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As you probably already know by now, the Dubai Police Force now has a fleet of supercars that’s envied by even the largest car collectors in the world.
That suite of cars used to include models such as a Mercedes SLS, a Bentley Continental GT, Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari FF, Chevrolet Camaro SS, Dodge Charger, and a limited edition Aston Martin One-77. Even so, it looks good and imposes authority on the street but the question that lingers in our mind is: Is it legal?
Another question you might ask yourself is why does the Dubai Police need such cars for their fleet. In a few days’ time the 2014 FIFA World Cup gets underway in Brazil and right now in South Africa, Hyundai is launching the Grand version of its i10. The entry-level market segment of new cars is set to keep on growing here as long as fuel prices remain under such pressure.  In other words, A-segment appeal is likely to broaden and still include first-time owners, but woo a big chunk of The Establishment away from the likes of three-box sedans. Yet, when buying down, these customers still want all the comfort accoutrements that they’ve been used to when enjoying a more sophisticated but thirstier example of personal mobility. Fuel economy has been in the news lately regarding manufacturers’ claims and what car owners are actually achieving out there in the real world.
Our test drive included some urban commuting as well as highway driving, and what we noticed with the Hyundai Grand i10 is that the overall gearing of the car is perfectly pitched at what South African’s are likely to encounter in real-world conditions. This rev-range is perfectly pitched to enable the Grand i10 to ascend most highway hills in top gear, and on a light throttle opening at the speed limit. Talking of gear change action, the shift on the Grand i10 was a little notchy, and the clutch action on the car we tried was weirdly light. Upholstery on our launch-preview model was of a particularly rugged, ribbed fabric material, quite smart, with a shiny finish. Interestingly, the Motion model comes complete with all the must-have features in this ever more demanding market segment. Rear seat accommodation is adequate for large adults, but the boot space is only moderately good for a car in this bracket, measuring 256 litres. Well, the Grand version of Hyundai’s entry-level A-segment car could well turn out to be a marketing masterstroke of similar proportions.
Providing you with the latest motoring news, new car releases and the simplest way to buy and sell cars. Regardless of generation, the Lexus ES has always been a good car with one fatal flaw, as in it’s always been too forgettable, too bland, too characterless. On second place, 33 percent of Nissan 350Z drivers got tapped on the shoulder by the long arm of the law. From eleventh to twentieth, the next set of cars with drivers who have a thing for collecting tickets is comprised of more or less unassuming vehicles. By the way, we see a soft top canvas roof as the best compromise for a Honda Accord convertible, although it's hard to imagine the Japanese are actually thinking about building one. We prefer the latter because it has the ability to brush off the extra weight, since convertibles are known for being heavier than their corresponding coupés. This application allows you to view the online OpenGL Reference Pages on your android phone!

