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Nota: Fotografia prezentata in Supermarket online are caracter informativ si poate contine accesorii ce nu sunt incluse in pachetul standard al produsului. In supermarketul online puteti gasi toate produsele alimentare de care aveti nevoie acasa sau la biroul dumneavoastra, produse pe care le folositi in mod obisnuit alaturi de familie, sau produse de protocol pe care le comandati de obicei in firma dumneavoastra.
Recomandat pentru incinte bass-reflex sau bandpass de ordin 6, in aplicatii de putere mica - medie (300W-500W RMS).
In momentul achizitionarii acestui produs beneficiati automat si de consultanta completa privind implementarea acestuia in sistemul dvs. The 1500a series is the premium, go-to driver for a high performance system design when you want to keep overall weight and power consumption as low as possible.

The 1500 Series start with a powerful motor design using a 50mm thick magnet section, fully machined steel plates with 12mm deep, highly focused magnet gap. Specificatiile tehnice sunt informative, pot fi schimbate fara instiintare prealabila si nu constituie obligativitate contractuala.
Casa de comenzi este solutia ideala de a castiga timp, cumparaturile online fiind un avantaj in prezent, totul doar la un click distanta. The best coil wire, glues and assembly methods are used in construction symbolizing DD's dedication to long term performance and value. Multiple driver configurations will rival or exceed the performance from larger diameter designs.

The 1500s are true high-end woofers that will compliment any system, delivering full low end along with brutal impact.

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