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Kindly note that this rate is subject to change depending on your car model, loan amount, loan period and bank’s approval. Monthly Installment above is based on 10% down payment with estimated 2.5% loan interest rate.
High interest rates for car loan in Malaysia has been the talk of the town since early April 2014.
However, the good news is, if you are in a process of buying a new car or in the middle of applying for the loan,  you still have a chance to enjoy the low interest rate from our one and only bank panel. The interest will eventually go up and the final date will be informed once it is confirmed.
This scheme is also applied to any new imported cars, i.e Honda, Toyota, Naza Kia, Ford, Mazda, etc. EXTRA rebate of RM 500 will be given away for all Perodua models, as shown in the table above.

Purchase your new Proton Saga, Iriz, Preve, Suprima, Exora, etc from us and enjoy more rebates and free gifts! Further discount provided by our Toyota Dealer. Please call us at 019-3559448 for any inquiries you may have. Feel free to contact our Ford Dealer at 019-6577890 for any enquiries you may have on Ford’s latest price and promotion post-GST. Kindly call us immediately while stock last at 019-6577890 or Click Here for the latest Ford prices. Kindly contact our main dealer, En Ihsan at 019-3559448 to save yourself  few hundred or even thousands.
The rates are strictly applied by #mybestcardealer’s bank panels to our customers since early 2014. The best way to estimate your monthly installment is by taking the average number and applied to your calculation.

For any enquiries, kindly contact our Kia Authorised Dealer at 019-3559448 for more information. Below is the estimated range of interest rate for the upcoming months for most of the banks; Maybank, Bank Islam, RHB, CIMB, etc. With this graduate scheme programme, you can own the new car without having to pay any down payment! Call our Authorized Dealer (Perodua, Proton, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Naza-Kia) at 019-3559448.

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