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Excel can be a useful tool for setting up very basic inventory, equipment tracking, and asset tracking systems. Depending on your intended use, you may not need all of the columns, or you may want to add more. The asset tracking template also contains a Suppliers worksheet, so you can keep track of supplier contact information for repair, maintenance, and warranty purposes.
Richard Wilkinson stated that he Definitely Would recommend salesperson Scott Dickerhoff and Nick Mayer Lincoln to friends and family. Please come see our huge selection of Lincoln cars, trucks and SUV's, along with the best selection of preowned vehicles in the area. This August is the perfect time of the year to trade in your old vehicle and get yourself a new Lincoln from Nick Mayer Lincoln. Compromising style for utility can often lead to uninspiring results, but luckily the V90 manages to offer a lot of both.
Audi and BMW stopped importing the wagon versions of their mid-size sedans to America with the advent of the current-generation models. Volvo, despite the success of its recently introduced XC90, is not ready to give up on the wagon market.
Volvoa€™s commitment to this market will be demonstrated by the introduction of the 2018 V90 at some point next year.
The styling and many of the body panels of the S90 also are shared, with the inevitable departures in the roof and aft of the front doors. While the S90 is handsome, the V90 looks even better, with the elongated greenhouse enhancing the new modela€™s clean sculpting. We briefly drove the V90 in Spain, where most of the roads are even smoother than California could boast back in the days when the state still had an adequate highway maintenance budget. The main value of the wagon, of course, is utility, and the V90 delivers, with about two cubic feet more carrying capacity behind the rear seat than the S90 has in its trunk and an additional 34 cubic feet when you fold the rear seata€™s backrest. Despite this slight loss of purpose, we are delighted that Volvo is continuing its wagon heritage. Borrowing heavily from the looks of the Pininfarina-designed original, circa 1966, the 124 Spider is a stylish, if not exactly Italian, two-seat droptop.
Go ahead, write off the new 2017 Fiat 124 Spider two-seat roadster as a Mazda Miata wearing Italian rally drag.
Lampredia€™s spirit inhabited the original 124 Spider, from the way that Twincam engine revved to how the five-speed transmission shifteda€”and that the four-wheel disc brakes almost nearly always stopped the car. The new 124 Spider Abartha€™s appearance has a swagger to it thata€™s missing from lesser 124 Spiders.
A big fail are the ridiculously large, cheap-looking a€?Abartha€? scorpion badges on the nose and trunklid. With better-padded door panels and more shiny bits on the dash (such as the vent rings), the 124 Spider Abartha€™s interior looks a bit nicer than the Mazdaa€™s cockpit. Starting at $29,190 including a $995 destination charge, the tested 124 Spider Abarth had every option except an automatic transmission ladled onto it.
Fiata€™s old Twincam four was a rev-happy little thing that made a wonderful sound and produced practically no torque. Because the Abartha€™s turbo engine rates at 184 lb-ft of peak torque compared with the Miataa€™s naturally aspirated 2.0-liter foura€™s measly 148 lb-ft, the 124 Spider uses the six-speed manual transmission from the previous-generation Miata to handle the load. It takes a slight moment for the turbo to spool up, and then it tips in rather than hitting hard. Todaya€™s stronger Fiat woulda€™ve run a close second to the a€™79 Corvette in acceleration, but it couldna€™t match the current Miataa€™s performance.
Both cars can be had with sweet Brembo front disc brakes a€“ Fiat charges $1495 for them (Mazda includes the brake upgrade in a $3400 package that also brings BBS wheels, a proximity key, and assorted body add-ons on the Club trim level). Our ideal 21st-century 124 Spider Abarth would have a naturally aspirated four that spun up aggressively and sang out with a vibrant growl.
Mirai is Japanese for a€?the future.a€? This is Toyotaa€™s way of saying that its sedan most resembling SpongeBob SquarePants on a skateboard runs on hydrogen and produces no emissions.
To test not only the Mirai but also the first phase of infrastructure that supports it, we visited hydrogen filling stations in the greater Los Angeles region and drove north to the Mojave Desert for performance measurements. Versus the 10,000 or so gasoline stations in California, early adopters will have no more than 20 locations throughout the state to refuel their Mirais. Operating the filler nozzle takes patience and a firm grip; push in smartly, yank to verify a secure connection, then squeeze and latch the handle to meter.
Before our side trip for testing, we topped off at a municipal services yard in Burbank, home to Disney, Warner Bros., and many classic TV shows.
