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To help middle-income Malaysians working in Singapore, the MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau has suggested a monthly pass be made available for this select group of people. But, Malaysians working in Singapore would also be subjected to the RM20 VEP if they are driving Singapore-registered vehicles.
Teoh said that based on numerous complaints received, the total costs could amount to up to S$500 (RM1,405) per month. Specifically for Malaysians with Singapore-registered vehicles, Teoh suggests that these monthly passes could be purchased at a discounted rate. Having spent a number of years as a journalist for a local paper, a marketing executive for a popular German automotive brand and a copywriter, Graham, a true-blue Sarawakian, knew he had to take the leap back into the motoring scene - and so he did. How dare they choose to buy SG registered vehicle… hence depriving our AP kings of their income. In case you do not know, Singapore has a law that requires PR holder (Malaysians) to ONLY drive Singapore-registered cars.
That rule has one main flaw:- The majority of Malaysian working in Malaysia with the newly introduced GST and highly depreciated Ringgit need much more help than the minority Malaysians who work in Singapore and earn Sing Dollar in which 35 cent is equivalent to RM 1. Honda Malaysia recently provided a new Honda City for the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) to run the ASEAN New Car Assessment Programme (ASEAN NCAP) crash test.
The body structure of a Honda car is built with G-force Control Technology (G-CON) that helps disperse and absorb the impact of a crash. Passive safety technologies are dual front SRS airbags and three-point Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) seat belts, while active safety technologies include Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), ABS, EBD and Brake Assist (BA).
Honda says all its cars meet the UN Economic Commission of Europe (UNECE)’s R94 and R95 regulations for safety standards and crashworthiness.
While most dream of the future, Jonathan Tan dreams of the past, although he's never been there. Scenario 2 – Car does not absorb momentum, transfer it to the people, people becomes superman and fly. With dual front airbag only, side impact you can call good game, see you in your next life. We have been buying cars with no airbags or 1-2 airbags for decades, and we feel so safe then . If other vehicle banged you but your car does not have these passive safety system then your chance of survival is ZERO. Introducing local taxes on fuel, it says, will result in environmental gains and trim the fiscal deficit by RM10-19 billion, as well as fund transport.
Introduced in 2009, the Malaysia Economic Monitor is a six-month assessment report of the country’s development by the World Bank, as well as stating future expectations and current policy issues.
Mat Sallehs wear bikinis di pantai berenang-renang, to seduce people, and they will go to hell because of that. Unfortunately your intelligent proves otherwise!People like you really embarrasses the Malaysian’s as a whole.
Ofcourse stuck in jam… everyday or moment the Ministers car come with Police suddenly stop my car !!!
Everytime block the road because Ministers busy with meetings(getting meeting allowance rm250 and eating currypup)….
Buuuuttttt if they takeover, everything will be so cheap you can use one Zimbabwe dollar to pay for your petrol (Zimbabwe can go die). What I’d like to see is a more accurate comparison rather than a gross number of 250 million hours per year.

