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For employees and drivers that are in need of a new car, Novated leasing has offered a practical solution. When an employer provides salary packaging on a car, it allows the employee to lease the vehicle on behalf of the company, thus leaving the employer responsible for the lease. Novated leases are a deed of novation (three-party agreement) between the employee, employer and finance company.
By taking advantage of the benefits of a Novated lease, the running of your car can be made easier and much more cost-effective.
For each lease term between 12 and 60 months, the ATO has a set guideline for residual value percentages.
To further assist with the amount you need to pay periodically off your loan, residual value will be incorporated into your Novated lease. The minimum residual value is determined by the lease term in years and set by the Australian Taxation Office. You too, have the option to make an offer on the vehicle yourself to buy the vehicle for residual value. Our popular Lease Calculator will calculate actual car lease payments accurately — to the penny —  as long as you know all the factors of a lease, such as net capitalized cost, including any added fees, cap cost reduction, money factor, residual value, term, and sales tax rate. One way to do it is to use our Lease Calculator and estimate the figures you don’t know.
For example, for a typical 36 month car lease, the lease-end residual value will be about 50% of MSRP sticker price.

If you assume MSRP as your capitalized cost, it ignores the fact that you’ll probably get a discounted price, but it allows for the addition of add-on fees such as a typical lease acquisition fee. We’ve created a special calculator — the Lease Payment Estimator — for estimating car lease payments when all the detailed figures are not yet available. Please understand that the answer you receive is simply an estimate based on rough numbers and assumptions.
Actual payment amount can only be calculated when detailed figures are known, using our Lease Calculator.
Combined with the Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and the use of residual value, Novated leases can be a viable solution for many people.
Under the contract, Novated leases are effective in providing drivers and workers a fantastic opportunity to purchase a new or used car.
The larger the residual payment is, the less your regular payments will need to be throughout your lease. For a vehicle to be Novated, the Australia Taxation Office (ATO) has set a number of guidelines including the need for finance to be established as a lease and the use of a residual (balloon) payment implemented.
Yet, you would like to know approximately what the monthly payments might be for the vehicles you are interested in — a reasonable estimate.
We uncover how the Novated lease residual value arrangement works and how it can benefit you. As the employee, your employer will assist in arranged payments on the vehicle which can entitle you to a deduction of lease expenses as part of salary sacrifice arrangement.

Additional benefits from Novated leases for employees are tax advantages, purchasing power and the choice of vehicle. The size of the residual value can be represented as an absolute dollar value or as a percentage of the borrowed amount.
Thus, you will need to take advantage of both the Novated lease and residual payment for the agreement to be valid. Once the term of the lease is completed, you will have a contractual obligation to pay the residual value or re-finance the lease for a further term. You can trade your vehicle in and enter into a new Novated lease with a newer vehicle, sell the car privately and arrange to pay the residual value or re-finance the residual value over a new term that works best with your circumstances and needs. This would allow you to quickly determine if those vehicles are within your monthly budget. This amount is usually determined by the term of the lease and the total vehicle purchase price, including GST.

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