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Please be advised that this site is not optimized for use with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. Assuming full participation of holders of convertible and non-convertible public preferred and trust preferred securities in the exchange offers, Citi will convert into common shares approximately $58 billion in aggregate liquidation value of preferred stock and trust preferred securities. Vikram Pandit, CEO of Citi, said, "Following completion of the exchange offers, Citi will be among the best capitalized banks in the world.
In connection with the public exchange offers, Citi will file two definitive proxy statements with the SEC, updating preliminary versions filed on June 3, 2009. The other definitive proxy statement proposes, among other things, to amend Citi's Charter to increase the number of authorized shares of its common stock and authorize the Board of Directors the option to execute a reverse stock split of its common stock. Today Citi also announced that its Board of Directors has unanimously adopted a tax benefits preservation plan to protect the company's ability to utilize certain tax assets. As part of the tax benefits preservation plan, on June 9, 2009, Citi's Board of Directors declared a dividend of one preferred stock purchase right (a "Right") for each outstanding share of common stock and interim securities, which are the securities issued in connection with the exchange offers with the U.S.
The Rights will be triggered in any instance of a person becoming an "Acquiring Person" (as defined in the plan).
The tax benefits preservation plan will be in effect for only 36 months, in contrast to traditional rights plans that generally last 10 years. Citi, the leading global financial services company, has approximately 200 million customer accounts and does business in more than 140 countries. In connection with the exchange offers, Citi has filed a Registration Statement on Form S-4 that contains a prospectus and related exchange offer materials with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC") on June 3, 2009. In connection with the solicitation of proxies for the proposed amendments to its certificate of incorporation, Citi has filed preliminary proxy statements with the SEC.
Citi and its directors and executive officers and other persons may be deemed to be participants in the solicitation of proxies in respect of the proposed amendments to its certificate of incorporation and the certificates of designations of its public preferred stock.
As stated above, after completion of the exchange offers, Citi's TCE could increase by up to approximately $61 billion and its Tier 1 Common could increase by up to approximately $64 billion, in each case, as of March 31, 2009, on a pro forma basis. Tier 1 Common is defined as Tier 1 Capital less non-common elements including qualified perpetual preferred stock, qualifying minority interest in subsidiaries and qualifying trust preferred securities.
In the previous section of this tutorial, we showed that cash flows through a business in four generic stages. The easiest choice is to pull cash flow from operations (CFO) directly from the statement of cash flows. Free cash flow to the firm (FCFF) uses the same formula as FCFE but adds after-tax interest, which equals interest paid multiplied by [1 – tax rate]. Each of the three cash flow measures includes CFO, but we want to capture sustainable or recurring CFO, that is, the CFO generated by the ongoing business. Notice that a change in accounts payable contributed more than $2.6 billion to reported CFO. Judgment should be applied when evaluating changes to working capital accounts because there can be good or bad intentions behind cash flow created by lower levels of working capital. Companies with bad intentions attempt to temporarily dress-up cash flow right before the end of the reporting period. Under cash flow from investing (CFI), you can see that Verizon invested almost $11.9 billion in cash. Aside from being vulnerable to distortions, the major weakness of CFO is that it excludes capital investment dollars. Pay It Forward - 30 Second Commercial (Verizon Innovative App Challenge) - Pay It Forward WON BEST IN NATION for the 2015-2016 30 Second Commercial (Verizon Innovative App Challenge) Creating a 30 second Commercial .
Coca-Cola TV Spot, ' Pay It Forward' Featuring Magic Johnson - ' Pay it Forward' Featuring Magic Johnson, Common.
MEJOR CONJUNTO DE FRASES is a simple search engine and does not upload or host any files on it's server. If interactive content isn’t already on your radar, it should be, explains columnist Arnie Kuenn, or you risk being left behind by your competitors. With more than three quarters of both B2B and B2C marketers practicing content marketing, it’s safe to say it has become a fundamental element to most online marketing strategies today. However, with more and more content being produced and published regularly, competition has become fierce, forcing businesses to become more creative than ever before in their content endeavors.
This higher-quality deliverable can help build brand loyalty and trust, resulting in stronger vendor and customer relationships.
