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Originally Posted by marathp As per dealer he will show the discount in invoice, guess he can't do without it. The discount they are going to give you (in cash, if it is) I suppose, will be set off in their books as sales expenses either towards your car account or on a global sales account they would be maintaining. The Invoice value remains the same, which means, the tax you pay will be the same as quoted by them.
Originally Posted by Willeys78 87% of invoice price will be calculated as the value of the car. Originally Posted by gopal.prabhu1 There is a 10% cess levied on the road tax by the RTO. Re: Bangalore Road Tax calculation for new vehicle Firstly if this post is not meant to be here, MODS please move it to the appropriate section. I have paid Life time tax for karnataka in 2003 and obtained the NOC from Delhi RTO in 2005. Im planning to sell the car in Bangalore now, but some buyers who showed interest say they have to pay Life time tax again and also penalty from 2005 till date for number change. Originally Posted by keyank i have Delhi registered vehicle and have moved to Bangalore in 2003. One catch might be if you took the NOC in 2005 and did not submit it here--the NOC expires, and you might need to secure a fresh NOC. I have paid Life time tax for karnataka in 2003 and obtained the NOC from Delhi RTO in 2005.
Im planning to sell the car in Bangalore now, but some buyers who showed interest say they have to pay Life time tax again and also penalty from 2005 till date for number change. Theoretically I should get a refund of the LTT from HR and AP, but I never got my LTT refund from Hyderabad even after some follow up.
Originally Posted by KPS There are no other options other than paying life time tax buddy.
I got the same information when i had done this at 2007(migrating from Kerala to Bangalore). Bangalore Road Tax calculation for new vehicleThis is a discussion on Bangalore Road Tax calculation for new vehicle within The Indian Car Scene, part of the BHP India category; Well the Road Tax is on the Net invoice Value of the vehicle. Most dealers depending on the month of the year and the number of vehicles being lifted get a discount on NDP.
One needs to be categorical to a dealer that they want the discount shown ad deducted in the invoice and dealer generally tells you whether they can do it or not.
Originally Posted by MileCruncher Well the Road Tax is on the Net invoice Value of the vehicle. Originally Posted by marathp I spoke to RTO help desk and as per him, tax is on net invoice value. View My Garage I am buying a used car and have selected a MH12(Pune) Swift VXI. I would think this is 87% of the tax for a eq new vehicle rather than 87% of the invoice price of the car. Originally Posted by prashanthyr I would think this is 87% of the tax for a eq new vehicle rather than 87% of the invoice price of the car.
Its my brother in law's vehicle and since it was bought in 2008, I know the in and out of the car.
I asked you is it worth buying a vehicle for that price outside Karnataka as there are lot of good options here in bangalore itself. But when here in Team BHP when someone tries to help you by sharing information is this the way to respond?
Just wanted to know how many times do we come across the word TAX (may be different types of taxes) in the process of buying a new car. Originally Posted by Willeys78 I asked you is it worth buying a vehicle for that price outside Karnataka as there are lot of good options here in bangalore itself.
I know that I get good information from knowledgeable like minded people and that's why I first bring any queries here and later go elsewhere. Now this is also for your clarification and not a debate and I've written as straight forward as I can. Taking the selling price minus the cost price would give you the dealer’s profit, and you would roughly know how much the dealer is earning.
Due to Singapore’s small size, control of car population is important to prevent congestion on the roads.
The road tax for the hybrid car will be the higher of the 2 calculation which is $400 per half annually in this example. Most banks still use the traditional Rule of 78 to calculate car loan interest which is very unfair to the borrower. First you need to determine the amount you need to borrow (selling price minus downpayment) and the number of years you want to repay. Hence, within 2 years, you are penalised for almost $6,000 when you are only into less than half the loan period. When you scrap or deregister your car, you can get back some value from it which is use to pay back your outstanding loan. Try to go direct to insurance companies to buy your insurance as you would save about 2%, as oppose to applying it through an agent. As oil price is increasing, it would be less financially taxing to buy fuel efficient cars or even hybrid cars.
As you can see, car ownership in Singapore is costly and is one of the bigger financial decisions you would make in your life. Acknowledgement: This post is prepared from my personal experience and in addition, gathered valuable information from onemotoring, mycarforum and Chris Tay from oneshift. How to Invest Your First $20,000FREE Ebook disclosing how 14 finance bloggers would have invested their first $20,000 with what they know today.Where Should We Send The Ebook To?

