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It all begins by choosing a vehicle from the selection of economically-priced subcompacts as your would-be first car.
Then, when you've made your choice, you can get it through an easy downpayment that's as low as 10%, pay light monthly amortization with up to 72 months loan term, and FREE comprehensive insurance with Acts of Nature Coverage. But in case you're still having a tough time making a decision, BPI Family Savings Bank's 1st Car Plan program is also made more accessible online. All you have to do to complete the buying process is (1) indicate your combined (husband and wife, when applicable) monthly income, (2) select your preferred car, downpayment, and monthly payment scheme, then (3) fill out and submit a simple form.

But to make this dream come true, you'll have to consider which car to get, how much it'll cost, what payment option to get, and if you can actually afford one. Available with the 1st Car Plan program are the Hyundai Eon, Mitsubishi Mirage, Honda City, Toyota Vios, and Ford Fiesta.
Now after you've overanalyzed all the details that pertains to buying a car, that dream then starts to sound a little bit more like a fantasy. Luckily, BPI Family Savings Bank Auto Loan is here to make your life a lot easier and surprisingly affordable with their new “1st Car Plan” program.

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