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Hyundai i30 is expected in India towards the middle of 2016 at an expected price of Rs.8 to 10 Lac. Features that add to the aura of car is its sports front radiator and led side repeater with an integrated side mirror as well. Hyundai i30 has a dynamic handling technology with smooth acceleration and efficient engine. But surely its going to be better than the rest of its previous versions to have an greater impact on the automobile market. This Car was introduced in September 2011 at the Frankfurt Auto Show in Frankfurt, Germany. Its elegance is in its fluidic design having a sporty and powerful look.

The car would be launched in the capital and has 7 colour variants- Sparkling metal, Dazzling blue, Phantom black, Marine blue, Fiery red, Polar white and Platinum silver. It has both diesel and petrol engines aimed to provide you with an efficiency around 11-12kmpl. The car would surely come across some fierce competitions given by Honda Jazz, Maruti Baleno, Hyundai Xcent, Volkswagen Polo and Swift.
It can be described as a perfect 5-seater family car with all the classiness and efficiency you need. The colour diversity and charisma of the car is seriously going to blow the minds of the buyers.

The car is estimated to have a price around 9 lakhs, a little higher than the previous i-series Hyundai models. The seats are fabricated as sports buckets made from pure leather which is really going to provide you with enormous comfort.

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