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A carbon footprint can be applied to an organisation, one of its products, or an event.  Carbon Footprint is a shorthand way of referring to the total amount of GreenHouse Gas (GHG) emissions which are produced by a business in the course of delivering its product or service to market.
A carbon footprint also applies to carbon emissions caused by an individual or residential household in the course of day-to-day living, such as the electricity used in heating hot water through to the petrol used in driving the kids to school. For instance, a typical family car produces approximately 3 to 4 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year – over twice its own weight in emissions.  A company fleet vehicle can be even higher.
The footprint concept can also be applied to a specific product manufactured by an organisation or to an individual event, such as a concert. Most businesses start of by measuring the recurrent emissions from their day-to-day operations and put ‘embodied energy’ into the ‘next stage’ file.
A further consideration is “Boundary Issues’.   Every organisation also has to make a determination on where it should quarantine its emission obligations – this is commonly known as “boundary issues”.  For instance, should a business take into account the transport used by the company to deliver its product to the nearest port?
MEASURE: we work with you to measure your organisation’s GHG emissions – this is your CARBON FOOTPRINT. MANAGE: we help you manage and reduce these emissions and so reduce the size of your footprint. MITIGATE: You mitigate your emissions by purchasing Carbon Offsets or Carbon Abatement Credits. This is the decision-making point at which you need to determine whether it is the policy of your organisation to become carbon neutral immediately or whether it is your policy to work towards that goal over a period of time. If your policies, or that of your customers, require you to be ‘Carbon Neutral’ we can offset your emissions using biosequestration offsets from Australian native vegetation (trees) – or indeed from using other certified sources.
Community Service:  In purchasing tree-based carbon offsets to mitigate your carbon footprint, you are supporting rural communities and transferring wealth from the city to the rural regions. A carbon footprint calculator is a tool to help you calculate the total greenhouse gas emissions attributed to the operations of your business. A carbon footprint is important because it gives you a starting point, but the real change begins when you start to approach your carbon footprint in the same way you approach your financial accounting. For example, your balance sheet is also a snapshot in time, showing you how you are performing from a financial perspective for a particular time period.
Impact Sustainability’s software and services can take your business from simply calculating your carbon footprint through to developing a strategic sustainability strategy that covers environmental, social and economic factors. The University of New Haven is going green and reducing its carbon footprint with the addition of solar panels on the roof of Celantano Hall. 226 photovoltaic modules are currently being installed and are planned to be fully operational by the end of this year.
The installation of solar panels reduces the university’s carbon footprint by deriving clean, pure energy directly from the sun. When installed, the solar panels will power the general electrical needs of Celantano Hall, reducing its need to import power. The installation of solar panels on the roof of Celantano Hall was initially proposed by students in the Tagliatela College of Engineering in the fall of 2011.

Ultimately, Celantano was selected because solar panels were originally eliminated from the building design due to cost. Celantano Hall was designed with green initiatives in mind and was awarded National Leadership in Energy Efficient Design Gold certification in July of 2010, from the United States Green Building Council.
LEED is a third-party certification program and the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high-performance green buildings which promotes a whole-building approach to sustainability. With the new addition of Westside Hall to UNH campus comes more opportunities for the university to go green. This entry was posted in Campus News and Events, Top Stories, University of New Haven and tagged celantano hall, celentano hall, green, reducing carbon footprint, solar panels. This makes it vitally imporant for us to consider how we use energy and to adopt a low carbon lifestyle - to actively reduce those emissions of greenouse gases we are personally responsible for.
We know that footprint are the images that left behind when we walk forward or backward but I only knew carbon footprint recently when i vow myself that i would like to help our Mother Nature  in my own simple way and that’s when i came across carbon footprint. Our carbon footprint is very important and as much as possible should be very low to help save our Mother Earth. There are many ways you can help reduce your carbon footprint and here are just some of the few that you can apply on your everyday life. Hang your clothes outside rather than using the dryer, you can save electricity and time too. We don’t have a dryer at home, so we save electricity on that, and I also do my grocery shopping once a week. It is important to monitor environmental impact to ensure that work done to reduce carbon emissions is effective and is making a difference. Raven has made several changes to the way we work and the materials that we use in our offices. Raven works in conjunction with the Carbon Trust to ensure that this work is effectively reducing our carbon footprint. It is an extremely useful document for managing your business but on its own it’s difficult to make decisions from. All of our solutions are developed with simplicity, transparency and affordability in mind. The solar panels are being installed by Bella Energy, and are under contract to Petra Corporation. They create no waste or emissions when in use, and unlike fossil fuel power plants, they produce renewable energy from a fuel source that requires no locating, excavation, transportation or combustion.
With this design being implemented, there are other dormitories that the university might consider for installing solar panels.
This certification encourages and accelerates the adoption of sustainable green building and development practices using rating systems that recognize projects that provide high-quality environmental and health performance. While it wasn’t required in the past, newer applicants for certification require routine (annual) reporting in order to maintain their LEED rating.

Celentano Hall exceeds guidelines for operating energy consumption by virtue of superior building skin materials, windows, insulation and optimal solar orientation. Reduced impervious ground surface captures 90 percent of runoff and improves quality of runoff.
There are many organizations who encourage people to lessen their carbon footprint and share tips and ways how we can lessen them  just like increasing home’s energy efficiency and driving less. My mother in law just recycles everything–including little pieces of paper and the toilet paper roll! If you continue, we'll assume you are happy for your web browser to receive all cookies from our website. 30070R and is registered as a social landlord with the Homes and Communities Agency, registration number L4334. We believe in first managing and reducing those emissions before your company should even consider purchasing carbon abatement offsets. We can simply and cheaply help you do this in our flexible cloud-based software, but we don’t want you to stop here. You start to gain insight from this data when you compare the balance to your performance on a previous month and the same month in a previous year. If you’re just after a carbon footprint calculator, we’ll let you use our system for free for six weeks. When fossil fuels are burned to create energy, they emit toxic gases that are the primary cause of pollution and global warming. After the six weeks, you decide if you ready to move to carbon management or a more holistic sustainable business practices approach. As a whole, the system will generate approximately 60 kW of electricity, the equivalent of the energy used to power an average of 12 houses. Also as a nonrenewable resource, their limited availability causes market prices to increase dramatically.
Similarly, when you start to measure your carbon footprint on a monthly basis and report on your performance you move from a carbon footprint calculator, to carbon management.
When completed, the system will display real time power generation and energy savings though a web link and building displays. We need to ask ourselves these and other questions to increase our awareness and understanding of our carbon footprint.

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