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The just launched third-generation model exceeds even the spaciousness of the just superseded gen-two thanks to having a longer wheelbase and a wider body. Need to carry two big adults and three large teenagers?
For some reason the Czech marque just hasn't had the sales success it richly deserves, and which it has enjoyed in Europe since coming under the control of Volkswagen in the post-communist years 25 years ago. Prices have been trimmed for Australia to try and gather more buyers and sales are increasing. The new model not only has two umbrellas, but they are kept in the front doors so are available more quickly. Skoda's local importer is well aware of Australian drivers love of sporting performance cars and so is bringing in only the quick versions of Superb. Then settled back to watch the world go by, occasionally checking out on a rainstorm on the BoM weather map that seemed to be approaching my Gold Coast home on the iPad attached to the back of the front seat headrest.

We tested a Superb 140TDI diesel and a 206TSI high-performance petrol for over 400 kilometres on a road course set by Skoda in the Southern Highlands of NSW as part of the media launch.Weight reduction achieved by the use of the Volkswagen Group's MQB platform is between 90 and 120 kilograms depending on the model.
The Czech machine has the sort of performance that will please most Australian drivers and costs less than half the price of the big name Germans. Ride comfort is high and sound reduction is impressive, so this Skoda will make an excellent long distance touring machine in country roads in Australia that have seen better days. Similarly, coarse-chip surfaces didn't result in the sort of road road that can afflict many imported cars. The clarity of the eight-inch colour touchscreen is excellent and can be quickly scanned and used by the driver without too much inattention. The Columbus system offers Bluetooth hands-free with text messaging, a JPEG viewer, and 64 GB flash memory.

Audio and video files can be played via a DVD drive. Superb comes standard with eight speakers and offers the Canton sound system as part of the optional Tech Pack.
Canton has a 610-watt output and 12 speakers There are two SD card slots as well as USB and Aux-in connectivity.

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