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View all our exterior pictures of the 2016 Porsche Panamera as well as interior photos, interactive virtual tours and colors. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy. The cost of ADR homologation is also horrendous and this hits the smaller manufacturers disproportionately hard, as we have to amortise those costs over a small volume of cars. Yet he is confident of at least a 100 per cent sales increase this year with the base model two-litre model costing $82,950 which is $26,050 less than outgoing $107,700 SVR 200. The Roadsport SV 175, Superlight SV R300 and CSR 175 are all powered by a two-litre engine developed with Ford in the UK. There is also the base model $64,900 Seven Roadsport SV 120, which replaces the SVR 120 and is powered by a 1.6 Ford Sigma.
The Seven Roadsport SV 175, which is based on the outgoing SVR 200, is intended for road use and has weather protection, but no airconditioning. The track-oriented Seven Superlight SV R300 has jettisoned all but the bare essentials to keep the weight down, so there is no heater, windscreen or weather protection, although they can be fitted as options. Top of the Caterham Seven range is the $95,530 CSR 175 with inboard front suspension, independent rear suspension and adjustable dampers and front anti-roll bar.

At the budget end is the Seven Roadsport SV 120 with its 1.6 litre Ford Sigma engine, five-speed manual gearbox, De Dior rear suspension and 14-inch wheels.
Caterham Australia also orders in complete or kit-form racing cars with prices dependent on customer specifications. Van Wyk says the price drop was due to "the more favourable currency exchange rate, the reduced duty and a revised, less expensive engine". The new Euro 4 four-cylinder engine produces 129kW of power and replaces the previous "very nice, but also very expensive" hand built Cosworth 2.3 litre with 147kW. It features a short-throw manual five-speed gearbox, unassisted direct steering, unassisted brakes and owners will still be able to see the front suspension and steering at work from the driver's seat. However, it does come with a bespoke six-speed close-ratio gearbox, adjustable suspension, 15-inch alloy wheels and carbonfibre wind deflector and front guards, and costs $92,530. The CSR shares the 254mm ventilated front disc brakes with the SV 175 and the SV R300, but has larger 254mm solid rear discs and wider rear tyres offered as an option. It still comes with such niceties as full weather protection, electrically heated windscreen and cloth trim. And rather than just offering one model, Caterham now has its largest range of Sevens on offer.

It now comes with 14-inch wheels and a five-speed gearbox rather than 15-inch wheels and bespoke Avon CR500 tyres, with the six-speed Caterham designed gearbox, which is now a $6795 option. So even now, we are really still too expensive for the market, but as the Caterham uses quality components, we cannot compete with other clubman cars directly on price.
The 175 also has with De Dion rear suspension, electrically heated windscreen, heater, padded armrests, cloth seat trim and carbonfibre fascia, sills and rear guard protectors. We are the only Lexus dealer in Illinois to earn the 'Elite of Lexus' Award 23 years in a row for outstanding commitment to our customers.
Some of these competitors used some second-hand or reconditioned components in the past, which we do not do. We are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and have extended service hours and free service loaners for your convenience.
We offer a huge inventory of new, Lexus certified pre-owned, and professionally inspected non-Lexus vehicles.

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