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If you are an existing car-allowance user with a car to part exchange, a seasoned company car driver with an option to take a cash alternative or you are a company looking to advise your car-allowance users, we may be able to assist you. We specialise in providing nearly new cars with manufacturer's warranty at competitive prices - all with low deposits and transparent and flexible finance packages. Our stocks of Mercedes, Volvo, Hyundai, Ford and Vauxhall are waiting to be included on the website.
I was concerned that we might have had on-going problems with individuals picking a variety of cars that didn’t give the right impression and that there was the risk of staff worrying if they didn’t understand how the finances worked.…Gary Summers - Alumet Systems (UK) LtdI now feel educated in the black art of the motor industry!
I am certain we would have got the pram in somehow….Dan – Milton KeynesThanks for sorting out my Audi A5 S-line. Spread across the UK, drivers using the Electric Highway will be charged ?6 per rapid 30 minute charge.
I was having a nightmare experience trying to work out the best value for money from various dealerships.
I find it unbelievable that there can be so many variations to a single car model that ultimately affect the price and what is more how easy it is to agree a finance plan without understanding the cost or consequence.

Two cars and two great deals.Will – SolihullGot into a real fix with my existing finance having done way too many miles! Most plug-in hybrids and EVs would see about half of their battery charged in this time period. A new mobile phone app will replace the current card system for charging - this will enable users to manage their accounts, pay for charging and check the status and location of chargers. Ecotricity has a total of 296 Electric Highway chargers, across 96% of the British motorway network. The usage of the Electric Highway trebled in 2015, and May 2016 proved to be the busiest month ever for the network with 10,121 customers powering their cars through 43,211 separate charges - that’s the equivalent of having a car charging for every minute of every day throughout the month.
Very Happy indeed.Clare – GuildfordI can’t believe I haven’t heard of you before -  Really like the way you do business. With this in mind, and electric vehicles growing in popularity, Ecotricity found that it was now necessary to implement a fee in order to maintain and grow the network. No fuss and I just know you have really looked after me.Susie – NorthamptonJust wanted to say that I am delighted with the Jaguar XKR, the specification and colour are perfect.

Work on the switch to charging for use of the service begins today (11 July) and is expected to be completed by Friday 5 August, however it will remain free for Ecotricity domestic energy customers for the foreseeable future. I am amazed that you managed to find this car at such a great price.Rob Goodwin Managing Director NAR Group, NorthamptonYou asked me to write a testimonial on my business experience with you.
None of this news will have much affect on current Tesla owners however, as they will retain free use of the company’s Supercharger network.
You have been providing my company with cars for many years now and last year when we introduced our car allowance scheme in favour of company cars, you managed the transition very well.

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