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After 17.5hrs in jail I was finally free and as soon as I stepped out I had to start paying the consequences for my mistake. Long story short my case was reset 8 times over the course of 7 months before I got my punishment.
In order to get into the DIVERT program you have to pay a fee ($200) so you can be evaluated and find out if you qualify for it. Breathalyzer - I had to blow in this every time I had to start my car & while I was driving as well at random times. Looking back at everything I still have no clue how I managed to survive this whole ordeal. Wow AJ I’m sorry you had to go through all that, but I am so happy you learned your lesson even if it was on the 2nd one.
I wish I could have been with you all those times you went alone, but just that one time we went to that stinky building was enough for me. I know you would have loved to have gone with me to deal with this but it was something that I got into by myself and wanted to take care of it by myself. Just think of it this way Jaime, that time was well spent building the life you have today. Thanks, looking back I am very proud of myself for being able to complete everything and taking care of a mistake I made. Wow, even if I had no plans to leave the state, it would drive me crazy to know that I’m not allowed to.
You are so right, “what doesnt kill you makes you stronger” because this has made me so much STRONGER!!! Energy company Npower has launched a raft of new products aimed at electric vehicle owners, including charging points and an EV-focused energy tariff. The Smart Box charging point can charge certain EVs at up to six times the rate of a domestic socket and is intended for car park shopping centres and offices.
The company is working on a combi-station that can charge an EV at up to six or 12 times the speed of a domestic socket. Under the tariff, the car’s batteries will automatically be charged during off-peak electricity hours. The tariff is available to anyone with a charging point but buying an Npower charging point does not tie you to one of the firm’s energy tariffs.
The 488's incredible engine and handling and open-top experience make for something very special indeed. The Isuzu D-Max is starting to show its age; after a drive in the range-topping Blade version, is it still competitive?
The new Audi Q4 is just one of a handful of new Audi SUVs in the pipeline to meet the growing global demand for upmarket SUVs.
Similar in size to the Nissan Juke — a car that Audi designers admit to having in the design studio as a reference point for their new entry-level SUV — the Q2 will slot under the soon-to-be-introduced Q3 and be a sister car to VW’s sub-Tiguan SUV.

The Q2’s key features will be unique body styling and a raised ride height for greater ground clearance and a more commanding seating position. Crowning Audi’s new line-up of sporty SUVs will be a new Q6 model, first revealed by Autocar in April. That’s because it will instead be underpinned by an MLB-based platform used by today’s Q5 and set to be picked up by the Q4 and Porsche Cajun. I want to show people that we all make mistakes but it’s what we do after that proves who we are.
I had to pay my sister for the cost of the bond ($500) and then I had to pay to get my car from the impound ($200). During this time my attorney was able to handle the case against the state for my driver’s license. If I failed to meet any of the requirements listed in the agreement I would be subject to a $750 fine plus a 30 day stay in jail. However when I saw that number pass $3000, I got outraged and deleted it; I told myself I didn’t want to know what the full price of this was going to be. I had to complete all that and more through out the course of my year probation, I also had to get that all done while working full time & going to school full time. I am glad this happened because it really brought me back to reality and put my life back pn track to where it needed to be.
I got pissed at the couple of speeding tickets I got years ago because it feels like such wasted money. Your detailed description is really interesting because I’ve always wondered exactly what the costs look like for something like this. Just getting through the program is an accomplishment in itself… it makes me feel like a whiny kitten about my traffic ticket in comparison. Like for real it was…but you are so right and made me appreciate my freedom so much more! When customers are using charging points away from home, their car will be recognised when they plug in and they will be billed automatically for charging, rather than have to use a swipe card or other access systems to use the equipment. What does this 567bhp range-topping brute have to offer, seeing as it costs more than ?100,000? Audi will also launch three sporty 4x4s in the next five years.The strategy will double the number of dedicated SUVs offered by Audi.
Conceived around an upcoming four-wheel-drive version of the A1’s platform, it will go head to head with the Mini Countryman, with a base price of around ?18,000 in the UK. The BMW X6 rival had been tipped to be the first of Audi’s new Q-cars to reach showrooms and to be based on today’s Q7, but it now won’t be seen until 2016 at the earliest. As part of a new engineering programme aimed at lowering the weight of all future Audi models, it will receive a predominantly aluminium body with composite plastic and carbonfibre elements. I got out in time to make it to the Britney Spears concert but that was the last thing on my mind so I had to call my friend and told him I couldn’t make it ($100).

Till this day I don’t know how much it fully cost me my guess would be somewhere around $6000. I do get upset at myself for what this cost me $$$ wise, but I get even more pissed off when I think about how much of my precious time was spent dealing with this over the course of 19 months. I’m sorry you had to go throught this but thank you for sharing your experience because I think twice before making the decision to drink. Npower claims it can charge some vehicles at up to three-times the rate of a 13-amp socket. In addition to the Q4, today’s Q3, Q5 and Q7 models will be joined by more overtly sporting Q2 and Q6 derivatives by 2016. I started looking for an attorney, the prices were outrages they ranged from $5000 to $750 to represent me throughout the entire case.
Its time I will never get back and its time that was literally wasted because this could have been prevented. What they put me through was hell, but if it hadn’t been I know I would have probably continued with my ways and who knows where I would be right now. I told myself as soon as I got out that I would not get a loan or use any credit card to pay for any of this.
What I haven’t talked about is the emotional and life perspective consequences that came along with having to go through this entire ordeal for 19 months. And I’m glad you ditched the cost spreadsheet, you know it was a lot, no need to torture yourself further with the exact dollar amount.
It was my mistake and I will have to cut back where needed to make sure I pay cash for everything.
My attorney came and let me know he was just going to reset the case for a later date so he could gather all the evidence and paper work to see what they have against me. It seemed like no matter what we did I was going to be found guilty and it would be on my record except for one option.
I think it probably took you until the second one because from it… it looks like it was much tougher kine like mine on the first go around. Turns out when you get a DWI you have two cases: 1 against the county for the DWI charge and 1 against the state to retain your Driver’s License. In the end all that matters is that we learn our lesson because sadly we know a lot of people don’t.
This program allows people to plead guilty however after completing all requirements throughout the course of year probation successfully the DWI is dismissed.
I didn’t like that idea at all but I had no choice at least doing this I have the benefit of getting the DWI dismissed and it would be up to me to get everything done.

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