While the Miraia€™s ability to reach 60 mph in 9.4 seconds and 80 mph in the quarter-mile is adequate to keep up with the Priuses and pool cleanersa€™ pickups, ita€™s unlikely to accelerate any enthusiasta€™s heart. Near Newport Beacha€™s Fashion Island shopping mall, a sparkling Shell stationa€™s pumps were closed for updates. Sherman and Birdsall chat over a refreshing cup of water collected straight from the MiraiA’s tailpipe.
Pumps at the University of Californiaa€™s National Fuel Cell Research Center in Irvine and at the Orange County Sanitation District in Fountain Valley were also down, awaiting investment funds. In two days, we stopped nine times at seven locations to draw hydrogen from four working pumps, never experiencing range anxiety. Hydrogena€™s energy content is nearly three times greater than gasoline per pound, but three times less per gallon in liquefied form. As a gas pressurized to 10,000 psi, hydrogen provides less than one-seventh of gasolinea€™s energy content. The full-size pickup truck and the V-8 engine were supposed to be inseparable, like the internet and cat videos. In Americaa€™s most popular vehicle, the Ford F-150, two turbocharged six-cylinder engines marketed under the EcoBoost name have dethroned the naturally aspirated V-8. It wasna€™t until we saddled our test truck with a 6400-pound trailer (well under its 9000-pound rating) that we fully understood the case for upgrading to the 3.5-liter EcoBoost. For the most part, though, the equipment in this particular Lariat lives up to the price tag. In the F-150, Ford has a trifecta of engines (the fourth, a naturally aspirated 3.5-liter V-6, is best left to the fleet operators).
Slotted between its full-size sibling, the Sprinter, and smaller vans like the Ford Transit Connect, the Metris offers relatively nimble dimensions with the cargo-carrying ability of larger vans.
Ita€™s been a couple of banner years for advancements in the commercial-van market, and just when you thought the helter-skelter, shoot-first-ask-questions-later world of cargo-hauling work vehicles was ready to take a breather, Mercedes-Benz drops a hat trick of van news on already shellshocked fleet buyers. The Metris cargo van we drove was equipped with a sturdy plastic dividing wall directly behind the front seats and a very Tetris-like shelving and storage system from M-Ba€“preferred upfitter Sortimo.
Underway, we were immediately impressed by the lack of boominess and extraneous noise that is typical of cargo vehicles. Mercedes-Benz knows that the majority of these vans will be purchased for work, so it has teamed up with suppliers such as Sortimo, Knapheide, and Ranger Design (to name just three) to outfit turnkey vehicles for sale to commercial buyers.
There are a lot of great asset tracking software tools out there, but if you just need a simple solution, you can download the free Asset Tracking Template below. However, if you need a more advanced asset tracking system, there are numerous software solutions designed for just that purpose. With the best service and the best price guaranteed, I am your one-stop shop for all your vehicle needs, for any budget. From the harsh winter weather to the blistering summer heat, your old vehicle will probably be on its last legs once you get back from your summer vacation.
Only 20 more miles from their home and their old vehicle breathed its last and died on the side of the road.
AccuPayment does not state credit or lease terms that are available from a creditor or lessor, and AccuPayment is not an offer or promotion of a credit or lease transaction.

Thata€™s hardly surprising, as Volvo has been building wagons since the introduction of the Duett in 1953. The taillights extend up into the D-pillars, in keeping with what has become Volvo tradition, and a long character line defines the cara€™s shoulder. The handsome cockpit employs upscale materials and vertical vents called Airblade, and the dash is dominated by Volvoa€™s innovative and intelligent portrait-oriented 9.0-inch touchscreen, which eliminates many buttons and knobs. Entry-level T5 models come with front-wheel drive and a 250-hp version of Volvoa€™s Drive-E 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which makes 258 lb-ft of torque.
Unfortunately, no rear-facing third-row seat is offered as it has been in previous Volvo wagons.
After all, this revivified 124 Spider is made in Japan, by Mazda, alongside the MX-5 Miata, and it shares with it most every structural and general mechanical design. Ita€™s Lampredia€™s 22-year-long legend as chief engineer at Fiat that the 2017 124 Spider Abarth must contend with. It had a distinct character that could practically be seen in how the Veglia gauge needles danced, and the raw 90 horsepower (in a€™67) snort of its exhaust.
Most of that machismo stems from its more open, darker-colored lower grille opening and the a€?gunmetala€? finish on the side mirrors and roll bar.
