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Car insurance is compulsory in the UK as you cannot drive a car on a public highway without it. The most important thing is to read your policy carefully and ensure that you are receiving reliable car insurance cover from a recognised insurer. Third party cover is the minimum level of car insurance is and therefore usually the cheapest.
The excess is the amount you will pay if you are responsible for damage in an insurance claim. Be sure you fully understand your policy and what it covers, or you may be spending too much or too little per month, or worse you may be left out in the cold if something happens on the road and you are not covered for it. Bloggers talk about anything and everything financial - Budgeting, tips and tricks to make your money go further.
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In a few days’ time the 2014 FIFA World Cup gets underway in Brazil and right now in South Africa, Hyundai is launching the Grand version of its i10.
The entry-level market segment of new cars is set to keep on growing here as long as fuel prices remain under such pressure.  In other words, A-segment appeal is likely to broaden and still include first-time owners, but woo a big chunk of The Establishment away from the likes of three-box sedans. Yet, when buying down, these customers still want all the comfort accoutrements that they’ve been used to when enjoying a more sophisticated but thirstier example of personal mobility. Fuel economy has been in the news lately regarding manufacturers’ claims and what car owners are actually achieving out there in the real world. Our test drive included some urban commuting as well as highway driving, and what we noticed with the Hyundai Grand i10 is that the overall gearing of the car is perfectly pitched at what South African’s are likely to encounter in real-world conditions. This rev-range is perfectly pitched to enable the Grand i10 to ascend most highway hills in top gear, and on a light throttle opening at the speed limit. Talking of gear change action, the shift on the Grand i10 was a little notchy, and the clutch action on the car we tried was weirdly light. Upholstery on our launch-preview model was of a particularly rugged, ribbed fabric material, quite smart, with a shiny finish. Interestingly, the Motion model comes complete with all the must-have features in this ever more demanding market segment. Rear seat accommodation is adequate for large adults, but the boot space is only moderately good for a car in this bracket, measuring 256 litres. Well, the Grand version of Hyundai’s entry-level A-segment car could well turn out to be a marketing masterstroke of similar proportions. Providing you with the latest motoring news, new car releases and the simplest way to buy and sell cars. Compromising style for utility can often lead to uninspiring results, but luckily the V90 manages to offer a lot of both. Audi and BMW stopped importing the wagon versions of their mid-size sedans to America with the advent of the current-generation models. Volvo, despite the success of its recently introduced XC90, is not ready to give up on the wagon market.
Volvoa€™s commitment to this market will be demonstrated by the introduction of the 2018 V90 at some point next year. The styling and many of the body panels of the S90 also are shared, with the inevitable departures in the roof and aft of the front doors. While the S90 is handsome, the V90 looks even better, with the elongated greenhouse enhancing the new modela€™s clean sculpting. We briefly drove the V90 in Spain, where most of the roads are even smoother than California could boast back in the days when the state still had an adequate highway maintenance budget.

The main value of the wagon, of course, is utility, and the V90 delivers, with about two cubic feet more carrying capacity behind the rear seat than the S90 has in its trunk and an additional 34 cubic feet when you fold the rear seata€™s backrest. Despite this slight loss of purpose, we are delighted that Volvo is continuing its wagon heritage. Yes, the 718 Boxster takes its cues from the 718 RSK racer that won many track days back in the 1960s as well as the famous Porsche 550 Spyder. New for the 718 Boxster is the base engine which is now a 2.0-liter turbocharged flat-four that makes 220 kW and 380 Nm. Visually, the latest 718 Boxster has a lot of similarity in appearance to the outgoing models, however the new car only shares the windshield, rear lid, and power operated cloth roof with the outgoing model.  Every other body panel is new, and I like the larger and bolder side scoops which fire the fresh air into either the engine intake or the air-to-water intercooler mounted on top of the engine. With the Porsche Tequipment range of accessories developed specifically for the 718 models, you can style your 718 entirely to your own preference. For any more information on the new Porsche Boxster or, for that matter, any other new car, contact one of our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181.  If you’d like some fleet discount pricing (yes even for private buyers!), we can submit vehicle quote requests out to our national network of Porsche dealers and come back with pricing within 24 hours.
Beyond that, knowing the levels of insurance out there that are available is crucial to get the right cover for your car.
This kind of insurance will cover damage to the other driver’s car in an accident you caused and will insure against accidental injury or death to other people by your vehicle.
This insures the other driver’s car and life again, but also insures your car for damage by theft (ie.
This insures you for all of the third party fire and theft insurance and additionally covers your vehicle for accidental damage, malicious damage and windscreen damage. The longer you have insurance without making a claim the higher your ‘no claims bonus’ will be. As a growing company and due to internal promotion, we have identified an opening for a Field Sales Executive. Four years ago in South Africa, Hyundai was the vehicle sponsor when our country hosted the world’s soccer show piece, and if you speak to the Korean company’s executives today, they will tell you that it was the best bit of brand awareness marketing they’ve ever done here, harking way back to Hyundai’s SA debut in the mid-1990s. Around town, there is plenty of urge available for quick acceleration away from the traffic lights, again not using full throttle. This light action resulted in no feel, making smooth getaways a chore that required lots of concentration. More important, perhaps, is the feeling of overall maturity and quality that the Koreans have injected into the body shell of the Hyundai Grand i10. But the equipment levels on the Grand are very good in both models launched, these being the base-line Motion model and the slightly better-equipped Fluid model.
Thus there is standard air-conditioning, electric window operation, a standard RCD radio with CD and MP3 compatibility, an on-board driving-function computer and central locking.
But the biggest ownership-experience factor is likely to be the level of understated sophistication you’ll enjoy with this car. AccuPayment does not state credit or lease terms that are available from a creditor or lessor, and AccuPayment is not an offer or promotion of a credit or lease transaction. Thata€™s hardly surprising, as Volvo has been building wagons since the introduction of the Duett in 1953.
The taillights extend up into the D-pillars, in keeping with what has become Volvo tradition, and a long character line defines the cara€™s shoulder. The handsome cockpit employs upscale materials and vertical vents called Airblade, and the dash is dominated by Volvoa€™s innovative and intelligent portrait-oriented 9.0-inch touchscreen, which eliminates many buttons and knobs.
Entry-level T5 models come with front-wheel drive and a 250-hp version of Volvoa€™s Drive-E 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which makes 258 lb-ft of torque.
Unfortunately, no rear-facing third-row seat is offered as it has been in previous Volvo wagons.
It will not cover your own vehicle for any repairs which are needed, whether by accident or break in, which will have to come out of your pocket.

