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RESOURCESBig Map of Ontario - The source of this map is a bit of a mystery but it's a great resource! We planned our road trip to start and finish in Calgary by first driving west to Banff on the scenic Trans-Canada Highway and then making our way north to Jasper via Lake Louise and the beautiful town of Field. We had wanted to fly into Calgary and then fly out of Edmonton to avoid the boring 3-hour long drive from Edmonton to Calgary; however, car rental turns out to be twice as costly if the car is not returned at the location where it is rented from (even if it’s in the same city, let alone another city)!
Our week long road trip in the Rocky Mountains started with an early morning flight from Toronto to Calgary – the largest city in the province of Alberta.
Due to their street naming convention, I had to be very careful driving in Downtown Calgary. Since our hotel’s check-in time was rather late, we decided to get some lunch before heading to our hotel. Our hotel, The Westin Calgary, was centrally located in downtown and close to the trendy Eau Claire neighbourhood.
On Sunday afternoon, after checking-out of our hotel, we were in a mood for some Thai food and found one using our GPS.
The bums were out on full force that day so we quickly settled on Milestones, which was one of the few restaurants that were open.
The first glimpse of the Rocky Mountains range as we drove from Calgary to the town of Banff ignited an excitement that grew to no bounds. We passed the town of Canmore, which is located just outside the boundary of Banff National Park.
The entrance to Banff National Park is a series of toll booths with a separate lane for pass holders.
Depending on personal preferences, the town of Banff can be looked at as just a gateway to hiking in Banff National Park, or it can be looked at as a destination in itself – a place to unwind – in luxury – in the lap of mountains where the hour-hand on the clock simply ceases to exist. The check-in process at our pre-booked hotel, Banff Caribou Lodge, was smooth and hassle-free. For a small town, we were surprised to see its pedestrian-friendly downtown abuzz with tourists. The roads and highways that cut across the Banff, Jasper, Yoho and other National and Provincial Parks are at once both, a blessing and a curse to the parks. The most disconcerting thing about the Trans-Canada highway is the way it divides the park with seemingly no way for wildlife to go across.
As I later learned, in order to connect important wildlife habitats, several overpasses (at a cost of $1 million each) and many more underpasses have been constructed on the Trans-Canada highway in Banff National Park for wildlife to cross the highway in a safe and “natural” way.
From the town of Banff, Bow Valley Parkway is the alternate route to the TransCanada Highway. We were lucky as we spotted a huge deer just as we got on the Bow Valley Parkway from Banff. Dear Neeraj and Bhakti, thank you so much for such a wonderful travelogue of your road trip.
We visited some of the best known sights of Banff, Yoho and Jasper National Parks, including the beautiful Lake Louise and Emerald Lake, as well as the Athabasca Glacier of the Columbia Icefield en route to Jasper.
The nearly 5000-kilometer long range covers parts of the western provinces of Alberta and British Columbia and stretches down to the United States.
From Jasper we drove east to Edmonton (famous for what was once the largest mall in the world) and then completed the loop by driving back south to Calgary. During the nearly 4-hour long flight, we watched the House of Games, a “hidden gem” that I had on my laptop. Their naming convention was a number, followed by “Road” or “Avenue”, followed by the direction. We had purchased a Garmin 1350 GPS and used its ‘Points of Interest’ feature to look for some nearby Indian restaurants. However, we learned that spending a Saturday night in downtown Calgary was not the best way to experience the city. As we sat in the restaurant patio having delicious pasta and curry noodles, we saw a group of anti-China Vietnamese-Canadian protesters coming our way. Many visitors opt to stay in Canmore where it is possible to get much better value accommodation than staying in the town of Banff, which is located within the national park boundary.
The park fees were the same for all the National Parks we were planning to visit and cost nearly $10 per person per day.

Our room was fairly compact and the bathroom was one of the smallest I’ve ever seen in a hotel room.
However, most of the souvenirs sold in these shops were overpriced and lacked authenticity and character. Without the roads, it would be impossible to enjoy the spectacular mountain scenery from the comfort of our own vehicle.
