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We are only able to offer finance products from the providers we use, who may be able to offer you finance for your purchase.
This new car comes with a range of standard options (which come with the car whether you choose them or not) or non-cost options that you can change - for example your car may well come with a steering wheel, but you might be able to upgrade it to a leather one when you configure your own in the next step! These No Cost Options can be changed or upgraded when building your car as part of a factory order.
Being environmentally conscious is more than just about the fuel emissions of your car, but they can play a significant part.
Vehicle excise duty (VED) or road tax varies according to the CO2 emissions and fuel type of the vehicle. Performance is important - so we've used a little online magic to provide you with the key bits of information you need to know about this car. It's important to be able to compare cars by their standard equipment - some cars come with so many more features included than others, which can dramatically affect how much you spend. Just like an environment label found on a fridge, this is a detailed breakdown of the fuel economy and fuel cost of this new car. Dennis Buyacar Ltd, 30 Cleveland Street, London, W1T 4JD (GB09151058) (FRN:667368) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The Volkswagen Turbocharged Sales Event is the perfect way to inject some excitement into your Summer.
Taking these variations on the definition of what it means to be turbocharged into consideration, it’s no wonder Volkswagen’s Turbocharged Sales Event has been met with a flurry of anticipation. Get a new 2014 Jetta 1.8T SE Sedan for just $20,888 including four-wheel disc brakes, six speaker sound system, ABS, air conditioning and more. Whether it’s the iconic, immediately-recognizable Beetle, the compact and stylish Jetta sedan, the premium Touareg SUV or the uber-sleek CC, there is a VW for everyone. In the back there’s plenty of leg- and headroom for six-footers sitting behind six-footers and the boot is large and an almost exact match for the BMW 3-series' at 461 litres – though the four-wheel drive system does cost you 24 litres. Click 'Next' below to read more of our first drive of the VW Passat R36How does the Passat R36 drive? The ride is pretty knobbly and the dampers are firm, something that’s noticeable even on the motorway. There are a few black marks here, but overall the Passat R36 is a good package: fast, refined, comfortable (bar that ride), well specced, incredibly usable and subtly unusual.
This is the first drive of VW’s new-but-same-again Mk6 Golf, a car brought forward from 2010 to 2008 to counteract slow sales and a costly and lengthy build process. How come the new VW Golf doesn’t look new?We should have received a facelift in 2008, but the Mk5 car was proving too expensive to make and wasn’t exactly flying out of showrooms to the accountants' expectations.
So just what is new on the new Golf?All the body panels are new, bar the roof, and 60 percent of the parts are new.
How does the new VW Golf drive?On the roads of our Icelandic test route, everything inside was hushed. For those after cleaner cars, an even smaller 1.2 TSI engine is coming, while the Golf BlueMotion Mk2 will herald stop-start and brake regeneration. The touch-screen entertainment system is easy to use, easy to read and the rear-view camera is sharp. We’ve been driving a pre-production car in the extreme cold of Sweden’s Arvidsjaur testing facility to find out what VW's done to keep it ahead of an ever-growing horde of SUV rivals.
It’s hard to tell whether the new Volkswagen Tiguan looks more like a Golf or a Passat from the outside - it certainly takes more than a few cues from both.
The second-generation Tiguan has been built on the same platform as those two, enabling a more spacious cabin for its occupants as well as various economies of scale benefits for VW. This is the first SUV to come out of Wolfsburg on the modular transverse matrix ‘MQB’ platform (think Golf, TT, Octavia and many more). It’s also bigger on the inside, with 'generous' legroom in the back thanks to an additional 77mm between the wheels. Driving dynamics engineer Jurgen Putzschler said the inherently stiffer platform also meant a softer suspension setup could be used without compromising the handling.
Previously you’d only see a Tiguan filling up from a black pump after petrol power – which accounted for just 3% of sales – was unceremoniously dropped.
Petrol or not, they’re all turbocharged and directly injected, with the majority of the range expected to be made available in the UK.
The 237bhp bi-turbo diesel – as used in the fastest Passat – will arrive later this year and should give the Tiguan enough pace to seriously reorganise the interior of your caravan. If that concept excites you then you’ll be sad to hear there are no plans for a properly hot version, and according to VW electrification is a ‘high priority’. Likewise the official economy figures – for now we’ll have to make do with the knowledge that the new range is up to 24% more efficient than before.
Expect a starting price around ?23,000, with manual gearboxes on the lower-powered engines and standard-fit dual-clutch automatics for the higher outputs. Bringing the Tiguan more in line with the rest of the VW range means it loses the hard plastic and van-like circular vents of old, and adopts the crisp lines and metal framing of the current Golf.
