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Now, when you speak to your normal man- or woman-on-the-street, ask them to visualise a motorcycle brand-name, and invariably the image that comes to mind is Harley-Davidson. Movies, advertising, product placements, merchandise – Harley has covered nearly anything and everything. So, what has been done to the 2016 Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883 to actually bring it up-to-date, and make it appeal to a young rider sub-set who isn’t all that interested in chrome and bling? That a Harley-Davidson uses a big-cc V-twin, is heavy, and doesn’t go around corners well is the opinion of the rest of us, especially sports riders.
Eschewing the use of chrome, and featuring a murdered-out style, Harley’s Dark Custom wants to draw in the new, younger rider into the Harley-Davidson lifestyle. Taking off is easy, allowing for any rider to quickly build confidence in riding the Iron 883. While Harley’s bigger Evo twins have stump-pulling torque and horsepower, the smaller Iron 883 is perfectly adequate in dealing with traffic and over-taking, as well as highway cruising. So, none of that feeling like you were piloting a train around a corner, but the Iron 883 instead gave good feedback on what was going on at both the front and back ends. What wasn’t so nice was the sharp rebound response when hitting small holes and ruts. Take this with some reservation though, as the adjustment is somewhat limited, and a rider may not find enough adjustment to suit, especially if they weigh on the outer end of the bell curve.
No traction control here, darlings, so you’re on your own with this one, or, as Harley puts it, a direct connection between the rider and the road.
The kicked out front fork, at 30-degrees of rake and 110 mm of trail made the steering feel responsive, but not sports bike sharp. The nearest we could get to the Iron 883’s handling performance would be a middle-weight sports bike from the 80s, from our experience. Harley being Harley, of course, means the options list for the 2016 Iron 883 is somewhat jaw-dropping. Quality of build isn’t anything to scoff at either, with the paint on the tank flawless, and the gloss black of the frame a, well, deep gloss. There are four different paint options – Black Denim, Charcoal Denim, HC Gold Flake and Olive Gold as tested.
The 2016 Harley-Davidson Iron 883 retails for RM89,000, including GST, along with a five-year warranty. We found the 2016 Harley-Davidson to be an honest motorcycle, providing the essence of the Harley experience, with no unnecessary frills.
A young rider with access to some funding would find the Iron 883 appealing, as would a senior rider wanting a more laid-back ride, especially when the back no longer tolerates the hunched-over seating position of a sports bike. Chery’s B240 MPV has been relaunched in Malaysia as a locally assembled car and it is now called the Chery Eastar.
The Pekan plant will include an investment of over RM50 million in equipment and will begin assembly of up to 100,000 Chery vehicles a year, including 10 models such as hybrids, SUVs, MPVs and executive cars.
According to Chery Alado Sdn Bhd’s chairman Tan Sri Cam Soh Thiam Hong, more details on the plant will be announced in the next two months together with its joint venture partners which may include a GLC. Under the hood of the 7-seater Chery Eastar MPV is a 2.4 litre SOHC Mitsubishi long-stroke engine producing a rather sedate 127 horsepower at 5,500rpm and 198Nm of torque at 3,000rpm.
The new Chery Eastar is priced at RM79,888 for the standard version and RM86,888 for the high-spec version. The high-spec version adds It comes with 1 year free service (for the first 1,000 units sold) and a 3+2 year warranty. After dabbling for years in the IT industry, Paul Tan initially began this site as a general blog covering various topics of personal interest.