Select the OpenGL version you are using, and use the filter box to quickly search for a certain function you are looking for. Download free calculator to calculate volume, surface, area and mass of the Sphere, Circle, Cylinder, Cone, Cube. In the webview module contain the online dictionary which can be opened by the menu item Dictionary. Mercedes-Benz is rumored to present its pick-up truck this fall, at the Paris Motor Show, in concept car guise.
The new pick-up will mark the brand’s entry into a new segment, and the development of the model was done in collaboration with their alliance partners at Nissan.
According to Auto Express, the Paris Motor Show will showcase a concept version of the pick-up truck, while the market launch of the production model will take place next year.
Right-hand drive vehicles are expected to come to market in 2018, so UK customers and all the other countries that operate on the left side of the road will have to wait longer for the Mercedes-Benz pick-up truck. As far as we know, the new utility vehicle from the German automaker will feel like any other model in their range when it comes to the interior and the technologies featured. The pick-up market worldwide accounts for 2.3 million sales each year, and Mercedes-Benz might achieve excellent sales results in the segment on markets that appreciate luxury and technology, even when it comes to a utilitarian vehicle.
We expect the new vehicle from Mercedes-Benz to be quite successful in the United States of America.
The final design for the new addition to the Mercedes-Benz range was penned by the brand’s studio in Sindelfingen, Germany. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official range for the Model S luxury model equipped with a 85 kWh lithium-ion battery pack is 265 miles (426 km), topping the Tesla Roadster and making the Model S the electric car with the greatest range available in the market. Tesla has also scheduled the release of a base model with a smaller 40 kW·h battery expected to deliver a range of 160 miles (260 km) and mid-range model with a 60 kW·h battery pack, both slated the fourth quarter of 2012.
Louisville, Kentucky-based Commonwealth Motorcycles installed a Garret GT286R turbo unit to a Diavel, after carefully removing the stock silencers.
While the whole story started out as a winter project, Chad quickly realized that nobody else had a turbo Diavel, and this was more than enough to add the kit.
Wonder how a 236 HP Diavel feels like, after testing the standard Carbon one left us with a dumb smile on the face and shaking knees.
Now, it grew a bit in size and specs and includes a Bugatti Veyron and, apparently, a BMW E92 M3, as you can see in the adjacent photos. We’re asking our Polish readers to answer that question as our attempts at using the internet to find out proved to be rather useless. Just like peacocks and other animals that change their appearance to impress their adversaries, the Dubai Police Force uses these cars to show off their financial wealth and even attract more tourists. Four years ago in South Africa, Hyundai was the vehicle sponsor when our country hosted the world’s soccer show piece, and if you speak to the Korean company’s executives today, they will tell you that it was the best bit of brand awareness marketing they’ve ever done here, harking way back to Hyundai’s SA debut in the mid-1990s.
Around town, there is plenty of urge available for quick acceleration away from the traffic lights, again not using full throttle.
This light action resulted in no feel, making smooth getaways a chore that required lots of concentration.

More important, perhaps, is the feeling of overall maturity and quality that the Koreans have injected into the body shell of the Hyundai Grand i10. But the equipment levels on the Grand are very good in both models launched, these being the base-line Motion model and the slightly better-equipped Fluid model.
Thus there is standard air-conditioning, electric window operation, a standard RCD radio with CD and MP3 compatibility, an on-board driving-function computer and central locking. But the biggest ownership-experience factor is likely to be the level of understated sophistication you’ll enjoy with this car.
On the flip side, the 1992 to 2003 Lexus ES 300 is a magnet for drivers prone to traffic violations. The latest study, however, sees the WRX drop to twelfth and the ES 300 climb up to first place.
Let's take X-Tomi Design, for example, and their latest creation, dubbed as the Honda Accord Cabrio. This is not a standalone app, you need to download the LATEST version of GO SMS Pro app in order to apply this theme.
Meanwhile, the platform will be borrowed from the recently refreshed Nissan Navara, which has received an all-new generation. After all, Ford, GM, and Ram have premium versions of their pick-up trucks, and Mercedes-Benz could eat a piece of the pie for top-tier customers that are not necessarily interested in hauling massive cargo, but require a pick-up truck. By the end of 2017, the new German truck should be seen on public roads with customers at the wheel. The fresh part takes the Ducati Diavel to 236 HP, and that's more like it, as Commonwealth Motorcycles service manager Chad Wells adds.
He thinks Commonwealth Motorcycles will not build and sell an upgrade kit for Diavel owners, but he does not rule out the possibility, if the market demands it. Of course, these cars will probably never be involved in a car chase but just seeing them on the street imposes respect, doesn’t it?
The exterior styling has a nod to funkiness while leaning towards conservatism, while the interior has a grown-up feel to it that is remarkable in a car costing just under R140 000.
The dashboard and door capping materials used are of a higher perceived quality levels than what you are likely to expect in a car in this price range.
The Fluid model gets rear-window electric operation, remote wing mirror adjustment, heated wing mirrors, and one-touch auto-down window operation. Well, just before paying a visit to a shrink, you could however check Commonwealth Motorcycles' turbo Diavel and see whether it fits the bill. Yes, the overall layout still tends to lean towards the conservative side of the spectrum, but there’s no denying the feeling of well-being that comes with noticing high-end levels of panel fit.

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