As well as being better looking it’s also more functional; our test cars were fitted with the latest 8-inch infotainment system (called Discover Navigation Pro) which features MirrorLink, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, adapting smartphones’ functions directly to the screen.

We also had digital dials displayed on a 12.3-in ‘Active Info’ display, with an analogue-looking rev counter and speedometer, plus a customisable centre area that can toggle between sat-nav maps and media information, among other functions.
All-wheel-drive models (standard on four of the engines, optional on two, and not available on the base trims) use the fifth-generation Haldex system, which can send nearly 100% of torque to the rear axle when it detects a loss of grip. You also get VW’s ‘XDS+’ system, which brakes the inside wheels when cornering to help tighten your line around a corner.
VW’s new 4Motion Active Control tailors different parameters (such as the dampers, drivetrain, steering and even cornering lights) for different driving conditions, including road, snow and off road via a rotary toggle next to the gear shift.
We tested each of these on the snow and ice tracks at VW's Swedish winter testing facility, equipped with some grippy Nordic-spec rubber, and our Tiguan clung on to the slippery surface like bacon to a travel saucepan. All cars now come with a roster of active safety tech, including low-speed automatic emergency braking, lane keeping assist, a recognition system that keeps an eye out for pedestrians and cyclists, and automatic post-collision braking. Pulling on its wellies and waterproofs just in time for summer, this is the VW Golf Alltrack. Of course, it’s a fish from the same kettle as the clunkily named Seat Leon X-Perience, although to these eyes the off-road add-ons look more at home on the Golf estate’s blockier form than on the genre-confused Leon. The four-wheel drive system uses an electro-hydraulic Haldex clutch system to govern how much torque goes to which axle and when, and includes a locking centre diff function to help haul its way out of sticky situations.
Unique to the Alltrack Golf is an off-road mode in the driver profile menu, which recalibrates the throttle map and ABS for loose-surface driving.
Off-road mode incorporates hill descent control, too, allowing the car to inch itself down steep slopes. The chunky 17-inch alloys on our test car proved less vulnerable than they look, surviving the ordeal scratch-free.
Four-wheel drive and arch extensions apart, it’s essentially a normal VW Golf Estate, which means you get a large loadspace by the standards of the class and plenty of room in the cabin – read our review of the regular Golf Estate here to see what’s what. Up front, the cabin’s identical to a regular Golf bar some part-suede upholstery for the seats and spec’s the same as a Golf Estate GT, so you get sat-nav, two-zone climate control and bi-xenon headlights. Thomas Kolms, one of VW’s engineers involved with the chassis development for the Alltrack, says the brief was that it should ride and handle like a normal Mk7 Golf. The VW Golf Alltrack has enough off-road ability to qualify as more than a Golf that’s been playing in the dressing up box. Like all Volkswagen's it comes with the full standard Volkswagen warranty - details of which can be found in the technical specification section below. You can do your bit by being consciously aware of the fuel economy and emissions of your car before you buy. Our performance summary tells you all the highlights of the Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0 TDi BlueMotion Tech GT 3dr diesel coupe, technical specification is for the petrol heads amongst us and the standard equipment allows you to check what you'll get for free with the car.
Check what comes standard with the Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0 TDi BlueMotion Tech GT 3dr diesel coupe before you continue.
The coloured bands at the top of the label determines the car tax band this vehicle is in and therefore how much you will pay for your second year once your first year had run out. VW’s line of turbocharged cars all put out lots or torque which means great off the line acceleration.
Already renowned in enthusiast circles for their above-the-average performance, select VW vehicles have had the added edge of boasting turbocharged drive elements – and now this concept has been fused with incredible deals that no performance-oriented new car shopper can ignore. Now the question becomes…can you take advantage of the Turbocharged Sales Event before time runs out?
You might also spot that the R36 is lowered by 20mm and has – wait for it – blue brake calipers. Overall the sense is of high quality, with brushed aluminium brightening up the centre console and instrument binnacle, part-leather door cards and simple, classy instruments. They’re a bit too grabby at car park speeds, and the pedal doesn’t take long to go mushy if you drive hard. Really thrash the R36 and it can feel a little underpowered, the engine labouring at high revs, but it actually feels decently fast and eager if you rein yourself in. The R36 is available only with the dual-clutch DSG gearbox, but it suits the package well, though the lack of outright control and flaring revs on kick-down can frustrate. It will kick down (though you have to push through a very obvious step at the end of the throttle travel) and will change up at the redline. But with only mildly revised looks inside and out, can the new VW Golf match the Ford Focus and Renault’s forthcoming Megane? Today’s Mk6 Golf is cheaper to build, apparently spending five fewer hours on the production line than its predecessor. But it was a tough job for the design team, being unable to change any hard points, while the engineering team has to carry over the chassis, engines, suspension and electronics.
