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Content ratings help you understand the type of content you might find in an app or game, so you can decide if they are suitable for you and your family.
If an app or game does not have a rating, it means that it has not yet been rated, or it’s been rated and we’re working to update the page. The Vertex42® Mortgage Payment Calculator is a very simple spreadsheet that lets you compare different mortgages side-by-side. If you are looking for a mortgage payment calculator that includes taxes, insurance, and other home ownership expenses, try our Home Expense Calculator. Short descriptions describing the terms used in the mortgage payment calculator are included in a separate Help worksheet within the workbook.
This simple mortgage calculator was designed for making side-by-side comparisons of different monthly mortgage payments, not including closing costs, mortgage insurance, or property taxes. Compare the monthly payment for different terms, rates, and loan amounts to figure out what you might be able to afford. The calculator is set up to compare 5 different mortgages, but you can easily expand this by inserting more columns. When considering the interest savings, the simple way to view making extra payments is that it is very similar to investing the money in a interest bearing account with the same interest rate as your mortgage rate (not including the effect of taxes). So, to estimate the effect of making accelerated biweekly payments, you just include an amount in the Extra Monthly Payment field equal to the Monthly Payment divided by 12. The bottom rows of the calculator are for estimating the amount of equity in your home after a number of years. Home Mortgage Calculator - Our feature-rich mortgage payment calculator that includes an amortization table, flexible prepayment options, and optional adjustable rates. Home Equity Loan Calculator - For second mortgages (hopefully you won't ever need this one).
Amortization is a process of paying a debt from loan or mortgage over a pre-defined period of time into smaller installments. The calculation of the principal amount, the interest rate and the amount of each installment is called amortization scheduling. As the computer and common calculator have made it quite easy to calculate huge amounts within seconds and without a single error or mistake, the amortization calculators have made it easy for the banks, loan companies and borrowers to find just the right plan according to their situation. The main benefit of an amortization schedule calculator is that you can actually see that what your amortization process would look like over the next few years. Banks use it to find the amount of installments and interest rate of principal amount when someone applies for a loan or home mortgage. Loan companies use it to find the interest rate for a principal amount when some individual or a business asks to loan money.
One uses it to see the real time picture of his financial situation after a certain number of years once he has applied for a loan or mortgage. In case of a misunderstanding or possibility of an error, both creditor and debtor use this calculator to find if there is a mistake in some calculation. If the lender thinks there are some hidden charges in the loan scheme that the bank or that loan company is not showing, he uses this calculator to check if all the figures are accurate.
Related Excel TemplatesDepreciation Calculatore Template Depreciation is a very common term that we use in business and offices and still there are some nonfinancial people out there who don’t know the exact meaning of it. Mortgage handling is not an easy job for a […]Net Worth Statement Template Knowing about your current financial worth is primary step towards financial planning process.

