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Just remember not to delete formulas that is contained in Rent Receipt Slip section and date field. From the tenant's point of view it is important to seek rent receipts when you pay in cash or for keeping record of recurring monthly expenses. Once you become more familiar with the template you can simply protect these columns from unnecessary changes using Excel's Protect Sheet option.We recommend you to send a PDF version of your rent receipt instead of excel file. While all of the templates contain most of the same basic information, each has different qualities so that you can choose one that best meets your needs. In addition to this, if a dispute arises regarding the payment then this rent receipt works as a proof of payment.Advertisement Most of the time tenants demand all the twelve receipts at the time of tax payment.

You can use PDF converter or printer to create a PDF file for Microsoft Excel 2010 and earlier or use built in PDF converter of Excel 2013.
Click on any image to open an enlarged view of the template, and click on the Download link in the References and Resources section at the end of this article to obtain the template that you want to use. It is strongly advised to consult legal representative about specific requirements and regulations exercised by the government of your country prior to applying this templates to you practise.How to use rent receipt templateFirst of all setup the tenants details in the first sheet where you can write the name of tenant who can be an individual or a company followed by recording the address. Each time your tenant changes or you manage a new property, you need to customize it again.
You can record Rent Receipt number, date of issuance, amount received, period for which receipt is issued, tenant name, property address, name and address of receiver.

In addition to these, you can indicate the instrument of payment with details or mark as cash.Rent Receipt with SlipThis worksheet has rent receipts as four copies along with Rent Receipt Slips which you can keep for your records.

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