Similarly, interactive content provides businesses with useful data, as companies are able to capture more insight from it than typical gated content assets. Instead of just receiving personal contact information that a registration page would provide, interactive content exposes demographic information, pain points and challenges. Quizzes have a number of uses — some allow brands to teach users about a specific subject or topic area, while others are for amusement, providing the user with an assessment based on the information collected.
For example, most quizzes found on Buzzfeed are purely for entertainment value, including “What Type of Canine Are You?” Other quizzes, like the American Heart Association’s “Healthy Heart Quizzes” are for educational purposes, allowing users to test themselves on different aspects of heart health.

For example, IBM’s quiz titled, “What is your AQ (Analytics Quotient)?” gives users a score that corresponds to where their organization ranks in terms of analytics practices and solutions. Because this quiz focuses on a topic that aligns with IBM’s solutions and the results point to additional IBM resources, it may resonate with people closer to actually making a purchase decision. ROI calculators allow users to calculate the potential return on the investment with a product or service, which can effectively help move people through the buy cycle. Infographics and whitepapers are two of the most widely utilized formats in content marketing. For example, in an interactive infographic about Michael Phelps designed by Infographic World, users can click through to learn more about the swimmer and his various achievements. In the frame above, users can click through different years to see which games Phelps competed in that year, as well as his age at the time, which events he participated in, his rank, and medals earned. Interactive infographics and whitepapers can take on many collaborative elements with the content itself, including quizzes, assessments and self-selected content journeys — similar to “choose your own adventure” experiences. While most businesses that practice content marketing today require users to fill out a contact form before downloading an asset, interactive content works best with a slightly different approach.
Gating content behind a registration page is one way to get leads — but it also stops some users in their tracks. Instead of taking the registration-page approach with interactive content, consider using a “freemium” model. By doing this, you build trust and credibility with the audience — both extremely important elements of content marketing. For example, say you’re a sunglasses company and you have a quiz about what shape of frame people should buy based on their facial features, likes and dislikes. Leveraging interactive content with the freemium model gives companies the opportunity to deliver content tailored to each user specifically, based on information gleaned from the interactive content experience. While your current content marketing strategy with PDF and streaming content may be producing results, it’s only a matter of time before a competitor starts using interactive content — best beat them to the punch. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. Arnie Kuenn is the CEO of Vertical Measures, a content marketing agency with an SEO foundation, focused on helping their clients get more traffic, more leads, and more business.
Government and will now launch its exchange offers for publicly held convertible and non-convertible preferred and trust preferred securities. Information regarding Citi's directors and executive officers is available in its Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2008, which was filed with the SEC on February 27, 2009, and its definitive proxy statement for its 2009 annual meeting of shareholders, which was filed with the SEC on March 19, 2009.
In arriving at Tier 1 Capital, institutions are required to deduct net unrealized losses on available-for-sale equity securities with readily determinable fair values, net of tax. Citi's other approximately $5 billion of net deferred tax assets at March 31, 2009 primarily represented the deferred tax effects of unrealized gains and losses on available-for-sale debt securities, which are permitted to be excluded prior to deriving the amount of net deferred tax assets subject to limitation under the guidelines. Although net cash flow is almost impervious to manipulation by management, it is an inferior performance measure because it includes financing cash flows (CFF), which, depending on a company's financing activities, can affect net cash flow in a way that is contradictory to actual operating performance. After-tax interest paid is added because, in the case of FCFF, we are capturing the total net cash flows available to both shareholders and lenders. For this reason, we often cannot accept CFO as reported in the statement of cash flows, and generally need to calculate an adjusted CFO by removing one-time cash flows or other cash flows that are not generated by regular business operations.
As such, almost 8% of Amgen\'s CFO is not due to operations and is not necessarily recurring, so the amount of the 8% should be removed from CFO. In other words, Verizon created more than $2.6 billion in additional operating cash in 2003 by holding onto vendor bills rather than paying them.
Companies with good intentions can work to minimize their working capital - they can try to collect receivables quickly, stretch out payables and minimize their inventory. Such changes to working capital accounts are temporary because they will be reversed in the subsequent fiscal year.
