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When you need to do some serious hauling, look no further than the FastTrac 8.5' wide automobile trailer.
Serving Thurston, Kitsap, King and Pierce County areas including Tacoma, Fife, Puyallup, Gig Harbor, Auburn, Seattle, Federal Way and Olympia. You have JavaScript disabled or are viewing the site on a device that does no support JavaScript.Some features may not work properly. Located at the busy intersection of two main thoroughfares in Fresno, CA, this Shell station captures business from the heavy commuter  traffic in the region.  The station includes a convenience store and a car wash.
DescriptionThese trailers have been designed to look good and function flawlessly for years of service. We took his main brand color and wrapped his wheel wells, Ford emblem and rearview mirrors in it.

DescriptionThe HEAVY HAULER, our deckover utility trailers are perfect for those large, heavy hauling needs.
This is the largest of the FastTrac models and is ideal for hauling construction material, landscaping equipment, and even your favorite collector or race car! All FastTrac trailers have been engineered with a keen awareness that economy doesn't have to mean cheap. Together we’ve completed well over 1,000,000 square feet in new construction, additions, remodels and tenant improvements throughout California. Whatever it is you can count on the reliability of our deckover equipment utility trailers. Matching the appropriate trailer to the planned application and frequency of use just makes good sense.

The multiple storage points around the trailer from the lockable box, line trimmer rack, tool holder and ladder rack, will keep everything in place and easy to access. Our standard deckover trailers come equiped with four wheel electric breaks, break-away system and sealed lights. So, if you're looking for reliable transportation and functional storage on a tight budget, the FastTrac is value in overdrive!

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