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Manish Chauhan 93 CommentsOnce you pay off your loan, a big responsibility is off your mind and you feel relaxed.
With reference to loans, An NOC or No Objection Certificate is a legal document provided by the lender which states that the loan has been complete and their is no outstanding to be paid by the customer as on a specific date. Generally, all the lenders dispatch the NOC document to your registered address once your loan is complete. A lot of people think that just because the EMI’s are paid off fully, the job is done. Here is another incident where Rahul settled his outstanding credit card dues with Standard Chartered bank and didnt collect the NOC . And what about the notice they sent me asking me to attend conciliation camp to be held on 11th November?
If you have the NOC issued by the bank, saying all dues have been cleared and there is nothing pending, you can get a loan. I had the same experience about 3 years back and credit card in question was issued by HSBC.
Be certain to give yourself the best chance by revising with the Official DVSA books, PDF's, Software downloads, Apps, DVD's and CD-ROMs.
Please take the time to complete our obligation free online application or give us a ring on 0800 695 363.

Speedy Loans is a consumer arm of Mortgage Finance Limited which is a long-established, NZ owned & operated finance brokerage. Speedy Loans are based in Auckland however our clientele are spread throughout the whole of New Zealand. We are also a Certified Member of Financial Services Complaints Limited (FSCL) who are an Independent Government Registered Financial Disputes body. Mortgage Finance Limited trading as Speedy Loans is a New Zealand owned & operated Finance Brokerage based in Auckland.
Its a moment where you do not want any further run around and want to now move on to other things in life. Whenever a person pays off a loan, its important to take this NOC document from your lender. However at times, people do not pay attention to it and loose out on it for some or the other reason. However its extremelly important to have a legal document with you which clearly states that you do not owe anything more to then lender. How do I prove my case as SCB isin’t ready to check me credit card history to see where the problem was. It proves that you really have paid off the loan fully and if there is any confusion, then NOC solves it.

But as Dear Ashal has suggested file dispute with CIBIL and wait for 2-3 months to get it rectified.
I got the NOC issued by HSBC and applied for loan with HDFC, while submitting the application I informed HDFC about the HSBC story.
To qualify for an unsecured loan you must have a good credit record, be at least 25 years of age and be in full time employment. The Speedy Loan team are professionals who are dedicated to providing ultra-fast, efficient, friendly service to individuals seeking finance. We have been in business for over 10 years & we are a Registered Financial Service Provider. Also if the registered address with lender is your old address (suppose you changed the address in between the loan) , then also you will miss the NOC document. This way you are protected legally and if someone claims later in life that you owe more to the lender, you can produce the NOC if required.
They just keep saying “they can’t retreive the information as they have sold those accounts to saha finlease.

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