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Good news, CIMB has finally started it’s eFixed Deposit (eFD) promotion perhaps one of the first such for Internet based fixed deposit in Malaysia. For a start, this is a fully eFixed deposit where you can directly make a fixed deposit on CIMB website. The money deposited must not be uplifted in 3 months when you have deposited with onto the promo or the interest will be forfeited.
You can also sign into your account if you have your login information already set up. Once logged in, you can set up a payment account. It’s easy to link a checking or savings account to the account in order make your payment. The post How to Make a Payment on Your Citi Costco Credit Card appeared first on MagnifyMoney. CitiBank’s deposit rates fell rather sharply over the last year despite already being at all time lows. A minimum deposit requirement of $1,000 is required for all CitiBank deposits and an early withdrawal penalty will apply..

Expect more extraordinarily low rates from all major US banks (not just CitiBank) throughout all of 2013. CalFirst Bank, based out of Irvine, California, is an FDIC insured online bank that can accept deposits from consumers around the country. Below are the highest yielding CD (certificate of deposit) rates available to the residents of Houston, Texas.
Below are the highest yielding CD (certificate of deposit) rates available to the residents of Las Vegas, Nevada.
Citibank has decent CD rates, but I would go towards the smaller banks who have eager for clients. There is no needs to walk into counter for upliftment or placement which is very convenient. You may be on a wrong, and confusing, landing page when trying to set up your online profile. This is a separate service and not actually where you sign up to pay your Citi credit card online.

At the moment of writing only 2 banks are offering full eFD services in Malaysia All transactions are done on Cimbclicks the ebanking portal for CIMB. In addition, the amount you have on deposit will receive the rate in effect at the time your CD matures. This means that you can directly deposit any money you have on CIMB or CIMB islamic account into the promotion.
To enroll for the promotion, you will need to click on the special promotion link instead of using the normal placement method. If you don’t want to renew, you have a 7-calendar day grace period to let us know online, by phone or in writing.

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