Theya€™ve got all the subtlety of plastic WWE championship belts from the bargain bin at Toys a€™Ra€™ Us. Beyond that, the Abarth was equipped with $1195 worth of Recaro seats covered in a faux sort-of suede that Mazda doesna€™t offer.
It bore more resemblance to the original Miataa€™s 1.6-liter engine than it does to Fiata€™s new MultiAir turbocharged four, which revs only reluctantly, makes practically no sound at all, but produces gobs of torque from off-idle to the 6500-rpm redline.
But ita€™s still impossible to drive any car while standing behind it, so this bit of aural theater is lost on the driver.
Ita€™s still good in the Fiata€”short, quick throws, precise gating, and the subtle feel of gears meshing that rises up through the boot around the awkwardly blocky knob. There may be four more horsepower in the Abarth than the regular 124s, but that quartet of ponies, product of the a€?sport-tuned exhaust,a€? cana€™t really be felt.
With the driver sitting only barely forward of the rear axle, ita€™s a sweet sensation that makes diving into corners that much more delicious. But the Abarth uses the Potenza RE050A of identical size, a tire Fiat says it chose for better grip and to complement the suspension tuning. The Fiata€™s 171-foot stops from 70 mph feel great, even as it took 13 feet longer than the Mazda, but ita€™s the fade-free performance while barreling down mountain roads thata€™s most reassuring. That this is a Fiat made by Mazda in Japan doesna€™t mean it cana€™t carry forward both the original 124 Sport Spidera€™s styling and its spirit. You know, something like the 2.0-liter four in the Miata, but with lighter rotating and reciprocating internals. Expected later in 2015, the Mirai initially will be sold or leased just in California, where the infrastructure for hydrogen fueling exists.
Toyota engineer, future thinker, and fuel-cell authority Jackie Birdsall served as chaperone and tour guide without whining about our preemptive range anxiety, barrage of tech questions, or blind-curve photographic maneuvers.
But itA’s self-consciously futuristic; the capacitive-touch info displays are relatively conventional, just broken up onto three screens. This pump was hidden, but once we located it and entered Birdsalla€™s secret free-fuel codes, our tanks were full in four minutes, resetting the range display to a healthy 270 miles.
When you nail the right pedal, therea€™s a gentle moan and the nose rises eagerly, providing a false sense of acceleration.
The station dispenses not only hydrogen but also gasoline, diesel, and a wealth of jerky snacks and sugary beverages, thus making it the most normal-looking station on our tour.
Over 400 miles we averaged 56 miles per kilogram of hydrogen, or 57 MPGe, costing us roughly $0.25 per milea€”nearly four times the cost of driving a Toyota Camry hybrid. In the F-150, the Coyote 5.0-liter V-8 is tuned for torque more so than power, yet it still revs with an enthusiastic giddy-up that reminds us that this enginea€™s other job is powering the Mustang. The twin-turbo engine offers an extra 2500 pounds of towing capability and handles lighter tasks with considerably less strain.
The driver and passenger seats are heated and cooled, with 10-way power adjustability and supple leather. First came Mercedes-Benza€™s 2015 announcement that it is spilling $500 million to build a new factory in Charleston, South Carolina, where it will assemble Sprinter and Metris vans from scratch here on U.S. The Metris is the only rear-wheel-drive model in the segment, designed first and foremost as a hardy work vehicle.
The upside to a cargo wall, besides keeping equipment out of sight to provide a layer of security from would-be thieves, is that any object that gets loosea€”a€?Did you tie down the generator?a€?a€”will, in theory, be kept at bay by the divider rather than by the back of the drivera€™s head. A delivery drivera€™s vital devices find a welcome USB port on the dash, with handy phone-holding cubbies situated on either side of the infotainment head unit. Some credit no doubt goes to the cargo divider, but ita€™s still an achievement to quell sonic vibrations in whata€™s essentially an echo chamber on wheels. It is particularly useful for tracking computer hardware, tools, repair equipment, and other fixed assets. But, give the Vertex42 template a whirl and let me know if there are things you'd like it to do that it currently does not.
Though, if you are really interested in tracking your equipment, you may want to consider ID tags. Check out the great deals on the Lincoln vehicles we have in the showroom as you'll find the perfect replacement to get your through the rest of the year and will last for many years to come.
Jaguar has never offered its XF wagon in the United States, and Lexus and the other players in the luxury segment have never even built mid-size wagons. Wagons have always comprised a big part of Volvo sales; in the early 1970s, the company even built the 1800ES, a wagon version of its only sports car, the P1800.