This cash outflow was classified under CFI rather than CFO because the money was spent to acquire long-term assets rather than pay for inventory or current operating expenses. This refers to roughly $1 billion in cash spent (based on footnotes) to develop internal software systems. If you find that CFO is boosted significantly by one or both of these items, they are worth examination. We can generally overcome this problem by using free cash flow to equity (FCFE), which includes (or, more precisely, is reduced by) capital expenditures (CFI).
Businesses across verticals and industries are creating content daily — from whitepapers and e-books to blog posts and streaming media. An increase in interactive content — content that gets the audience involved, creating a more personalized and memorable experience. Instead of just downloading a piece of content from a website and ending the engagement there, interactive content prompts users to share personal preferences and data in order to receive some sort of tailored result. Not only does interactive content offer an atypical user experience compared with most content marketing initiatives involving a registration and download page, the personalized results received are often more valuable than a generic content download.

Businesses can then use the information that users enter to better understand their audience and employ the findings for future marketing initiatives. For example, most banks offer mortgage calculators that allow users to calculate how much their monthly payment would be based on home purchase price, down payment and other factors — but calculators aren’t just for banks anymore. For example, HubSpot’s ROI calculator asks users for information about current website and business performance, and spits out the increase in revenue people can expect from implementing HubSpot’s inbound marketing software.
In addition to providing a unique experience, interactive infographics and whitepapers can be easily positioned to any stage of the buyer’s journey based on the subject and messaging. Unfortunately, a lot of the content that businesses require a user to register for just isn’t worth it — and users are becoming wearier of providing their information for any old download. Allow users to take a quiz, use a calculator or interact with a whitepaper or infographic without asking for anything in return — yet.
Once you’ve provided the preliminary assessment of what shape works best for the user based on his or her answers, offer a buyer’s guide using the results with additional calls to action.
If it isn’t already on your radar, it should be, because it is the future of content marketing. Under the agreement, the Government will exchange a portion of its preferred securities with an aggregate liquidation value of up to $25 billion for interim securities and warrants and its remaining preferred securities for trust preferred securities. Citi will mail the prospectus to the holders of its series of convertible and non-convertible public preferred stock and TruPs and E-TruPs that may be eligible to participate in the exchange offer. The proxy statements contain additional information regarding the participants in the proxy solicitations and a description of their direct and indirect interests, by security holdings or otherwise. For example, a profitable company may decide to use its extra cash to retire long-term debt. Because shareholders care about the cash available to them after all cash outflows, including long-term investments. Below, we review four kinds of adjustments you should make to reported CFO in order to capture sustainable cash flows.
Companies can choose to classify software developed for internal use as an expense (reducing CFO) or an investment (reducing CFI). We just linked the file or embed from Youtube then display them here to make visitor easy to find it. However, a quiz based on industry pain points or a vendor’s solution could attract more down-funnel users. Markets inundated with the same content in the same format, published by different vendors over and over again.
Holders of these series of preferred stock, TruPs and E-TruPs are urged to read the prospectus and related exchange offer materials because they contain important information. Third, the assets and inventory enable company operations to generate cash, which pays for expenses and taxes before eventually arriving at the fourth stage. In this case, a negative CFF for the cash outlay to retire debt could plunge net cash flow to zero even though operating performance is strong. If these cash inflows are abnormally high, removing them from CFO is recommended because they are probably temporary.
On the other hand, dividends received are often not due to the company's core operating business and may not be predictable. That is, FCFE will go up if the company replaces debt with equity (an action that reduces interest paid and therefore increases CFO) and vice versa. This saturation makes it difficult for businesses employing content marketing to break through the noise and effectively reach their audiences. Conversely, a money-losing company can artificially boost net cash flow by issuing a corporate bond or by selling stock. Specifically, the company could pay the vendor bills in January, immediately after the end of the fiscal year. Gains from trading securities are even less sustainable: they are notoriously volatile and should generally be removed from CFO unless, of course, they are core to operations, as with an investment firm. This problem can be overcome by using free cash flow to firm (FCFF), which is not distorted by the ratio of debt to equity. For example, a firm might sell a subsidiary for a taxable profit and thereby incur capital gains, increasing taxes paid for the year. The diagram below shows how the natural cash flows fit into the classifications of the statement of cash flows.
Because this portion of taxes paid is non-recurring, it could be removed to calculate a normalized tax expense.

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