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The Income Statement is one of the financial statements that all publicly traded companies share with their investors. The portion of the income statement that deals with operating items is interesting to investors and analysts alike because this section discloses information about revenues and expenses that are a direct result of the regular business operations.
The non-operating items section discloses revenue and expense information about activities that are not tied directly to a company’s regular operations. In order to best understand how to read and understand an Income Statement Sheet, it’s important to understand the order of which information is displayed. Date: At the top of the Income Statement is the date that the statement was created and reflects all data up to that point.
Net Sales: represents the total amount of income received from customers paying for the company’s goods and services.
Cost of Sales (also known as Cost of Goods Sold): is the amount of money the company has spent in the production of its goods. Income Taxes: The income tax amount is an estimate as taxes are normally paid once a year, while Income Statements are released four times a year. Special or Extraordinary Expenses: This figure represents “special” expenses, which do not normally occur on a continued basis.
Net Income: This figure represents the residual income after adding total revenues and subtracting this figure with all expenses.
From here, you can use the drop-down menu to switch between their most recent income statement, cash flow summary, or balance sheet. Investors pay close attention to an Income Statement because it is an accurate snapshot of a company’s performance over a specific time period. The Income Statement is a direct result of all financial information incurred during the time period and is transformed into easy to understand figures.

Comparing Income Statements to those in the past periods is a great indication of the direction a company is heading in.
Investors pay close attention to the “bottom line” Net Income and expect this figure to increase on a consistent basis over time.
An increasing Net Income over time can be indicative that the company is heading in the right direction, while a decreasing Net Income can reveal the opposite. If reading this article was an Assignment, get all 3 of these questions right to get credit! You may even be eligible to start the process to have the balance of your loans forgiven, after you have regularly made your affordable payments for a period of years. Click here for information on finding out whether your loans are private or federally-guaranteed. Both formats provide data directly to FINPACK’s financial analysis, risk rating, and loan presentation manager.
FINPACK is the credit analysis solution that can help you work smarter and serve your customers better. The income statement shows, for a stated period of time, the total amount of revenue from the sale of products or services, the total expenses involved in running the business, and finally the net profit or loss.
For example, if a business creates sports equipment, then the operating items section would talk about the revenues and expenses involved with the production of sports equipment.
For example, if the sport equipment company sold a factory and some old plant equipment, then this information would be in the non-operating items section. This figure best represents what taxes the company expects to pay and may also appear on an income statement as Provision for income taxes.
The “bottom line” figure is often the first set of data an investor looks at before determining its suitability for investment.

Because the debt collector who keeps calling you or your loan servicer may not tell you about your best options, or how to get a monthly payment that you can afford. The income statement serves 2 main purposes: it shows managers how their part of the business is performing and whether they are keeping to a budget, and it shows investors the overall performance of the company.
All information is provided on an "as-is" basis for informational purposes only, and is not intended for actual trading purposes or market advice.
The other two components to the financial statements are the Balance Sheet and the Statement of Cash Flows. The important thing to remember about an income statement is that it represents a period of time. Neither Stock-Trak nor any of its independent data providers are liable for incomplete information, delays, or any actions taken in reliance on information contained herein. The total income of a company's President or CEO2 of 3) What does the "Bottom Line" refer to? By accessing the How The Market Works site, you agree not to redistribute the information found within and you agree to the Privacy Policyand Terms and Conditions.
The person most likely to be fired when a bad income statement is released3 of 3) Why do investors pay close attention to income statements?
It helps investors choose stocks using technical analysisWe have received your answers, click "Submit" below to get your score!

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