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Even Uncle Sam understands not everyone has readily available funds to put toward their taxes.
A personal loan is another way to cover a hefty tax bill, though you’ll pay interest on the financing and the loan amount and your monthly payment record will be noted in your credit reports. Keep in mind, you need good credit to qualify for a personal loan at the best interest rates. Sign up for our Credit Report Card and receive the latest tips & advice from our team of 50+ credit and money experts as well as a FREE Credit Score and action plan. Comments on articles and responses to those comments are not provided or commissioned by a bank advertiser. Please note that our comments are moderated, so it may take a little time before you see them on the page. In yesterday’s post, I listed 25 ways to allocate your tax return to increase self-reliance, which is at the core of homesteading.
What would happen if you were laid off, fired, became ill, or had to take a cut in wages or a cut in hours? A credit card can be just as debilitating, especially if you are saving up to buy land, or a new vehicle, and so on.
Car loans, well, if you don’t pay your loan, the bank will send someone to repossess your car. Paying your bills on time prevents unnecessary fees and late charges being added to your bill. So crucial- if you only pay minimum payments, depending on your terms, you may end up only paying $1 towards your principal balance! This strategy is  most often associated with Dave Ramsey and I suggest you check out his web site. When you do your budget, and you see which loans are costing you what amount each month, you will put each debt in order of which you want to pay off first, second, third, and so on. I know I’m going to take some flack for saying this, but I view almost all debt as a bad thing. If you’re unable to pay your tax debt immediately, you can arrange to make monthly payments through an installment agreement. You must also owe $50,000 or less in combined individual income tax, penalties and interest. Also, the loan application will count as a hard inquiry into your credit, which will temporarily lower your score. You may also want to look into using a credit card that features a 0% introductory interest rate and paying your tax bill off before its promotional interest period ends.

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This was not an exhaustive list, rather a starting point, especially if you are new to all this. I can’t tell you what to do, But if it were me, and I had a few thousand dollars coming in all at once, and I had outstanding debts, that is what the money would be allocated to first. It’s expected that you will grow up, get a credit card, an auto loan, a mortgage, and almost always a student loan. The interest is almost always very high, and credit card companies have all manner of fees they are ready to tack on in a New York minute. You will no longer have a convenient way to get to and from work (assuming you work outside the home), or run your errands. Everyone’s circumstance will differ, and some may only get back a few hundred dollars, while others are returned several thousand dollars of their money back.
If you ultimately pay your tax debt in full, you may be able to ditch the fee for setting up the agreement and other penalties or interest, depending on your specific agreement. If you’re ineligible for an online payment agreement, you can still pay in installments by completing and mailing Form 9465, Installment Agreement Request, and Form 433-F, Collection Information Statement. Usually, the interest rate on a mortgage is lower than other forms of loans, there are tax benefits that offset some of the expense of having a mortgage. And while a low minimum payment may be nice, all the charges and interest may add up to within one dollar of your minimum payment.
Your circumstances will be unique to you, so you will have to decide how to allocate the funds. Once you do your budget, you will see how much money you have left after your bills, and how much you can afford to put towards a payment to principal. You could choose to order them from smallest about owed to largest, in order to use the momentum of paying off small debts quickly to keep you going. But, if you pay off a bill and eliminate that payment entirely, won’t it be easier to save up for that other purchase?
Failing to pay your taxes can lead to a tax lien on your credit reports, which can not only be costly, it can severely damage your credit scores.
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It is also very challenging for most people to save up enough money to buy a house with cash. In essence, that minimum payment will take decades to pay off, while you pay out money in fees and interest. If things really get THAT bad and you file bankruptcy, you cannot be absolved of your federally-backed student loan. This is your opportunity to get a real leg up and pay down some principal and reducing future interest payments. You could alternatively choose to pay them off in order of highest interest rate to lowest, in order to pay the least amount of money in interest possible. Another time where it might make sense to take on debt would be to buy a house, where the mortgage is actually less than the rent in the area, especially if you can also produce any of your food, heat, etc., which further reduces your monthly expenses.
It’s the most socially acceptable and anticipated loan, yet it puts the homesteader in the most precarious position of all. Sure they will allow you to defer payments (just watch that interest accumulate during deferment). That can add up to a lot of money walking out the door needlessly.While I would prefer to see you ditch debt, if you do need to take out a loan, having a history of bills paid on time will often get you a lower interest rate.
Do this whenever you get a lump sum of money- yearly bonus, tax return, birthday, and so on.
Obviously, if you can’t pay the mortgage, you lose your homestead, and all your hard work. It’s probably a good idea to just not own the government any money, and leave it at that. For example, if you are concerned about losing your job, and losing your home, perhaps you might want to put your money towards paying off the mortgage.
However, if the idea of the federal government breathing down your neck for the next ten years because of a student loan bothers you, put that at the top of the list.

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