But as ever this Twincharger engine is clever, with lots of low down torque, decent mid-range shove and feels a lot bigger than its 1.4 litres suggest. The Golf's soft-touch dashboard is pure quality, the ergonomics are achingly intuitive and the seats adjust so many ways you'd think you were in a bigger car.
Despite having been around since 2008 (usually seen ahead of a caravan or horsebox), 2015 year was its strongest-selling year ever – despite a brand-new version in the pipeline: this one.
It’s not only larger than the previous car but lighter too, reputedly shedding more than 50kg overall.

The ride certainly felt smooth during our test drive, albeit over several inches of soft snow, and body control on the handling circuit was hard to fault.
It’s a nicer place to sit, especially for the driver, towards whom the majority of controls are oriented.
On top of all this, quite literally, is a head-up display projected onto a plastic screen above the dash. Only in off-road mode could the stability systems be completely disabled, allowing for some very un-Caravan Club-like oversteer. Can the new car build on its success and fend off competition from the likes of the BMW X1, Honda HR-V and Ford Kuga? Although the ground clearance isn’t high enough for serious rock-crawling, we had no problems scrambling around a moderately tough off-road layout with some nosebleed-risk level climbs.
Slowly drive over the cusp of a descent, stop for a moment for the sensors to calibrate, then let go of the pedals and it’ll make its own way to the bottom. More impressively, they were clad in ordinary Goodyear summer road tyres – there was no cheating with mud and snow rubber. And it does – you don’t feel especially high up, and although there’s a little bit more body roll than standard it’s well controlled and certainly not excessive. This Hatchback is available in a wide range of colours - which can be chosen when you continue on to configure your quote.
However, the easiest way is to just ask us a question when you have created your new car quote and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Last but not least on the agenda is the green statistics - will this car be a green star or a green destroyer? For ?30,990 you get a 3.6-litre V6 churning out 295bhp and 258lb ft, four-wheel drive versatility and subtly imposing styling.
But the switchgear – shared with the Golf – looks a bit cheap here, and the extravagantly stylish swoop of the doors only emphasises that the upper half of the trim is made of soft-touch plastics, while the lower half makes do with harder, cheaper-feeling material. The steering is light and gains an artificial weight on turn-in – it’s well judged if not an exemplar of feel. Accelerate hard in sixth from 2000rpm and the R36 gathers momentum rapidly and effortlessly. Sport raises the threshold at which up-shifts are made, but will always revert back to auto operation soon after you’ve made a paddle-shift input.
The 3.2-litre Quattro SE is more than ?1500 cheaper, is almost as powerful, boasts nicer cabin architecture (though the Passat’s seats still win) and is less polluting. Read on for our verdict on the Golf, and to find out whether Wolfsburg has dropped the ball with its most important car. Low-noise foil around the windscreen, insulation around the windows and doors, plus smoother door mirrors means those inside hardly hear a thing.
It’s even slicker with the seven-speed DSG and while it produces fewer ponies (158bhp compared with 168bhp) than our long-term test Golf, it’s cleaner. Press the throttle and nothing happens at first, as if the system’s taking a moment to work out how much power it needs and where to send it, then the revs rise and, some time later, the car moves off. The aforementioned Leon X-Perience is a bit cheaper, as is the roomier Skoda Octavia Scout.
If you have any questions about this car, continue on and save your quote - from there you can ask us any question you like! And the range of adjustment is fantastic, with inflatable pockets – a push of a button increases or decreases their stiffness – offering extra lower and upper back support. Really push on to bring the four-wheel drive system into play and the R36 determinedly understeers. It’s a car that likes to surf the torque, then, not one that’s particularly rewarding when you chase big rpms. This leads to a slightly frustrating scenario where you can call for fourth, only for the gearbox to override you a few seconds later and select third. Final gripe: the paddles are tiny and are fixed to the steering wheel so it’s easy to miss them when you’re calling for gears through the twisties.
Once it’s got going, though, not a lot will stop it, even when one or more wheels are dangling in the air.
But flow down tight, twisty roads and it’s clear that 4Motion does add to the involvement, cleanly powering you out of hairpins where its front-drive siblings would scrabble. Of course, this wouldn’t happen in drive, but Mitsubishi’s twin-clutch system works better in giving you full manual control once you pull back on a paddle. It’s dual-clutch DSG auto only – the other two engines come with a six-speed manual gearbox.

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