The wagon is mechanically identical, which means the same Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) platform with a control-arm front suspension, a multilink setup in back with a transverse leaf spring, and a 115.8-inch wheelbase. The V90a€™s additional glass and heavier rear structure add a modest 70 pounds or so to the curb weight, according to Volvo. The T6 employs all-wheel drive and adds a supercharger in order to greatly enhance the enginea€™s low-rpm responsiveness while bumping output to 316 horsepower and 295 lb-ft. The T6 we drove had plenty of power and the immediate responsiveness we expect from a supercharged engine.
Volvo suggests the XC90 is a better machine for those who need three rows of seating, but that thinking somewhat contradicts the wagona€™s role as the anti-SUV. That this Abarth version has a limited-slip differential and four more horsepower than a regular 124 Spider squeezes out of its Fiat-made, 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder doesna€™t change the fact that therea€™s a lot of Miata substance here. Lampredi, who drew up Ferrari racing engines in the early 1950s and joined Fiat in 1955, designed the Fiat Twincam four-cylinder engine that powered all the original 124 Sport Spiders from the first 1967 model until the last one left production in 1985 as the Pininfarina Spider. The test car featured the optional ($1995), hand-painted (!) matte black hood and trunklid to give it more of a competition vibe, though it does inspire questions about how to wax the car. By then, the Lampredi Twincam engine had grown to 2.0 liters in displacement and shrunk to 80 emissions-strangled horses.
The most frustrating thing about the Fiat MultiAir engine is how unforgiving it can be when hustled. In contrast, the Miata is a bit more neutral and seems to stick more tenaciously, even as its body leans over more. Somewhere inside Fiata€”er, FCAa€”there must be an engineer ready to follow Lampredia€™s example and build that.
Range is around 300 miles, refueling will take about five minutes, and fuel is included for the first three years of ownership.
Basin infrastructure assessment by topping off the Miraia€™s two hydrogen tanks at a Shell station conveniently located across the street from Toyotaa€™s Torrance, California, headquarters. Ita€™s comfortable, isolation-chamber quiet, and a pleasant means of enduring clotted freeways.

But with only 152 horsepower propelling a Camry-sized car weighing more than two tons, this is no Tesla. The Mirai stops from 70 mph in 194 feet, only three feet longer than the last Prius we tested.
Instead of using the more common method of producing hydrogen through steam reformation of methane, Fountain Valley employs a fuel cell itself to process sewage into heat, electricity, and hydrogen fuel. Three who sipped that Kool-Aid found no hint of chicory, sultry overtone, or oaky aftertaste.
The larger six allows for greater hauling capacity, accelerates the truck more quickly, and swills less gas in EPA testing than the V-8 alternative. The response follows the throttle pedal faithfully while the six-speed automatic clicks through gears smoothly and easily.
The 5.0-liter truck needs more revs and a wider throttle opening to accelerate its load, so we were often coaxed into pressing the throttle to the floor for even modest acceleration.
If you think our test trucka€™s $57,240 window sticker is steep, consider that our model, the Lariat, is merely a mid-spec trim. The 3.5-liter twin-turbo V-6 is the workhorse, with power, torque, and hauling capability to spare. There’s plenty of tech, too, including Crosswind Assist and load-adaptive stability control.
Forda€™s E-series vans basically owned the segment for eons, but the past decade has seen more van innovations and choices than the previous four combined. Rated for a maximum payload of 2502 pounds, the Metris can handle 619 more pounds of tools, equipment, or raw materials than the Ram ProMaster City, the runner-up in that category.
The downside is that it restricts those last few notches of rearward seat travel, making larger drivers assume a slightly cramped driving position.
The turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline enginea€”no diesel is availablea€”shuttles its 208 horsepower through a seven-speed automatic transmission.
They were able to pick out the best new Lincoln vehicle that fit into their needs and their budget.
The cabin is well appointed, and many high-tech safety features are standard, including semi-autonomous driving mode. Both versions use an Aisin-Warner eight-speed automatic transmission that allows for full manual control. Our only dynamic criticism was the sharp increase in steering effort as you eased the wheel off-center. The racy Abarth gets a sport-tuned exhaust, a limited-slip differential, and a boost to 164 hp.
And Lampredi was running the Abarth racing division when it campaigned the original 124 Spider Abarth Rally in competition between 1972 and 1975.
For those with wider tails, however, well, at least the standard seat upholstery has horizontal ribs in the traditional Italian style. Screw up a shift or bog down in the wrong gear, and the engine loses its turbo edge and goes limp.
