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When I first started in the mortgage business way back almost 20 years ago, knowing how to calculate a mortgage payment by hand while in the car or away from a computer posed a challenge for many of my colleagues. I had just come from my Master program in Finance where I learned to use the most awkward financial calculator ever designed called the HP12c. Needless to say, the HP12c could crank out mortgage payments on the go without breaking a sweat. I noticed many of my unschooled HP12c coworkers using a laminated mortgage rate table in conjunction with a regular hand calculator to get the job done. Many of them were so adept at this method, they could get the answer before I could with my fancy financial calculator!
You can check the accuracy of this method of calculating loan payments by hand with a regular $10 calculator and no special training by verifying the results with our online mortgage payment calculator.
If you need to calculate mortgage payments accurately on the go without an expensive or complicated calculator, just laminate this table, put it in your wallet and you are ready to impress the heck out of your friends who are fumbling around with expensive financial calculators or slow running smart phone apps. Mortgage Loan Calculator is an intuitive software dedicated to helping you calculate the monthly mortgage rate, depreciation charges and other types of loans.
The software features several functions, including a rate calculator, a mortgage service finder and a favorites page.
Additionally, the favorites tab allows you to store records of contracted mortgages, settled payment plans or rates configurations.

Mortgage Loan Calculator is simple to use and features a modern looking interface that resembles the Windows 8.1 apps.
The software features a modern looking interface, similar to a Windows Store app, with sliding menus. The software can help you calculate the rates of reimbursement for the loan or mortgage that you contract for the house or other type of property. The payment plan includes the home price, downpayment, rate, term, taxes, insurance and monthly amortization. You can identify creditor institutions, calculate the value of the loans based on the property worth and view the entire repayment plan.
The software might crash when you try to open it for the first time, an error which might occur if you do not have administrator privileges. The monthly rate includes the interest, property tax and insurance, aside from the main sum. Whenever you create an asset, you have to invest that money out of your own capital or you need to take loan. But, where do I mention the profit of my business?”I: “Well, whatever profit you make, you add as a ‘surplus’ to the capital. So, I have some cash with me and some in bank, this is my asset, right?”I: “You are spot on Darshan.

I could see a new-found confidence on Darshan’s face today.Refining the Balance Sheet Concept FurtherBy now, you have had a basic idea of balance sheet.
It is called ‘contra’ or ‘contrary’ because these assets have credit balance.Anyways, assets include items like inventory, cash, accounts receivables, land, buildings, goodwill, equipments, bond issue costs, supplies, petty cash, prepaid insurance and others.
They are the obligations which must be fulfilled by the company, such as advances received for work or paying creditors. It is called ‘contra’ or ‘contrary’ because these liabilities have debit balance.Liabilities include payables, such as salaries, wages, accounts, warranty, lawsuits, interest, income taxes, bonds, customer deposits, unearned revenues and other accrued expenses.
There are further bifurcations that take place as per the assets and liability divisions undertaken by the company in question.EndnoteI hope now you understand the meaning of a balance sheet. If not, watch video on this page.Next Batch Starts on 16th August, 2016Our Full Time Financial Modeling Investment Banking Course (6 Weeks) starts on 16th August, 2016 and 10 Day Weekend Workshop starts on 25th June, 2016 in New Delhi, India.

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