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3 Department for Work and Pensions The Welfare Reform Bill sets out: –four types of work-related requirement –four conditionality groups No partners - each adult in a household will be placed into a group according to their individual capability and circumstances. 4 Department for Work and Pensions Oct 13 Apr 13 Oct 14Oct 15Oct 16 Oct 17 Test New claims from out of work customers Apr 14 Feb 11 Design & build New claims from in work customers Natural migrations as a result of changes of circumstances Managed migrations Legacy load JSA, ESA, IS, HB, WTC, CTC 8m 6m4.5m2.5m UC load When will we deliver Universal Credit? Universal Credit: welfare that works Welfare to work convention Paul Kilner Universal Credit Directorate 1 st July 2011. Universal Credit & Welfare Reform Implications for The Princes Trust and the young people we work with. Universal Credit and Local Support for Council Tax David Magor OBE IRRV (Hons) Chief Executive Institute of Revenues, Rating and Valuation.
Universal Credit The Shape of Things to Come Angela Toal Welfare rights worker CPAG in Scotland.
Changes to the welfare system: implications for people with a learning disability Tatu Delaney Regional Campaigns Officer September 2012. Welfare Reform David Gray Welfare Rights Manager Peter McCann Head of Revenues and Benefits and Customer Services 1.
Welfare Reform Universal Credit, the Benefit Cap, Under- occupancy Deductions, and Council Tax. UNITE and the benefit cap: building a new data platform Daniel Brown & William Baxter - DWP.
The National Homelessness Conference 2012 Caroline O’Toole & Stephen Neill Whiteinch & Scotstoun Housing Association Rent Arrears, Homeless Prevention.
Understanding the changes to the welfare system and the impact on me Ken Butler Tax Credits and Benefits Adviser Robbie Spence Benefits of Working Advisor. Welfare Reform – Overview of the changes January 2013 Lisa Black – Head of Revenues, Benefits and Welfare Rights.

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