For example this article shows that each commuter in Los Angeles spend 95 hours a year in traffic. If we assume that there are 8 million people in greater KL of which 4 million commute, that 250 million hours would translate to roughly 62.5 hours per commuter per year. About Us1HartanahTerengganu is a professional property consultancy and real estate agency firm was formed on 1st. We Love To Hear From YouPlease do not hesitate to contact us should you have any inquiries. According to reports, the 2016 MT-07 Moto Cage will follow the same styling of the 2015 model shown at Intermot in 2014, which features the same 74 hp, EFI parallel-twin CP2 engine, and comes with a host of parts in the pursuit of high-speed hooliganism, including engine guards, a bash plate, and hand-guards. With light-weight 10-spoke wheels painted yellow fluorescent, the 2016 Yamaha MT-07 Moto Cage comes with an accessories package that includes a catalytic convertor, exhaust system with titanium muffler, billet clutch and brake levers, rear carrier and side-stand extension kit. Coming with diverse and extensive experience in heavy engineering, Mohan enjoys making anything with wheels go fast, especially motorcycles. A trailer load of Renault Zoes has been spotted in Malaysia by reader Ng Quan Joe – could this be the first batch of cars for the COMOS EV car-sharing scheme? Back in May, we told you about Cohesive Mobility Solution (COMOS), Malaysia’s first EV car-sharing programme, under which Klang Valley residents would be able to rent either a Nissan Leaf, Renault Twizy or Renault Zoe on an hourly basis. The initial aim was to have 30-40 EV units operational in KL at the time of launch (targeted for August at the time), and 60 public charging stations. The Renault Zoe is powered by a synchronous electric motor with rotor coil that produces 65 kW (87 hp) and 220 Nm of torque.
The B-segment hatch comes with Renault’s patented Cameleon charger, which is compatible with all power levels up to 43 kW.
COMOS is a partnership between CMS Consortium, Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) and Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (GreenTech Malaysia). Private company CMS Consortium operates under the care of NADI Manufacturing, which is controlled by Proton’s ex-chairman Datuk Seri Nadzmi Salleh. Interesting new development and new business area but not very sure about the availability of required infrastucture to support this EV (i.e charging station). The Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP), which is set to commence in August, will see Singaporean cars entering Malaysia via Johor (Causeway and Second Link Expressway) charged a RM20 entry fee. The bureau’s chairman, Jason Teoh told The Star that with the VEP, they would have to pay up to five different charges travelling to and from the republic. He added that this would eat up a significant chunk of their salaries, leaving Malaysians with very little left to save after other expenses have been accounted for. To him, nothing’s better than cruising for hours along a scenic route, in a car that’s designed and built for that purpose. Among the advantages of registering is once a name has been registered, a guest cannot post using that name. The first crash test was carried out at the specially built NCAP crash lab in Malacca, where a series of crash tests for sedans and small cars will be undertaken under its Phase I testing. Following this, another City will undergo an official ASEAN NCAP crash test in December, which will further add tenability to the results. Crash test aspects included the placement of dummies, ideal in-car temperatures, mechanics to achieve the desired speed for accurate results and correct cable tension in pulling the cars. Fantasises much too often about cruising down Treacher Road (Jalan Sultan Ismail) in a Triumph Stag that actually works, and hopes this stint here will snap him back to present reality.

The report adds that MITI’s National Automotive Policy (NAP) supports affordable car ownership and associated vehicle sales, and that tariffs on foreign-made vehicles, the wide availability of affordable car financing and affordable fuel costs all drive private vehicle ownership, leading to over-reliance on the car, congestion and big losses. See car on the yellow box blocking trafic flow from the other side, he smiles at them and in his mind, he is thinking about his nasi lemak and teh tarik. London has its own road tax, which separates into 2 : the emission limit in london where besically any car above co2 emission limit is not allowed, and time, which define a time for a vehicle at what time they can enter london, peak or non-peak (day or night, as it is in london).
If I were to say you are stupid for not knowing how to even read a simple article written with using simple English, I am pretty sure you will be jumping around foaming in the mouth.
For example discounts on tolls if you pass before 7am or discounts on LRT if you go to work etc. January, 1999 as a sole proprietor ship which is approved by and registered with the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents under the Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Act 1981 (amended). With a dry weight of 164 kg, this bike promises to be the one for the wheelie merchants and canyon strafers, with functionality above form. The accessories list also extends to tank and saddle-bags, and other items from Yamaha’s catalogue. RM37,000) in the UK, the Yamaha MT-07 Moto Cage is an interesting addition to the three-quarter litre class. His weapon of choice is the Desmoquattro engine, and he has a penchant for anything with a dash of Italian design. The vehicles would be purchased by COMOS, the cost of which would be recouped by rentals and revenue generated through the sale of advertising space on the cars.
Its official NEDC cycle drive range is rated at 210 km, but the real-world range is around 150 km in temperate conditions such as ours. COMOS’ executive chairman however, is none other than ex-Proton MD Datuk Seri Syed Zainal Abidin.
COMOS should introduce and promote this program to the university and college students at klang valley. If they can afford a Singapore car, their salary should be more than S$3500 which equals to more than RM 10K.
What we should focus on is to develop JB and NJ to create more job opportunities with commendable pay for Johoreans.
I am a Fulltime Property Consultant specializing in the expatriate relocation services in Terengganu, my expertise is in the residential leasing market for corporate executives, but I'm also experienced in both residential and commercial market, whether it is sales or purchase. No word on whether this cafe-racer styled naked will ever reach Malaysian shores, but local riders can remain hopeful.
So who suffer more especially with this country getting notorious and scandalous unwanted highlight from the world media? If you wish to have a profile photo next to your name, register at Gravatar using the same e-mail address you use to comment. The Rakyat who are trying to earn a living in Malaysia are the one who suffer most led by this disastrous government.

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