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While the rate of decline may have slightly improved in October, the European car market still went down further, last month, with all of the major automakers suffering double-digit declines.
The shortlist for arguably the most important award in European motoring has been revealed. It's clear from the list of nominees in the 2013 European Car of the Year award, judges have put forward cars with conventional powertrains and designs. 2013's list contains no hybrids or electric cars, instead favouring a shortlist made up of a sports car, an MPV and B- and C-segment hatchbacks. Not even world-class cars such as the all-new Range Rover or the Mercedes SL (both made from aluminium) appear in the shortlist, or even SUVs such as the new Honda CR-V. The full list of candidates totalled 32 cars and included the new Audi A3, the Dacia Sandero, the Fiat 500L and the BMW 3 Series.

The guys in charge of picking out the Car of the Year have boiled down their choices for the 2014 laurels down to just 7 cars. The lucky seven are (in alphabetical order) the BMW i3, Citroen C4 Picasso, Mazda3, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Peugeot 308, Skoda Octavia and Tesla Model S. The final decision will be made based on the decision of 58 members from 22 European countries.
The best around the office seem to focus around the Tesla Model S, BMW i3 and a couple of the affordable, the Skoda and Mazda.
In the EU and EFTA countries, new car registrations dropped by nearly 5%, to 1-million vehicles. Still, Renault, PSA and Opel are still struggling, as they have been the most affected by the economic situation, and are now cutting costs in order to keep momentum going.

Remember, these are not just British journalists voting, and the Tesla is a best-seller in Norway.
Even VW posted negative results, showing a 0.5% decrease in sales last month, managing to shift just 128,481 cars in total. We wouldn't be surprised if another electric car won the Car of the Year award, after the Opel Ampera in 2012 and the Nissan Leaf a year before that.

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