Buses and MRT’s are not alternatives because they are too far away from the destinations I need to be.
I think it really depends on situation which in your case, it justifies to own a car (as long as the need arised and one can get the sums right).
Yes, it is unlikely you qualify for your NCD but it is always good to negotiate with your insurer. New ved road tax: buy 2017 uk car tax, The 2017 ved road tax rules , significant road tax bands. Photos of a locally-registered Rolls-Royce Ghost bearing a shocking RM54,502 road tax disc (included below) went viral on social media platforms yesterday. Well, that number is totally legit, seeing that it’s a vehicle with a 6.6 litre (6,592 cc) engine that is company-registered. For a standard vehicle (sedan, hatchback, wagon, coupe or convertible – all officially classified as a “saloon”) with a private registration in Peninsular Malaysia, the road tax structure is as per above. As you can see, a car with a 1.6 litre (1,600 cc) engine or below gets charged a fixed flat rate (from RM20 to RM90).
Taking the same Camry 2.5 again, a higher base rate of RM760 is charged, together with a progressive rate of RM3 per additional cc over 2,000 cc. For a “non-saloon” vehicle, namely an MPV, an SUV or a pick-up truck, a different set of numbers apply again.
Things are even cheaper still over in East Malaysia, for both “saloon” (above) and “non-saloon” vehicles (below). It’s much the same in Labuan too, with the same RM20 flat rate applied to cars with 1,000 cc engines and below.
Preferring to drive cars rather than desks, Hafriz Shah ditched his suit and tie to join the ranks of Malaysia’s motoring hacks. In conclusion, instead of the government getting RM18,000 from the Bently owner, they only get RM4000.
I hope the government and LHDN can take the necessary action to curb such abuses from the rich people in our society. Sadly to say, these high CC cars and Bentley owners are Government cronies who on one hand are getting billions of contracts from the Government, and the other hand, trying to cheat the Government.
I think the road tax amount needed to be paid should be included in the price of oil, irrespective of engine size. I have no objection towards saloon or SUV, but I hope G considering offering the same road tax for Pick-up truck as East side rate.
What do we do for those that buy pick-up for domestic use and end up bullying other road users? For cars registered since 01 March 2001, car tax rates are based on thirteen car tax bands (A to M), each band being defined by tailpipe CO2 emissions as measured on the official test.
For cars registered before 01 March 2001, car tax is charged according to engine size as measured in cubic centimeters or 'cc'. If a vehicle is made available for private use by an employee, then the employee is liable to pay company car tax to reflect the Benefit-in-Kind (BIK) they have received in place of salary. This means if your car is priced 5 lac rupees for the new one - the value of the vehicle will be 5lacsX87%= 4,35,000.
I don't want to pay lifetime road tax and want to see how much I will pay for other options. Just give a plain paper application at the RTO with the relevant docs (Old RC, Photocopy of PUC and Insurance, LT Tax Paid )and they will assign you a KAR Number. You jut need to give a plain paper application to RTO with the suporting docs (RC, LTT paid Receipt, Photocopy of the Insurance, PUC). In my case, immediately after bringing my vehicle here I paid the tax and did the reregistration after 6 months. My case was similar, paid the LTT immediately on moving to Bangalore in 2005, got address update noted on the RC.
And these discounts are generally not shown on the invoice by the manufacturer but is letter settled as claims. However, if the dealer is showing it to the RTO to pay the tax, then he will pocket the balance. Hence, purchase the vehicle with discounts, get the net invoice receipt minus discounts (pay cheque minus discount ONLY), and go to the RTO directly and issue a demand draft for the exact amount (which the helpdesk will calculate and give in your hands). Popular automatch seems like good option as not less than 5-6 of my friends bought cars from them and all seems ok.
Thus, you may want to seriously consider the need for a car since Singapore has a good public transport system.
The government implemented the Vehicle Quota System which regulate the number of new vehicles to be put on the road, through the monthly issuance of COEs.
This method actually slaps the borrower a sum of interest right at the start of the loan, and it does not make a big difference whether you repay early.
It is being assessed by a number of factors like your age, driving experience, type of car etc.
But I am not discouraging anyone to buy a car, just want to let people know the pitfalls, so they can work out a way to minimise loss in the losing end. Get a car with a larger engine and the calculation gets a bit more complicated, as it now involves the progressive rate.
RM760 + RM1,482 (RM3 x 494) totals up to RM2,242, which is more than double of the RM874 levied on the same car that is privately registered. It gets charged a base rate of RM6,010, and an additional RM13.50 for each cc in excess of 3,000 cc, amounting to exactly RM54,502.