If the new Proton MPV is closed to what Theo Chin rendered, it wins hands down against this Eastar. China is coming strong in the world market and their technology is no under superior than other car makers. Did you know toilet bathroom designs pictures has become the hottest topics on this category? Did you know that maltese cross tattoo designs is most likely the hottest topics on this category? Do you know tribal cross tattoos for girls is one of the most popular topics on this category? This is apparent when first approaching the Iron 883, with its low seat height of 780 mm, allowing any rider to easily throw a leg over the thickly upholstered saddle. The clutch lever isn’t stiff, but smaller hands might find the effort a little tough, especially when paddling the Iron 883 around in heavy traffic. Grabbing the slightly raised handlebars felt alright, but needed a little laying forward at the bar-ends for a better fit to suit this rider. No matter the case, the seating position felt somewhat normal, without the feet feeling too far raked forward.
The five-speed gearbox makes it easy to keep the low-revving engine where it’s most comfortable developing power in, shall we say, an interesting manner. Well, for one thing, and this took us somewhat by surprise, the Iron 883 actually went around corners quite well. This was enabled by the front forks, which, while not adjustable, acquitted itself well on fast, sweeping corners and twisty roads.
The back end was reasonable, again, very comfortable at highway speeds but better than the front end at dealing with short, sharp shocks. In which case, there are several after-market options that will both increase handling performance and ride comfort, for a price. Adequate for normal highway cruising and street riding, rather more spirited seat time up in the hills soon revealed a lack of ground clearance. It prefers to take the classic sweeping outside-in line to the apex, and a gentle roll on the throttle coming out. Its traditional looks, and wet weight of 254 kg, plant it in cruiser territory, albeit a cruiser with some performance to match.
The rubber-mounted engine took away most of the vibration, while the tuck-and-roll saddle cosseted the rider’s butt over the miles. With a rough fuel estimate of 5.1 litres per 100 km, and a range of about 240 km, give-or-take. Everything was tight, and there were no signs of anything dropping off, despite what some say about Harley reliability.
Our test Iron 883 came with the HD Smart Security system with key-less ride, and ABS, which are listed as options in Harley’s catalogue, but come standard for the Malaysian market bikes.
There just a direct connection between the bike, the rider and the road, and in this particular instance, the advertising taglines happen to be true. The locally assembled Chery Eastar MPVs will roll out of Oriental Assembler Sdn Bhd’s plant in Johor, but a new CKD plant will be up and running in Pekan, Pahang by the end of 2009. As it is, the Malaysian plant will export 30% of its Chery Eastar production to countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Australia.
This is quite a conservatively-tuned basic engine (SOHC, 9:1 compression) which does not produce much power for its displacement but should be relatively easy on maintenance. The standard version includes LED rear lamps, side turn indicators on the wing mirrors, all-round disc brakes, a radio cassette player with 6 speakers, manual windows and 16 inch steel wheels while the premium version adds a CD player with MP3 support, steering wheel audio controls, ABS brakes, traction control, power windows for all four doors, dual SRS airbags for the front, and 16 inch alloy wheels.

With an increasing number of readers paying rapt attention to the motoring stories, one thing led to another and the rest, as they say, is history.
The modern consumer, specifically the younger set of motorcycle riders, have a different mind-set when it comes to what a motorcycle is supposed to portray in terms of image and performance.
The quintessential large-displacement American cruiser, dripping with chrome and accessories, is pretty much emblazoned in the mind of the public – riders and non-riders alike.
Full disclosure, the author happened to have had an FLSTF in the stable for a while, but decided that the sports bike side had better cookies. The heero-blobs on the foot pegs were pristine when we picked up the Iron 883, but suffice it to say, they were rather the worse for wear when returned.
Feedback was good, response was perfectly adequate, just that it didn’t like to be rushed. The readout also includes the tripmeter, engine diagnostics and the such, which brings Harley-Davidson’s instrument readout into the modern world, modern being round-about the last millennium, give or take. Suffice it to say, the vibration traditionally associated with Harley’s V-twin was there, you just had to touch a directly mounted component to feel it.
Frequent fuel stops were a necessary evil, especially when we weren’t sparing the horses. No oil marks either, but we only had the bike for a week, and that is not enough to say anything about long-term ownership. An avid electronic gadget aficionado as well as big-time coffee lover, he's also the executive producer of the Driven motoring TV programme.
We got this picture from the net we think would be one of the most representative photos for toilet bathroom designs pictures.
We got this image on the net that we think would be one of the most representative photos for maltese cross tattoo designs. We took this picture from the net that we believe would be one of the most representative pics for tribal cross tattoos for girls. While a low interest rate credit account can prove beneficial in covering impromptu costs here and there, most individuals find it difficult to secure a card with affordable interest. Being somewhat enthusiastic with the throttle on the highway dropped range down to 190 km, so plan fuel stops with care. Revolving credit line balances with high interest rates are difficult to manage over time, making them a less than ideal option for life’s major purchases or unexpected bills. Fixed repayment terms, lower interest rates compared to credit cards and the inability to add to a debt balance allow borrowers to finance major expenses or consolidate higher interest rate debt in a cost effective way. Now through March 31, 2016, Advantis Credit Union is offering qualified borrowers the ability to secure a personal loan with an interest rate as low as 7.49%.
The personal loan offer through Advantis does not require collateral to be pledged, and borrowers can apply for as much as $50,000. Borrowers are not assessed an application fee, nor do any processing fees apply.Borrowers must qualify based on credit history as well as current income and current debt obligations each month. Additionally, Advantis Credit Union requires each borrower to be a member of the financial institution. The credit union currently operates six full-service branch locations, as well as a large network of fee-free ATMs.

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