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Then you'll find this Excel workbook really helpful! With Auto Loan Calculator you can easily plan your next car purchase, taking into account every single detail.
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It calculates your monthly payment and lets you include additional extra payment (prepayments) to see how soon you could pay off your home, or how much you could save by paying less interest. The main difference is that your money may not be as liquid because you'd need to sell your house or use your equity as collateral to make use of the extra money you've put into your house. The amount you get from a loan or house mortgage has to be paid back with additional amount of interest on the loan. By this process you get to know about the additional money you have to pay back in form of interest and the span of years over the actual amount has to be paid in full. Before even making a single installment or getting the actual money, you can get to know the duration of time over which you will be making the installments for your mortgage and the rate of interest that the bank has applied. This way when you see a picture of the next year or the year after that, it makes you stop and think if this is the right deal for you. If we define depreciation in simple words, it’s the decrease in cost of an item, product, machinery or any other business asset because of its usage or unfavorable market conditions. Flying A keeps a large inventory of Cargo Trailers in Single Axle and Tandem Axle, as well as All-Aluminum Flatbed Car Haulers and Aluminum Utility Trailers. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners.
Generally, for longer terms, your payment may be lower, but the total interest may be a lot more. The equity calculation includes the total principal paid (including extra payments) as well as your original down payment.
People don’t have enough money to buy a house or a vehicle all the time so they get financial help from a bank or Loan company who gives them the money they need and get it back over a few years with interest. This calculator is also very important as you can’t imagine of getting a loan without knowing the interest rate, the additional amount you have to pay with the principal and the amount of years for making the installments. Having facts and figures right in front of your eyes helps you to make a decision more effectively.
When we buy a something like a vehicle […]Extra Payment Calculator Template Those of you, who bought a house or a vehicle on a mortgage or loan, know this term “Extra payment” very well and those who don’t know what the heck is an extra payment, here’s some explanation. While this has certain advantages (it doesn't require installation, nor does it modify anything on your system) it also has certain disadvantages, like needing some basic Excel knowledge and having to enter all the information by hand. With Auto Loan Calculator you can easily plan your next car purchase. You also might want to try the Home Expense Calculator to take into account some of the other expenses associated with home ownership. You'd end up making 26 payments instead of 24 within a year, resulting in prepayments on the principal equivalent to one monthly payment.
There are some factors in this process that need to be explained such as “principal” and this is explained as the actual amount of money you borrowed from the bank.

The amortization schedule calculator is a process which helps us to find the interest rate, additional amount you have to pay, amount of each installment and the actual duration of time when the loan amount will be paid in full.
This calculator helps you to find that where would you be standing after a few years when a certain amount of installments would be paid? When you get a mortgage, you agree to pay it back to the bank or loan firm in installments monthly or annually.
Financial statement is very advantageous tool that helps you determine your current financial state. Interest rate is defined as the additional money you pay to your loan company and term is defined as the period of time over which you have to pay the full amount back to the person or company you lend the money from. This is a lot easier than the previous manual calculations because with the help of this calculator, there is no room for an error or mistake and you can plan the entire upcoming years in which you will be paying the installments. In case the bank or loan company changes the interest rate, you can easily calculate the new amount within a few seconds with the help of this calculator. With an additional amount in form of interest rate, you pay off the principal […] Metric Conversion Calculator Template The metric system first started from France in 1799 after which the French revolution took place and soon this system was adopted by many countries although they were previously using some other measuring systems.
It also helps you tracking in […]Mortgage Refinancing Statement When you should consider mortgage refinancing? If the loan agency is hiding something from you or if there are some hidden charges that you are not aware of, you can realize that through this calculator.
There are many other systems too but the metric system is implemented in most of the counties and cultures because of its ease and less complications. This is such a question that should be very clear to you to take right decision about mortgage financing. This is the reason that […]Calorie Intake Calculator Template It’s not possible for someone to know everything and every little detail about something so that means he always finds out something new and learns it for the first time in his life. What is your reaction when you are sitting with your friends and suddenly someone starts a discussion on calories and you are like what the heck is a calorie? Calorie is a unit to measure the energy […] Mortgage Comparison Template Mortgage means getting a loan to buy some kind of property which usually comes with predefined payment periods and interest rates. Not every person in the world has resources to buy a house or office whenever he wants either because of his low salary or disability of arranging the down payment.
It means that you will have to pay less on your monthly mortgage […]House Affordability Calculator Template If I am allowed to talk about myself, I would like to share my biggest wish in life which is, to build a house of my own.
In that case he contacts to a bank to get some money as loan and promises to return the full […]Compound Interest Calculator Template It’s not an easy job to earn money but this is also a fact that money grows more money. Nobody wants to or likes to live in a rented house but its not possible for most of us to have our own house before you hit forty.
For example if you put your money in a bank, it increases with the passage of time as the bank pays you fees for using your money and that fees is called interest. When you get a loan from a bank or a mortgage firm, you have to pay more than the principal amount as the fees to use the loan money.
In such loan, the property itself is the guarantee and the institution has all rights reserved to take over in case you fail to pay back the loan.

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