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New cars priced 4 6 lakhs motor trend india, See new cars priced between 4 to 6 lakhs in india. New cars priced 6 8 lakhs motor trend india, See new cars priced between 6 to 8 lakhs in india.
527 cars prices india rs 5 lakh rs 10, Home new cars cars with prices in india between rs 5 lakh to rs 10 lakh. View PhotosOut Of Home advertising, a form of advertising which also includes using the exterior of automobiles as advertising space is pretty common with large commercial vehicles, public transport and private tour vehicles. Manish Chauhan 558 CommentsDo you know who to calculate principle and interest part in your home loan’s EMI break up?
However, even today, a lot of people have no understanding of the idea that in the early years of repaying the loan, interest component is very high as compared to principal repayment. In the same way After 100 payments (8 yrs and 4 months), when you would be paying your 101st EMI of Rs 28,950, the interest part would still be as high as Rs 19,891 and the principal part would be Rs 9,060. A lot of investors opt for 15-20 yrs loan thinking that they will pre-pay the loan in next 4-6 yrs itself because of their salaries will rise or for some other reasons. So if you are taking loan for longer duration thinking that you would pre-pay the loan very soon, you need to rethink!
If you take short term loans, because of the shorter duration, the bigger chunk of the EMI is actually principal part, hence you can look forward to pre-pay the loan incase you wish to. I have created and found out some loan amortization calculators which you can use for calculating your EMI’s and its breakup into principal and interest for each month. By now you must have got a clear understanding on loan amotization and how home loan EMI is broken into principle and interest component.
The Loan amortization calculator really helped me understand how the interest part is calculated every month. I m planning to take a home loan for 30 Lakhs for which I have checked EMI in different Home loan calculators & found it to be around 31K for 15 years.
I suggest asking for explaination from the SBI customer support on this, as they will give you exact breakup . That will require a good amount of calculation which is beyond the scope of comments section.

How much ( i mean what %) loan I should be getting on my FD which is maturing in Dec’16? My query is that will the bank give us loan knowing well in advance that a major chunk of the loan will be prepayed?
Loan is opted for from a Bank and you start paying your EMIs each month as contracted (see this excellent article on how EMI formula is derived). The longer the tenure of the loan, the interest component will be higher than principal payments and also the rate at which the interest part will come down will also be lower, making sure that in the initial years most of the EMIs goes towards ‘Interest’ and not ‘principal’. In the first EMI, the interest part would be Rs 25,000 and only Rs 3,950 will be the principal payment, which means out of total hdfc home loan of 30 lacs, only Rs 3,950 will be reduced in the first month and rest Rs 25,000 will go away in interest.
So each bar is broken into two parts, where green bar represents Interest part and orange bar represents principal part. In these cases, for the initial years they keep paying loan interest only and not a lot towards principal. There are many factors here which is beyond my understanding , as its related to your case ! As per the scheme, a person can purchase a car through Dreamers by paying a down payment of 25 percent with 5 years EMI.
It is extremely important to have this knowledge because a lot of real life decisions like prepaying the loan, opting for the loan tenure and many more such aspects depend on how your EMI is structured.
When you pay your EMIs, some part of it goes towards interest and remaining towards principal repayment.
It is clearly visible that how interest forms a major part of overall EMI in initial years and only in the later years principal part becomes high. When they prepay the loan, they end up paying a little lesser amount then original loan amount. A better option which I can think of is to pre-pay in small chunks each year along with your EMI’s from the start of the loan payment. The interest on the emi calculator is different and the actual deduction that happens is different. If I have funds to pay towards the loan, is it better to park funds in the loan OD account, or is there any reason to have sufficient loan balance for gaining from Sec 24 benefits in taxes?

I checked the online calculators for balance transfers but most of them are suggesting to stay with my current bank. I was looking for something like that; I was about give up my search and start writing something in my matlab. So each month you are reducing your loan by some extent and now as your loan have reduced, you will be paying less interest on your next instalment. When you make your 200th EMI payment of Rs 28,950; this time your interest part would be very less at Rs 8,349 and principal would be Rs 20,601. So, after two years we will prepay 20 lakh of the loan as he will get a lump sum amount on retirement. In the same way, with each passing month, your loan gets paid by some amount and balancing amount keeps on reducing resulting in paying lesser interest month on month and year on year and the day comes when you fully close your loan. So now, with all these examples I gave, you can see how interest part is very high in initial years. I personally don’t see any reason to pay interest, and gain in taxes, but I wanted to confirm that I am not missing anything. To be noted here is that Dreamers is not targeting commercial vehicles, but passenger vehicles only. Note that your EMI is generally fixed and internally it’s worked out into ‘interest’ and ‘principal’ repayments. But the positive side is that there might be a good appreciation in the house value itself.
In particular, groups with an annual income not exceeding INR 10 lakhs There are a few conditions though. Dreamers will pay the EMIs for the first three years while the consumer will make the payments for the last two years; in return Dreamers will utilize 40 - 60 % of the customer's car space. They need to travel average 1500 km per month, keep the car clean, should not tamper with the sticker and VTS.

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