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Brake pads: If your brakes don’t work as well as they used to, it is time to take your car to a mechanic and ask him or her to check them out thoroughly.
Anyway, Hellcat represents nice addition to the good old Challenger line up thata€™s been around since 1959. Interior of 2016 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat wona€™t come with many differences when compared to the regular Challenger model.
We dona€™t expect too many improvements in hi-tech features, so the new 2016 Dodge Challenger model will probably come with digital graphic gauges and 7 inch touch screen infotainment system. Now we come to the most important part of this review and it is the performance of the 2016 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat.
There’s no thinking about it twice, but the Factory Five 818 is one of the best—if not the ultimate—kit cars on the road today. The radically designed Do It Yourself vehicle utilizes a WRX mechanicals, which is readily available and extremely durable on its own. The lightweight 1800-lb track beast has a price tag of $15,000 for a completed car and is simply mind blowing. To make the Factory Five 818C even more enjoyable on and off the track, Factory Five gave the kit car a removable top for unlimited headroom. Besides getting a removable hard top, the new Factory Five 818C receives a rear glass hatch and power windows on the inside with a more contemporary look for the exterior.
These new features will set you back $2,500 over a road-going version, but is still a heck of a bargain. If you already have a Factory Five and like the more aggressive look of the Factory Five 818C, you can fit the revised nose and removable hardtop to an existing kit. Words and photographs by Chris Adamson, who shares his thoughts after his first drive of the newcomer.
Which car manufacturer would you associate with making a family-sized sports utility for under ?15,000? On top of the bargain basement price you can add in a five year manufacturer warranty, which will make the Longbridge designed and engineered GS one to add to the short-list of possibilities if you are in the market for a spacious, versatile and lively five-seater with a touch of character. What you won’t get is the option of a diesel engine or four-wheel drive, but there are three trim levels and the choice of manual gearbox or, for the first time on a modern MG, a dual-clutch automatic transmission. Sharing some of the design clues of the MG3 hatchback and MG6 saloon, particularly around the front end, the muscular and well proportioned GS can hold its head high in the styling stakes with any of its rivals.
The highly sculptured nose focuses on the prominent MG badge while the thin angular headlights are near matches for the saloon.
Staying with the hatch, this clicks open to reveal a convenient hip-height entry point and a flat load area, great for heaving in and out bulky objects.
Expanding the available storage space is achieved by simply and quickly lowering the two-thirds, one-third rear seats (which also have a three position reclining function) creating an almost flat floor throughout.
Again I have a small pet hate here in that the seat division has the one-third behind the front passenger seat whereas I prefer it the other way round so that you can carry bigger, long loads through the vehicle by reclining the front passenger seat.
Where I have no complaint is the generous amount of rear leg room in the rear, even with a six foot plus driver up front, those behind have plenty of room to stretch-out. Sticking with the bright and airy cabin, this is a generally well planned layout space, the large circular instrumentation is clear and functional and the controls close to hand and logical. Some of the material choices do unfortunately look a little cheap such as the hard thin top of the dashboard and the flimsy materials on the arm-rests on the entry level models (the optional piano black trim looks a lot better) but elsewhere the seats are big and comfortable and if you move up and include leather in the price the upholstery appears to be well put together. The starter Explore models (?14,995) are supplied with cruise control, electronic parking brake, automatic headlamps, 6-inch colour infotainment screen and air conditioning. Forty per cent of buyers are likely to choose the mid-range Excite model (?17,495) attracted by the DAB radio, Bluetooth connectivity and rear parking sensors.
Topping the range is the Exclusive (?16,495 manual and ?20,995 DCT) that comes with, among other things: Electrically adjustable leather sport seats, rear parking camera, extended side sills and iGo navigation system integrated into an 8-inch colour screen with MirrorLink for smartphones. Contrary to speculation elsewhere in the automotive press, the GS is only being offered in the UK with a lone four-cylinder 1.5 litre turbocharged direct injection petrol engine – and there are no official plans to expand this.

