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Your credit history is often the biggest influence on whether or not your loan gets approved. So you want car finance but you aren’t quite sure you’ll get approved.There may be many reasons that you fear rejection from a lender or broker.
Problems with new-car dealers consistently rank near the top of the Better Business Bureau's list of consumer complaints. Some sly sales tactics are more common than others, but that doesn't mean they're any less egregious. The old "bait-and-switch." Due to its effectiveness, this type of hustle has been around for a while and also takes place in real estate and other industries. Also worth noting: Car salespeople aren't mechanics, so you shouldn't take their word for what shape your car is in.
Keep in mind that a salesperson's job is to close the deal as soon as possible, so don't be fooled by the claim that an offer is only good that day.
Throughout the process, the salesperson tries to draw your attention to the monthly payment.
The bottom line: Arrive at the dealership armed with knowledge so you can hit the road knowing you've snagged a great offer. If a consumer has a credit score of less than 550, they will find it challenging to find lending options from banks that are accompanied by attractive interest rates. So-called “subprime” borrowing – financing deals that are specifically geared towards those with low ad poor credit – is an available option, directly from specialist lenders via their websites. Higher interest rates: However, some of these lenders do not offer competitive deals, with their interest rates typically much higher than regular loan options. Pressure to accept: Another drawback of approaching a lender directly is the pressure to accept a loan offer – usually, only one option will be presented and meeting a lender in person brings with it other pressures to “sign the deal” and accept the terms there and then, without time to consider any alternatives that may be more suitable.
Time consuming: It can be time consuming to go through the entire application process time and again with various lenders if a consumer has not found the right deal to suit their needs. Security concerns: It can be daunting to fill in multiple online applications that ask personal questions and there may be security concerns with some of the lender’s websites if their security credentials have not been verified.
There is a new option that may be more appealing to consumers who want to compare a range of loans from multiple lenders via one site that is secure and confidential. The site has created a special “submit and compare rates” platform that allows consumers to fill in a single application form via its online form. Another special feature of the site is the “no obligation” policy that is attached to each and every application a customer makes. It is free to use the personal loan matching service and the site is protected by SSL encryption. To learn more about the new service from the lender introduction site or apply for an online bad credit personal loan from a pre-screened network of lenders, the site can be visited 24 hours a day for immediate loan comparison. This might be bad credit in the past, the fact you’re applying for credit for the first time, you’re self-employed or you’re a non-Australian resident. Aside from a limited number of sellers such as CarMax, dealerships that offer fixed prices on new cars are hard to come by.

Many dealers are armed with salespeople trained to tack on as many unnecessary costs as possible, such as extended warranties that offer minimal coverage and add-ons (such as a GPS) that are already installed. Buyers are often enticed by an advertisement for a certain vehicle, but when the arrive at the dealership, they're told the car is no longer available. Instead of simply asking what customers are looking for, salespeople are also hoping to find out what's happened to their current vehicle.
It's a basic scheme: The dealer sells you the vehicle on the spota€”before the financing is complete.
That way, you'll walk in knowing what you qualify for and can see if the dealer will beat the price.
From there, the salesperson begins crunching numbersa€”most likely making it too hard for you to follow.
Typically, the best interest rates are reserved for consumers that have credit scores of 650 and above, despite this not being representative of the average credit score in American today, which is in the 600 range. These lenders are creating online bad credit personal loans that can be made available to a wide variety of individuals.
The site then uses its expertise to match and connect the applicant with a network of the most suitable lenders for that individual’s needs. What’s more is that the site has the stamp of approval from McAfee in the form of being rated as a McAfee Secure™ site, so consumers can feel safe that their personal details remain private and safe.
On top of that, the industry is rife with deceptive sales strategies that consumers need to be aware of so they can get the best price on a new ride. It's an issue that affects everyone from cash-strapped consumers in the market for an economy car to families in search of a middle-of-the-road van, all the way to those looking for a new sports car. It's important to remember that there are a large number of models in a dealer's new-car inventory.
If the owner lets on that the car has been damaged or is at the end of its life, the salesperson may try to pressure the person to make a purchase. They'll then give you a call a few days later saying your loan application fell through and you have to come back in and sign one at a higher interest rate. It is not itself a lender, but has developed some close working partnerships with a large number of online lenders that specialize in offering very competitive rates for bad credit loans.
Each of these lenders has been extensively screened by the site for professionalism, reputability and value for money via their interest rates and loan offers. As such, applicants are free to apply, compare and walk away if they do not find something that suits them. It takes only a couple of minutes to fill in the online application and it is assessed on screen, within a couple of minutes of clicking on the “submit” button. What do you think about new aggregator sites that submit applications to lenders on behalf of applicants?
Clear your debts and show you can saveIf you’re approaching a broker or lender for a car loan, even if you intending to borrow up to 100% of the car’s value, showing you are paying off existing debts or saving goes a long way to gaining approval. Across the board, people who don't do their homework before hitting the dealership are most susceptible to being taken advantage of.

The site’s unique algorithm does all of the hard work of selecting the lenders and then submitting an application on behalf of the consumer. If a consumer is offered a loan by a lender and decides to take it, most of the lenders within the site’s network can arrange for rapid-fast disbursements directly into a checking account within 48 hours.
He recommends contacting the seller to inquire about a particular vehicle before stepping onto the lot.
This saves significant amounts of time and may represent a much more efficient way for consumers to find out the cheapest way to borrow when they are short on time but need extra money fast. Please get in touch to know more!** MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN INSURANCE **- We provide onsite Mechanical Breakdown Insurance for all vehicle types, ranging from 1,2 and 3 years. Prices from as low as $495 dollars for one year of coverage, or as low as $9 dollars per week. Look for a car that doesn’t blow the budgetA lender might reject you off the bat if you’re asking too much. Get in touch to know more!All vehicles from Buy a Car go through the following to make sure your vehicle is 100% ready to go when you drive away.** Are fully serviced ** Mechanically Inspected** Groomed and prepared to the highest standard. Remember, buying a car isn’t just a matter of handing over an amount equal to the ticket price. You have to consider stamp duty, insurance, registration and all the other little costs that add up. Be prepared to use a security or guarantorSometimes to gain approval you might have to opt for a secured loan. If you’re a first-time borrower or a new arrival, you might have to find someone to guarantee the loan on your behalf.
Compare but don’t applyThe internet is great for researching all the different loan products and options out there. These show up on your credit history and can often cause trouble if you’re rejected more than once or twice. When making enquiries to lenders, say you don’t want them to check your credit history until you’re certain.5.
Do your credit history homeworkYour credit history is often the biggest factor in determining whether you get your car loan approved.
According to ASIC’s MoneySmart, creditors may incorrectly report defaults, fail to notify you of outstanding debts or plain forget to update their records.
This leaves a black mark on your credit history that hampers your ability to gain approval.

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