This kind of policy could include extra benefits such as personal accident cover, which would cover you, the driver, for some bodily injuries, or sometimes it includes a 90 day EU cover which is known as a green card, but these are not always included in fully comprehensive insurance and you will need to check it in your policy details. Usually the amount of excess you pay is agreed at the time of taking out the policy and has a direct reflection on the amount you will pay each month for the insurance.
It can potentially reduce your car insurance quote by 60-75% if you remain accident-free for five years or more.
The exterior styling has a nod to funkiness while leaning towards conservatism, while the interior has a grown-up feel to it that is remarkable in a car costing just under R140 000.
The dashboard and door capping materials used are of a higher perceived quality levels than what you are likely to expect in a car in this price range. The Fluid model gets rear-window electric operation, remote wing mirror adjustment, heated wing mirrors, and one-touch auto-down window operation.
Jaguar has never offered its XF wagon in the United States, and Lexus and the other players in the luxury segment have never even built mid-size wagons. Wagons have always comprised a big part of Volvo sales; in the early 1970s, the company even built the 1800ES, a wagon version of its only sports car, the P1800.
The wagon is mechanically identical, which means the same Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) platform with a control-arm front suspension, a multilink setup in back with a transverse leaf spring, and a 115.8-inch wheelbase.
The V90a€™s additional glass and heavier rear structure add a modest 70 pounds or so to the curb weight, according to Volvo. The T6 employs all-wheel drive and adds a supercharger in order to greatly enhance the enginea€™s low-rpm responsiveness while bumping output to 316 horsepower and 295 lb-ft.
The T6 we drove had plenty of power and the immediate responsiveness we expect from a supercharged engine. Volvo suggests the XC90 is a better machine for those who need three rows of seating, but that thinking somewhat contradicts the wagona€™s role as the anti-SUV. People who have very low value cars will probably find this to be an acceptable level of cover, but if your car is of value then you will want to look at a higher level of insurance. So the more excess you pay in the event of an accident the less you will have to pay for your insurance each month. Sometimes if you make a claim it only reduces the number of years ‘no claims bonus’ you have rather than starting you from zero again. Yes, the overall layout still tends to lean towards the conservative side of the spectrum, but there’s no denying the feeling of well-being that comes with noticing high-end levels of panel fit. The cabin is well appointed, and many high-tech safety features are standard, including semi-autonomous driving mode.
Both versions use an Aisin-Warner eight-speed automatic transmission that allows for full manual control. Our only dynamic criticism was the sharp increase in steering effort as you eased the wheel off-center.
The ‘no claims bonus’ is more important to some insurers than others and will affect their quoted price accordingly. They appealed to drivers who wanted a safe, comfortable, and practical vehicle while displaying unostentatious affluence (another concept that seems to be in terminal decline).
Blame Americaa€™s unfortunate and somewhat illogical obsession with SUVs and crossovers for this near extinction. Despite the large open space in the back, therea€™s absolutely no boominess, and wea€™d rate the V90a€™s cabin to be as quiet as that of the S90.

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