This is a brand-new, lightweight, high-revving unit which has been developed in partnership with General Motors. Although it is possible to fit one of MG’s diesel engines into the GS, it has been decided, for marketing reasons, not to bring this to the UK. Sales and marketing director Matthew Cheyne explains that their target market is retail customers who, in the main, drive only modest distances and are looking for performance, so prefer petrol engines compared with fleets who want the fuel economy of a diesel. The extra weight and cost of a diesel was ruled out as contrary to the aim of making the GS value for money and sporting in character. So what we have is a lively and quick-responding 166 PS engine (top of its class) that boasts a sub 10 seconds sprint time to 62 mph, making it quicker off the line than most of its perceived rivals. For those who might consider using the GS as a tow vehicle, the critical figure is the competitive towing mass weight of 1,750 kg (3,858 lb), sufficient to haul along a large caravan. On the top grade models there is the option of a seven-speed automatic with manual gear selection using the gear stick or steering wheel mounted paddles – this is expected to account of around 25 per cent of sales.
Curiously the position of the automatic gear selector does not line-up with the function position read-out so you have to check which gear you are in using the instrument read-out on the dashboard. MG quotes an average fuel consumption figure of 46.3 mpg which again is getting close to the best in class and is in part due to the installation of engine stop-start technology that you hardly notice.
So, cost and complexity has ruled out an all-wheel drive alternative which is a bit sad as the added grip this would have provided would have broadened the scope of the GS. None-the-less it is a perfectly acceptable on-road driving companion, the levels of grip on tight fast cornering are ball-park for the sector with just a hint of understeer. And, of course, to keep it all on the straight and narrow it is loaded with Stability Control, Traction Control, Active Roll Over and Hill Hold. Some of my journalist colleagues have been critical of the conventional MacPherson strut front and multi-link rear suspension with harsh comments about the stiffness and rebound rates of the springs, but I must say, even on the uneven Oxfordshire country roads I drove it over I had no complaints and found the ride quality – perfectly acceptable even with what MG called ‘sporting’ damper control.
It is also surprisingly agile at speed and there is enough encouragement in the chassis to want to press-on without the ride getting lumpy, nor excessive noise intrusion into the surprisingly quiet cabin. Much the same can be said for the reassuring braking which features ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution. A worry ahead of the UK press launch was the steering, after those who had driven the GS in China had been highly critical of it being far too light and lifeless. It appears that MG has taken some notice of this because for my taste the GS has a nice balance at the wheel, there is just enough on the electronic assistance to take the strain out of heaving it around corners at speed or parking it in tight spaces without becoming soft and wayward on the motorway. The GS (which is being imported as a complete vehicle from China rather than assembled at Longbridge) may not be the perfect compact SUV and, with no previous track-record, MG will have to go a long way to convince the motoring public that it can deliver a serious contender in this sector. MG has 700 examples earmarked for the UK this year – but just in case Matthew Cheney reveals that he has another 200 in reserve waiting to be shipped in from China.
And if you are wondering about the GS name using letters rather than the numbers assigned to the hatchback and saloon this, says Mathew, is to differentiate between different market segments.
This may not be a totally convincing reason but the GS as a practical family car is very convincing. Tip: For improved search accuracy, enclose search terms for multiple words in quotation marks. Contributors to the site include talented, highly-respected people (so they tell me) on the hallowed membership list of the Guild of Motoring Writers, and from the similarly well thought-of Western Group of Motoring Writers. Your car needs a decent filter that takes in the air and keeps out dust and other damaging particles. To be honest when it was introduced in 2015 it showed impressive performance while testing against Camaro ZL1 and Ford Mustang GT500 with its 11,2 seconds of quarter-mile time.
