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Bufori is a company based in Malaysia and so far they’ve been making hand crafted cars inspired by old classic 1930s designs, kinda like what Mitsuoka, except Mitsuoka modifies Nissan cars.
The Bufori CS is built on a space frame chassis wrapped with a monocoque body made of reinforced Carbon Fiber and Kevlar. After dabbling for years in the IT industry, Paul Tan initially began this site as a general blog covering various topics of personal interest. Still retaining the same concept of their 1930 style car and you can said it is rather spectacular. On another note, I am waiting your review on the BMW Efficient Dynamics 1k KM trip you had Paul. Epol and torque – do you need to feel that you are telling me something I don't already know? Having said that, a company that aspire to produce only the best quality and posh products should have appointed a better graphic artist when it comes to revealing their newest design. Unlike the Europeans, our version of a well-made and built retro design luxury car isn't up to mark. Another interesting bit is there are very few local companies that use composites to make their cars.
Their cars are not copies of old models and are all designed in house in kepong and they use the very finest interior material (german leather, 24k gold bezel etc) in their cars. Besides this new CS model they've got another large high end model (modern styled) ready for launching. They've been around in Malaysia for many years, are running as usual and are expanding their line up.

BMS AXLE RACING is the collaboration between BMS, Bufori’s Motor Sport division, and AXLE MOTORSPORT, a company dealing in high technology motor racing development. After being approached by luxury car manufacturer Bufori to develop a GT3 version of their Bufori CS, Alex Yoong, founder of AXLE MOTORSPORT, put together a team of personnel consisting of local and Formula 1 engineers and mechanics to work on and develop the GT3 project.
ALEX YOONG and BUFORI guys said this is Formula One (F1) tech knowledge transfer to Malaysia commercial car! The design looks like a ripoff from Bristol, the British sports car maker with heritage in plane making. They were founded in 1986 and was initially based in Australia but they relocated to Malaysia in the mid 90s. The suspension design uses unequal upper and lower arm for the front and rear and fully adjustable coil-over shocks. The race car is called the Bufori BMS R1 and will be entered by the new BMS AXLE RACING team, a JV between Bufori Motorsports and Axle Motorsport. With an increasing number of readers paying rapt attention to the motoring stories, one thing led to another and the rest, as they say, is history. Can't wait to see their result and hopefully equal or better than what Proton have achieved recently. Being built here, I support our only attempt at rivalling the best handcrafted retrocars from Europe. They are a small volume manufacturer, they don't like hype and so we only hear about them once in a blue moon. Davis commented, “This project has been an interesting challenge as we were not only battling timelines, but also having to choose a level of technology that suited the available budget and resources available.

It will be launched in the first half of 2010 and more details will be unveiled before the end of 2009. An avid electronic gadget aficionado as well as big-time coffee lover, he's also the executive producer of the Driven motoring TV programme. Bufori is founded at Australia by Gerry Khouri in 1986 and then shifted to Malaysia by request from YM Tun Dr. Having a factory in an address like Kepong may not sound convincing when you think of luxurious things but if it works for them, great. For some reason the Khouri family prefers to keep this company out of the radar but they're still around churning out cars. They should technically enjoy the national car status as they are truly a Malaysian product.
There is a lot of growth potential in this region, it is just a matter of having the right people together with the necessary training. If you're sick with malaysian built car quality issues this company is a refreshing change.

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