Put it all together, and the Mazda has an eager, antsy, on-its-toes readiness, while the Fiat is more settled but ready to romp.
The current MultiAir engine simply doesna€™t have the dramatic, mechanical flair that Lampredi built into his Fiats. The $58,325 base price isna€™t much of a return on the 23 years of development and 5680 patents that Toyota invested in this future, but milestones never come cheap.
Taking advantage of this cara€™s eligibility for the citya€™s high-occupancy-vehicle lanes, we cruised at the speed limit past the creeping COa‚‚ producers. Ita€™s enough to make even old-school truck buyers acknowledge that there actually is a replacement for displacement. There are three additional gradesa€”King Ranch, Platinum, and Limiteda€”positioned and priced above it, plus the 3.5-liter EcoBoost that costs an extra $400 as well as a plethora of options to inflate the price past 60 grand. Nods to utility include spotlights built into the side mirrors and Forda€™s Pro Trailer Backup Assist, which makes reversing with a trailer as easy as turning a tiny knob on the dashboard. Compared with those two logical options, the middle-child 5.0-liter V-8 is the right-brain choice. Ford now offers the Transit and the junior-size Transit Connect, Ram brings us the Fiat-derived ProMaster and ProMaster City, and Nissan touts the NV and the compact NV200 (the latter of which also is sold by Chevrolet as the City Express). With all 258 lb-ft of torque available from 1250 to 4000 rpm, the powertrain makes short work of getting to highway speed.
The professional and experienced sales representative was able to get them the best deal so they could save even more money instead of wasting cash trying to fix their old vehicle just to try to squeak out a few more weeks of service before it breaks down again. They appealed to drivers who wanted a safe, comfortable, and practical vehicle while displaying unostentatious affluence (another concept that seems to be in terminal decline). Our top-gear 30-to-50-mph test found the engine in a holea€“it took many long seconds more than the Miata did to complete that task, after which it was fully on-boost and handily outran the Mazda from 50 to 70 mph. This station is fed by an Air Products pipeline that has served nearby oil refineries for 20 years.
The 3.5-liter EcoBoost, though, can do the deed another half-second quicker, but its synthetic soundtrack doesna€™t have the rich, multilayered tone of the V-8. Like its big brother, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Worker, the Metris Worker is aimed at buyers who value utility over creature comforts. It was Mercedes that essentially forced everyone elsea€™s hand with these European-style vans when it began importing its Sprinter to the United States under the Freightliner and, later, the Mercedes-Benz and Dodge brands around the turn of the millennium.
Rated to pull an even 5000 pounds, the Metris more than doubles the capability of the 2000-pound rating that applies to the front-drive Ford Transit Connect and Ram ProMaster City.
Blame Americaa€™s unfortunate and somewhat illogical obsession with SUVs and crossovers for this near extinction. Despite the large open space in the back, therea€™s absolutely no boominess, and wea€™d rate the V90a€™s cabin to be as quiet as that of the S90. In reality, both cars would need a downshift to zip around even the slowest traffic, but this nobody-home sensation is an aggravation that the Miata engine better resists. Thata€™s a flimsy argument when it comes to rationalizing a $50,000-plus purchase, though, so perhaps ita€™s no surprise that todaya€™s boosted six-cylinders are now the engines of choice in the F-150. Finally, Mercedes reported that the Metris cargo just posted a blistering sub-eight-minute lap of the NA?rburgring Nordschleife.
Nissan says towing with its NV200 is not recommended, and that goes for the badge-engineered Chevrolet, too. Just for grins, we put the cargo modela€™s transmission in its Manual modea€”Economy and Comfort are the other settingsa€”and pulled some runs to redline with the standard paddle shifters. After calling the Mirai ugly, the Porsche driver declined with the excuse that he had only 60 horsepower on tap.
We performed an instrumented test on a 2016 Metris passenger van about a year ago and came away fairly impressed. Rated at 21 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the highway, the Metris yields a little highway efficiency to the long-wheelbase Transit Connect and Ram ProMaster City (27 and 29 mpg).
It was kind of fun, but we felt like dorks; suffice it to say that the Metris will get you to a plumbing emergency or back to the work site after a three-beer lunch at Hooters as quickly as any other work van on the market. This adds a little more fun when youa€™re flinging it, although it can be tiring on extended cruises.
To complete the circle, we recently snagged some seat time in a cargo version to see how the driving experience differs, if at all.

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