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Employment income (lines 101 to 104) includes all the money and other benefits you make while working for an employer. Your employer is required to withhold from your paycheque the taxes you will owe and send them to the CRA. Employment insurance (line 119) and disability benefits (line 115) are also taxed as if they were employment income.
Income from self-employment (lines 135 to 143) is income you make by working for yourself in a trade or business. Profits from the sale of property (line 127) such as shares or real estate are known as capital gains.
Pension income (lines 113 to 116) must be reported like other income under Canada's income tax system. Other social benefits that you receive, such as Old Age Security, disability pensions or the Universal Child Care Benefit, may also be taxed as part of your income. Most other forms of income are treated as standard income with no special provisions, except for gifts and windfalls, insurance, lotteries and gaming wins—which are tax-free. This solar car toy is one of the smallest one in the toy world now, it needs no batteries, just powered buy the sun!
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It includes commissions, tips and gratuities, even if they are not reported on your employer's tax records.
Once a year, your employer issues a T4 slip, which shows you (and the CRA) what you earned and what taxes were withheld.
The money you make is taxed like employment income, but only net income is included, that is, total income minus the expenses of running the business. Since Canadian companies pay a corporate tax on their profits, you adjust the amount you report on dividends from Canadian companies to avoid paying tax twice on the same income.
Like income from self-employment, you pay tax on the revenue received less the expenses of operating the business, such as maintenance and repairs, financing costs and property taxes. However, a special age or disability exemption may protect a portion of the pension income from tax, and you may be permitted to split pension income with a spouse. Certain social benefits, such as the Child Tax Benefit and the Guaranteed Income Supplement, are tax-free. Seems either no one is talking about louis daguerre at this moment on GOOGLE-PLUS or the GOOGLE-PLUS service is congested. It also includes benefits you might get from your job, such as the use of a car, free health benefits or travel. So keep careful track of self-employment business expenses, such as the costs of maintaining a home office or vehicle if you use them.

Usually you will receive a T5 or other information slip stating the amount of interest you have earned. You must report your rental income and expenses on a Statement of Rental Income (Form T776) and add it to your T1 tax return.
Your pension manager will send you a pension income slip, such as a T4A, stating the amount you received.
Most self-employed people have to send in their taxes in instalments every month or quarter.
Usually you will receive a T5 or other information slip stating the amount of dividends you have earned. However, if the property is transferred, such as through a gift to a family member or a bequest, the transfer will be treated as a sale, and the capital gain will then have to be calculated and paid. For details, refer to the information pages on the Service Canada website, or the agency that provides your benefit.

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