This time though, both private and company registered vehicles get charged the same road tax. Anything with a larger motor gets the equivalent of 50% of the charge given to an identical vehicle that is registered in Sabah or Sarawak.

A car’s technical brilliance is completely lost on him, appreciating character-making quirks more.
Most Bentley owners in KL it seems use road tax from Sabah and Sarawak that only cost RM4000 for their 6000cc car. Go and see most Bentleys, the road tax comes from Sabah and Sarawak and this is a legal loophole in the system. This is because the runner will go to Sabah and Sarawak during the renewal and one day after that, they go back and ALSO say road tax got lost.
But they too scared to do anything cause all those big cars all owned by Ministers and UMNO cronies la.
I feel like back in 90s, when road tax was indeed circular looking like a disc, and no stupid as hell sticker like now. You all beech about some VW pay less road tax than Proton and claim cc-based road tax unfair, whereas emission based is even more unfair to Proton.
It might take a few months, but it is a standard process and you do not need to pay any money either. Took me about 4 months, with about 5 visits to RTO, but got it done myself with no bribe,extra fees etc.
Hence when the dealer these discounts from the Manufacturer to a customer, they are not able to show the discounts on the invoice as their invoicing price will become lower than their NDP.
To make it worse, some banks actually have penalties for early loan redemption (please check before you commit). Note that the higher amount you loan or the more years you take to repay, the higher the interest incurred. Generally, insurance for young drivers (less than 26 years old) and higher engine capacity cars fetch a higher premium. A vehicle with a 1,000 cc engine or less gets a flat RM20 annual fee, while others are charged the equivalent of 50% of the particular vehicle’s road tax price in the Peninsular. When not writing this ego trip of a bio, he’s usually off driving about aimlessly, preferably in a car with the right combination of three foot pedals and six gears. There are runners in Malaysia, mostly from the AP holders themselves, they get the road tax from Sabah and Sarawak and post it to the owner in Malaysia.
Tax the drivers for using the road so that these amount can be used to main the roads (road maintenance in Malaysia is also another discussion).
With this system, even Volvo XC60 SUV with 300hp can have cheaper road tax than puny Proton Iriz.
I have a 2002 HR registered car, which I moved to Hyderabad (paid AP tax, but did not change the number) and then Moved to Bangalore-again paid the KAR Tax immediately on moving, but did not change the number for 4 years. Even though there is a extra payment of tax from the dealer and Manufacturer's end, manufacturer bears it. But since your case, it is your bro-in-laws car, you knows it, it could be a great option for you.
The price of COE varies every month and is quite a substantial contribution to the car price (about additional 9k to 30k).
This has become such a profitable avenue that banks actually collaborate with the dealers to encourage buyers to take up loans.
Insurance coverage is only valid for one year and at the end of it, new applications have to be made and some companies offer loyalty discount to retain customers. And besides, lets face it, technologies in nowadays car engines products very little carbon dioxide. This is a normal practise amongst dealers when they give discounts to individuals based on negotiations.
In your case, tax amount will be less than the mentioned amount here considering the new car price will be less than calculated above. Last year I planned to sell the car, so I got a new KAR number, took me about 3 months with a few trips to the RTO office, but no bribes or any fees to be paid. Please inform me if I left out something or any errors that I have made, so we can all learn from it. If you have the cash and want to pay in full, dealers may not give you the discounted price and would likely forfeit the freebies.
If for the past year, you have not made any claims to your policy, you will be entitled No Claims Discount (NCD). Although hybrid cars are generally more expensive than normal cars, owners claimed that they could breakeven within 2 years of driving. Classic example of the rich getting richer (through crooked means) and the poor getting poorer. So if you have a vehicle with very big engine cc and you hardly drive it, why should you pay and extensive amount of money for road tax to the government? I think the only time they actually show a discounted price in the Invoice is when there is a 'corporate' discount because this is typically shared at the manufacturer-dealer level and hence has an impact on taxation at some level.
So generally what i think is - someone comes and asks something if i have an information, i like to share it.
Buying a faster, bigger capacity car would translate to higher fuel consumption, insurance and road tax. This discount as you know is not negotiable and is given to corporates that are pre-identified. I'm still a newbie here, not because i don't read or spend half of my day dedicated to this wonderful forum for the last 3+ years, but i rarely write here!
It should not affect your NCD if you switch insurance company, but check with your insurer to be sure.

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