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There are a myriad of  benefits when building a new home versus buying an existing property. Swell as these additions may be – did you know that building your own home could lead to a decreased monthly electricity bill? When building  a new home you have total control over the building process and can therefor ensure that your insulation is of the highest quality, catering for the specific climates of your area as well as the amount of sun your home gets.
In 2011 Australia ranked in the top five globally for per capita carbon dioxide emissions according to the Union of Concerned Scientists – a figure which was no doubt increased by our energy consumption. Energy Matters, a leading Australian solar technology retailer estimates that a 3.12 KW system could net you savings of over $1200 a year -paying itself off in well under 10 years. In 2013 the Australian Bureau of Statistics estimated that average energy use in a detached households was just over $400 per month.

Add in monthly savings of around $60 from a standard solar system and your looking at a reduction in monthly energy costs of $140, while barely lifting a finger! Contact our home loan experts on 1800 100 747 or request a call from one of our mortgage consultants.
Submit the form below and subscribe to our quarterly newsletter to download your FREE guide to property investment and discover the key steps to building wealth via property investment. We understand buying your first home is a big deal – let us help you make your journey easier by downloading our eBook. A Comparison of the median prices of Established property in Sydney compared to an Income figure equal to 3 times the combined income of One Full time male and One Full Time female. On that note, YourHome also states that proper insulation can cut your heating or cooling bills by up to half, meaning a reduction of 20 per cent of your total power bill – money that can be spent on something better than electricity!

If you want to save the world while saving on your power bill, solar power can be an easy and affordable method, particularly for those building new homes. This is money which can go towards weekend activities, or perhaps the slightly more sensible option of repaying your construction mortgage.

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