The high fences along the highway help in preventing animals from becoming road-kill, but it also leaves the park tragically fragmented. However, unfortunately, if there are no economic incentives or benefits in preserving our natural heritage, then there won’t be much of it left for the future.
Although slower than taking the highway, it is the recommended route for sighting animals and for stopping en route at the many view points.
It hadn’t even been twenty minutes since we had seen a deer, and we came across a couple of bears – a mother and her pug! So to all those who plan on camping in the National Parks, make sure to secure your garbage to keep the bears away! We are heading on a road trip to Banff and the surrounding areas too, your description will be very helpful.
Several national parks have been established to protect the natural heritage, including Banff National Park, the first and therefore the oldest National Park in Canada. For example, “4 Ave SW” intersected with “4 St SW”, and “3 Ave SW” and “4 Ave SW” were parallel.
The GPS took us on a long and scenic drive to the suburbs and before we knew it we ended up at a run-down plaza with no indication of the restaurant we were looking for!
With deserted streets and closed restaurants we were left scratching our heads on what to do and where to go. It left me wondering where all those people were because the streets were almost devoid of people. Apparently, new development has been frozen in Banff and as a result Canmore is developing rapidly as tourism and the resulting demand for hotels and restaurants increases.
We spent a small fortune (nearly a hundred dollars) on park fees alone between the two of us for five days! Our hotel was conveniently located on the main Banff Avenue and was walking distance to shopping and restaurants. There were also many restaurants serving tasty multi-ethnic cuisine such as Chinese, Greek, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Tex-Mex and Thai. For the discerning eye, they were nothing more than cheap mass-produced “Made in China” crafts that can be found at almost any tourist place in Canada. Although we were certainly enjoying the breathtaking panoramic views from the comfort of our car as we drove on the highway, I kept wondering if this is how wildlife has to pay the price for our enjoyment.
Apparently, it did not take long for some of the smaller animals to start using the passes, but it took a few years before top predators such as bears and wolves felt comfortable enough to use it. However, with the exception of a few viewpoints dotted along the route, it lacks the sweeping panoramic views, which the Trans-Canada Highway affords throughout the journey.
As we were constantly on the lookout for animals, we were driving slowly so I was able to immediately pull over to the side just a few feet away from them. They also offer Harley Davidson rentals by the day.Harley Davidson of Toronto - A Toronto based Harley Davidson dealership. To make things more confusing, most roads were one-way only with traffic flowing on the even numbered roads in one direction and in the opposite direction on the odd numbered roads. The nearest Indian restaurant from that plaza was another 20-km away, but we could no longer trust our GPS. Unlike in Toronto, there hasn’t been a boom in residential condominium projects in downtown Calgary, and as a result, the city center becomes a ghost town after office-hours when all office-goers go back to their suburban homes.
Apparently, China is claiming some islands in the South China Sea as their own, which belong to Vietnam. We found a somewhat good deal on Expedia for the Banff Caribou Lodge so we opted to stay in Banff, more for convenience than anything else. During our stay in Banff, we tickled our taste buds with Greek, Indian, Tex-Mex (American-Mexican) and Thai food.
We found it very confusing to distinguish between an elk, woodland caribou and a deer as all three look more or less the same and have very funky antlers. Apparently, the pug had wandered out of the woods and its mother followed it and took it back inside.

The only saving grace about spending a weekend night in Calgary was the free street parking (after 6 PM on Saturdays and all day on Sundays) in this city known for its most expensive parking in Canada! Unfortunately, we felt that the Indian restaurant, Masala Authentic Indian, was over-priced and far from authentic.
Probably the best souvenirs are locally-made and are something that is unique to that place; however, such things are hard to find in today’s “Global Village”.
