available in South Africa.
Gero Lilleike is a published writer and photographer with most of his work appearing in the fields of travel and motoring. It’s not exactly a secret that my wife and I are investing our money with a goal of financial independence. The money we would live off of in our day-to-day lives would come from the return from our investments. This doesn’t mean that we would simply stop working when we reached financial independence, but that income would not be a reason or motivation for choosing what to do with our time. Sarah and I have both discussed working for various charities at a full time level, whether for a very low wage or for free. The purpose in our work would not revolve around income, though income would be a nice perk. For many people, that sounds like a tremendously exciting goal, but it doesn’t seem like a realistic goal.
So, the first problem to be solved is to come up with enough money from our daily life so that we can actually apply enough money to our investments to get to this goal at a reasonable rate. This goes substantially beyond the usual retirement savings advice of saving 10% to 15% of your annual income. In terms of how things work practically, the money I earn from my work goes into our business checking account, from which we withdraw money that amounts to my take-home pay (with other money in that account going toward professional expenses, like research materials, as well as income taxes).
Of course, this means that we actively live on substantially less than we earn, something we have done for almost a decade now.
It means that we don’t go out to eat very often and that we make most of our meals at home. It means that our cars both have more than 100,000 miles on them (and both are approaching 150,000). It means that we do things like carefully preparing meal plans and grocery lists in order to minimize food spending.
It means that we buy even little things like light bulbs with an eye toward the lowest possible cost over the long term while still meeting our needs. It means that our social events often revolve around having people over for a potluck dinner or going somewhere in the community with them, such as to a community board game night. So, now that we’ve established our overall goal and where our money for investing comes from, how exactly do we invest?
The first idea that guides our investing is that we cannot individually compete with hedge funds, investment banks, or institutional investors. Thus, our question becomes “how can we benefit from their efforts?” Is there anything we can personally do to take advantage of all of that effort? This means that index funds also don’t carry one of the risks of mutual funds, which is that of the investors running the funds. So, for example, if you own a total stock market investment, that investment would own a small amount of every publicly traded stock in America. If you own a total bond market investment, that investment would own a small amount of every publicly traded bond in America. Second, with that much diversity, you’re actually investing in the economy as a whole rather than in individual companies.
For example, when it comes to stocks, I believe that worker productivity will keep going up and I believe that American ingenuity will keep developing new products. The only thing you really have to do with this type of investment is figure out which total market index funds you’re going to buy and in which proportion.

Each quarter or each year, you check the comparative balances of those funds and then change the automatic investments accordingly to steer things back to your ideal balance. Even the problem of figuring out which total market index funds to buy is a pretty easy problem to solve. About every six months, I’ll sit down and figure out what the ratio of our actual investments are like. In other words, I’d go into the website, change our contribution to the top investment from 60% of our money to 55% of our money, change our contribution to our middle investment from 30% of our money to 25% of our money, and then change our contribution to the small investment from 10% of our money to 20% of our money.
Our goal is for our total investment value to be equal to 25 times 150% of our annual living expenses.
Still, we feel as though this plan will work very well in terms of taking us to where we want to be. Just a few months back, the Mazda CX4 crossover was caught completely undisguised by a spy photographer somewhere in China, and now the Japanese automaker has announced that it will showcase its new crossover at the 2016 Beijing Motor Show. Other vehicles to be showcased by Mazda at Beijing Motor Show would include Mazda3, Mazda CX-5, Mazda6 and the sports cars designed for the China Touring Car Championship.
Compare prices, features, specifications and photos of different cars or view our popular comparisons. The taillights have been redesigned too and buyers can also choose from a new range of 17, 18 and 19-inch alloy wheels in a variety of finishes. There are fewer buttons and the steering wheel and air-conditioning controls are more intuitive and easier to use than in the current generation vehicle. SYNC 3 is accessed via the 8-inch touchscreen that incorporates swipe and pinch functions (for the first time in the case of the Kuga), much as those employed by modern smartphones. Designed to complement modern smartphones, with an intuitive 8?inch touchscreen, SYNC 3 understands more natural speech, is faster, and offers an easier-to-read graphical interface,” says Christof Kellerwessel, chief engineer, Electronic and Electrical Systems Engineering, Ford of Europe.
The system uses sensors to locate parking spaces alongside other cars, including parallel spaces, and proceeds to steer the vehicle into the space while the driver is only required to accelerate and brake. Sensors are used to detect stationary objects in the road and if the driver fails to react, the system will reduce engine torque and apply the brakes automatically to avoid a collision. The system monitors ambient light conditions and automatically optimises visibility by adjusting the beam angle of the new bi-xenon headlights to one of seven settings, taking into account factors such as vehicle speed, steering angle and distance to objects in front of the vehicle. Gero has worked in the motoring space for the last four years and enjoys driving and photographing the latest cars. Ideally, this means that our annual investment returns make up enough money to not only cover our living expenses, but also cause our investment to grow so that everything keeps up with inflation (and a little extra breathing room as well).
If that novel ended up being sold to a publisher, turned out to be popular, and sold a lot of copies, that would be a wonderful bonus. Again, we would be doing this because we believed in the charity, not because of the income (or the lack thereof). Since Sarah and I make approximately the same amount of money, this functionally means that we live off of one of our incomes and bank the other one.
My income goes directly into a shared investing account that’s building up for our financial independence. In terms of our spending, we live a lifestyle that adds up to about half of our income level. When we do go out to eat, our children are genuinely excited about it because it’s a special experience.
Our planning involves using the grocery store flyer, upon which we base our meal plans, upon which we base our grocery list. Most of our typical household purchases are either generic items or basic ingredients for making household supplies (like vinegar, for instance). We spend our weekends doing things like geocaching or going to parks or playing board games that we’ve owned for years or reading library books. It is essentially impossible for us to have access to useful information or be able to act on that information with such speed as to ever beat them at the individual investing game. If you invest in everything, you’re going to catch every single surprising spike in stock prices or bond prices. However, you’re also not carrying a risk of seeing your investments drop to zero value very quickly either.

