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For those seeking real estate loans for bad credit, consider using private money loans versus wasting your time at the bank. For many real estate investors who have experienced hits to credit or income, real estate loans for bad credit are their only option. If you are a real estate investor who is looking to obtain a real estate loan, look no further.
2005 MBA Graduate with 10 years experience in Business Management including International Management. Disclaimer: We do not lend on owner occupied residential properties, investment properties only.
Absa bank, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Barclays Africa group, is a leading financial services provider. The bank’s credit offering includes Absa Personal Loans, which have been designed to simplify the lives of clients. Absa is an authorised financial services provider and registered credit provider, so loans are offered to individuals who can afford to repay them at a comfortable rate. Absa promises a “Best Price Guaranteed” loan offer, which means that the bank will match any interest rate offered by another registered financial services provider. As an existing client you can get a loan in minutes by simply clicking on the “Apply Now” button and logging on to your internet banking. During a loan modification program or workout, your lender or service provider may request that you submit a hardship letter.

Provide details about the hardship – make sure that the reasons are genuine and can be verified. This sample hardship letter describes a typical hardship case of unemployment and unexpected medical bills. We used the unemployment benefits and our savings to pay our mortgage for the first 3 months but quickly found ourselves unable to make our payments and have fallen further and further behind.
We believe that we are through the worst of these difficult times as I am now fully employed and we only have 2 payments left on our medical bills. LoanSafe Community - - A collection of information on loans, refinancing and foreclosure. Disclaimer: The content on this page is intended for educational use and not to be construed as legal or professional advice.
Particularly for loans on investment properties, forget about the bank unless you’ve got stellar credit, low debt service coverage ratio, and a perfect income record.
Many private and hard money lenders will lend to you even if you have a foreclosure or bankruptcy in your past. We lend regardless of income, credit, bankruptcies or other factors that would cause a bank to deny you a loan. Offering a range of financial products and services, the bank is one of the biggest banks in South Africa. This ensures that your loan is repaid if the event of your death, retrenchment or permanent disability.

This letter is a key document in the effort to avoid foreclosure and outlines the issues that are affecting your ability to pay your mortgage. Keep reading below for a free sample hardship letter for loan modification, tips and links to other resources.
Use it to help you write a letter of hardship for loan modification when working with your mortgage lender. We would appreciate your help in working out a reduction of the amount we owe the bank so we can keep our home. Because private money lenders lend against the asset being used as collateral they are willing to provide real estate loans to bad credit borrowers. The bank offers a range of retail, business, corporate, investment banking and wealth management products and services primarily in South Africa and Namibia. This template and the sample hardship letter below are of course only meant to be used as general examples.

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