In 2016 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat model we can expect some minor cosmetic changes, but its whole exterior styling has been designed with influence of the 1971 model and is the thing that makes this muscle car so popular, together with its impressive performance of course. It will probably come with a large central console thata€™s going to separate front part of the cabin in to almost private spaces for driver and passenger.
When it comes to materials we expect some full premium ones like combinations of Nappa and Alcantra leather on the seats, steering wheels and gear shifter plus French-seamed accent stitching.

Last year Hellcat came with 6.2 liter HEMI V8 that had an impressive output of 707 horsepower and 650 pound feet of torque. Last year it could be bought for around $63,995 and it came with TorqueFlite eight speed automatic transmission. Black lower bumper and grille sections front and rear give the illusion of making the vehicle seem taller than it is and this is emphasised by the high back-end that will split opinions. The downward slope of the rear roof-line (especially inside) and the high tailgate combine to leave a very restricted letter-box like rear-view from the driver’s seat, obscuring the rear three-quarters – that’s probably why top spec models get a rear-view camera. Lift up the floor flap and you find a slim-line spare wheel and acres of free space which is seemingly wasted, although MG does offer an optional load tray where you can store non-essential items, but this isn’t a practical space for everyday items or shopping. A large central touch screen is the major nod to modernity with aspects such as the infotainment system and air conditioning all controlled from here. MG only expects this grade to account for 10 per cent of sales as customers opt for more kit for their cash. MG anticipates this will account for half of all GS sales split evenly between the manual and automatic transmissions. In China, MG has engineering associations with both GM and Volkswagen and this fresh power plant is the latest fruit of these collaborations with MG getting the first bite at the apple. Again MG did have the option of four-wheel drive (this is available in China so there are no physical obstructions) but looked at the UK market where over 70 per cent of compact SUVs are sold as two-wheel drive. In addition there are valued contributions from other knowledgeable and capable motoring writers who have something useful to say about all aspects of driving and running vehicles in the 21st Century.
While tempting to head to a salvage yard, you should head to a local or online auto parts store where you will find quality electronic parts for your car.
Since you don’t need to replace a cabin or engine air filter often, spend wisely and buy a new one from a reliable source.
Last year this model came with one piece grille, so maybe we can expect some changes in that area, some split in the middle for example.
Top of the lineA 2016 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat will be able to satisfy most drivers that are looking for luxury and comfort but do not expect it to be a real competition to models from Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Lexus and similar.
Officially it is the fastest and the most powerful muscle car on the market, but we all know that GM and Ford are not going to sit and not anything about this. This price was a large increase comparing to all other Challenger models since the next model in a line up, SRT 392 costs $46,000 and the base price is $27,995. With brake pads, concentrate on quality and buy a brand with a solid warranty and plenty of satisfied customers. Otherwise, if you try to save money and buy a used part, you may end up on the side of the road with a car in need of repair. When you buy a nice one and focus on quality, your air filter will last longer and you won’t damage your car or engine. Production of this model need to be continued since, GM will definitely try to over-power current Hellcat with adding Corvette Z06 LT4 engine to the new Chevrolet Camaro line up, so therea€™s no way that Dodge will drip this race.
All the racy features will probably come back next year too, from dual air extractors in the front, large splitter that pushes Hellcat to the ground and make it look like its floating to side sills tuned to perfection to give this model superb aerodynamics. There are rumors that GM is preparing Corvette Z06 LT4 engine for the new Camaro and the main goal in doing this is to outrun this model. Also it is much more than you would pay for any muscle Camaro, but comparing to the performance Hellcat is giving you, this price is a real bargain. As a side benefit, you will enjoy higher gas mileage as your car will run more efficiently when you use the optimal filters. Since Chrysler lost a lot of valuable time and finances in preparing 6.2 liter HEMI, they probably wona€™t going to replace it after only one year, there are chances that it bring upgraded horsepower and torque output, and allow it to stay ahead and competitive with new Camaro and Mustang in 2016 model year.

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