This simply means that an index fund owns or tries to own a small portion of all of the investments in a particular market. If you own a total real estate market investment, that investment would own a small amount of real estate in every major real estate market in America.
If you own shares in a total stock market index fund, that means you own a tiny amount of every publicly traded company in the United States. I don’t necessarily have perfect faith in a specific company, but I do have faith in the American economy as a whole. There are many, many examples out there for you to follow, most of which have pretty good explanations of the advantages and disadvantages of each.
60% of our money is in domestic stocks (specifically, the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index), 30% of our money is in international stocks (specifically, the Vanguard Total International Market Index), and 10% of our money is in bonds (specifically, the Vanguard Total Bond Market Index). Let’s say, for instance, that we started out with $60,000 in the first investment, $30,000 in the second investment, and $10,000 in the third investment. Let’s say, for example, that during those six months, our investments grew to having $70,000 in the first investment, $34,000 in the second investment, and $11,000 in the third investment, giving us a new total of $115,000. For the sake of flexibility and safety, we want to be able to have the freedom to take out 50% more of that value each year if we so choose (to cover taxes and any other special things we might do), so our annual number is $45,000.
I’ll still have book royalties and several other little passive income streams, and Sarah and I may earn money from doing other things. On top of that, our portfolio is aggressive enough that it will grow at a rate faster than 4%. The interior will mostly resemble with the Mazda CX-9 crossover, which made its debut recently at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show. The steering wheel is heated for added convenience and all automatic models will come with paddle-shift controls to facilitate manual gear shifting at the driver's discretion.
Apple CarPlay is available to iPhone users while Android users can activate Android Auto for a range of functions. Features such as Intelligent All Wheel Drive, Curve Control and Torque Vectoring Control are also offered.
I’ve stated time and time again that our goal is financial independence, but what does that mean? If I never found a publisher at all, though, it wouldn’t be a financial disaster for us.
Personal fulfillment would be a much larger part, as would the desire to help others and grow ourselves as people. Both of our names are on all of our accounts, we each individually have access to all of our funds, and we work together to make decisions. In other words, we tried to get the interest rates of each of our debts reduced, then we listed all of our debts by interest rate with the highest interest rate on top, then focused on paying down the debt on top of the list while making minimum payments on the rest. You’re also going to catch all of the gradually rising value that comes from a strong, steady economy.
This has nothing to do with the fortunes of one specific company, but on the fortunes of America as a whole. In that case, I would take 5% from each of the other slices for our contributions and move it to the underperforming slice.
I would leave that in place until at least one of the fractions was more than 5% off of our target again, then I would alter the contributions again.
We then multiply that by 25 to find that we need $1.125 million in our portfolio before we would feel good being financially independent.
Our intent is only to withdraw money as needed (and to have all dividends just go into our checking account). Index funds are essentially mutual funds that are managed with just a few simple rules, which means that the costs of running those funds are very low compared to a normal mutual fund that’s run by a fund manager and a team of people actively studying stocks.

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