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When you are writing to your mortgage lender with a view to securing a loan modification package either being offered as part of Obama’s stimulus plan for homeowners under the ‘make home affordable’ initiative or under your own initiative.
It may be possible that the bank has a hardship form of some sort that you can fill in, which would be useful as then all you would need to do is answer their questions honestly and explain how you came to be in a situation of not being able to afford your mortgage payments. In the absence of a form however it is a really good idea to use hardship letters that follow a template to include all the information that the bank or lending agent would expect you to provide, a sort of hardship letter sample. First and foremost make sure the letter is legible and easy to read, if possible use a typewriter or a computer and print the letter out. Provide all your contact details including, name, address and phone number as a minimum, if you have it you can also provide an email address. Details of your gross monthly income, include a recent pay stubs if possible and also provide documented evidence of any other earnings.
It is also important to write the letter and send the additional information as soon as possible and before the lender signs the ‘Default Notice’.

You should put the whole package together and send it using registered mail that includes the receipt of receiving (remember to keep a copy of everything you send in a safe place where you can find it). If you do everything you can to help the lender understand your situation, provide all the information they need and remain calm and polite, there is a good chance that they will respnd to you positively. Financial help and advice for individuals and small businesses struggling with mortgages and personal loans.
Dollar Bank auto calculators allow users to determine how large of an auto loan they might be eligible for, how much monthly loan payments will be, their potential interest savings from transferring a loan to Dollar Bank, and their debt-to-income ratio. This calculator will determine how large of an auto or personal loan an individual might be able to qualify for.
Transferring a loan from one financial institution to another (Dollar Bank) can sometimes equal increased savings in terms of interest paid on a loan. Find it on the letters they have sent you and make sure that you use it, that way they will know exactly who they are dealing with amongst the thousands of people who will be writing to them. That way you will know when it has been delivered and you can follow up a day or two later with a phone call to find out if your request is being processed.

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