As we learned later, caribou prefer to stay on the higher altitudes in the summer months, and their numbers are so small that we would be lucky indeed to spot one. Lots of good resources here.Ontario Tourism - From lush wilderness to urban adventures, Ontario offers a variety of year-round travel. Little did we know at the time that the GPS, which we were cursing now, would save our life later when we were lost on a hiking trail. I recently read that the last remaining woodland caribou in Banff all died in an avalanche in 2009, and, sadly, there are only a few remaining in Jasper. I remember I made a right-turn somewhere and upon driving a hundred or so meters I noticed that the road signs and the traffic lights were facing the opposite direction.
In the next moment I realized that if I don’t turn around quickly I’m going to come face-to-face with the oncoming traffic since I was driving the wrong way on a one-way street!
On the other hand, the food at Thai Grill was very tasty and offered excellent value for money – and as a bonus, the service was courteous – that’s all we expect! Located in Vaughan with members from Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Markham, Toronto, Woodbridge and surrounding areas. It’s membership is made up of Military, both serving and retired, Department of Defence employees as well as ordinary citizens.
Based in Toronto Ontario Canada, Big Smoke Riders is an American V-Twin Touring Association dedicated to provide a structured atmosphere that promotes social activities formed around the common passion of riding American V-Twin Motorcycles.Blue Knights IV - Toronto - Blue Knights Ont. Our Chapter is located in Toronto Ontario, Canada.Blue Knights Ontario VIII - Blue Knights is International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club Inc.
They are part of what is becoming a worldwide Christian Bikers Club.Chrome Divas - Chrome Divas is a female motorcycle group. To bring a group of friends together who have a common bond of ownership of any style of motorcycle. To promote women into motorcycling.EMS White Knights - The EMS White Knights is a non profit organization, consisting of casualty care trained personnel, who promote motorcycle safety.
They participate with other motorcycle associations in community events supporting various charities. Their goal is to bring awareness to patient care and safe motorcycle riding, by increasing our membership throughout North America.Erie Ramblers - ERMC is a Private club and is open for use to MEMBERS ONLY with the exception of sanctioned race events. Huron Recreational Riders Association - The Huron Recreational Riders Association (also known as the HRRA) is a motorcycle club based out of Sarnia, Ontario(Canada) and has a vast membership base reaching as far as the areas of Windsor, Hamilton and Grand Bend.
Established in 1984, the main interest of the HRRA is Ice Racing.International Christian Bikers Association - ICBA organizes and attends special events & rallies.
These may include Breaking of Bread Rallies, Motorcycle Shows & Outreaches.Iron Sirens - A London, Ontario based ladies motorcycle riding club. Knights of the Inferno MC - Ontario Chapter of Knights of the Inferno MC - a military, firefighter club in Canada.KW CycleSport - Off Road Motorcycle Riding and Racing in the Kitchener Waterloo Area.
Four generations of the Mackie family have been servicing the community since 1928 in the transportation industry, when they founded The Mackie Group of companies. Their membership includes riders of most manufactures, and most of the bike types, and all ages of bike and rider. They often attend events put on by other motorcycle clubs, anywhere in Southern Ontario, and beyond.Old Bastards Vintage Motorcycle Club - We are riders and enthusiasts of vintage , classic, and antique motorcycles. Oshawa Competition Motorcycle Club - Oshawa Competition Motorcycle Club (OCMC) is a grassroots, member supported, non-profit organization. Founded in 1966, OCMC has become one of Canada’s largest off-road motorcycle clubsOttawa Vulcans Motorcycle Club - The Ottawa Vulcans Motorcycle Club was officially formed 26 January 2006. Here, you will find all the relevant information to the racing events we hold at our track every week throughout the summer months.Working Stiffs Motorcycle Club - Chapter II - Working Stiffs Riding Club is an international group of motorcycle enthusiasts that meet for fun, coffee, and scenic rides.
Chapter 2 meets every 2nd Saturday for breakfast during the winter months, please check the web site under (weekends) for restaurant and directions.Zen Riders Motorcycle Club - They are a club founded on the principle that it doesn't matter what you ride, or how long you have been riding, just that you ride.

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