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2015 bmw 3 series sedan review, ratings & discussions, The 2015 bmw 3 series is a well-rounded and highly desirable entry-level luxury car. 2015 bmw 3-series review, ratings, specs, prices, and, Get the latest reviews of the 2015 bmw 3-series. 2015 bmw 2-series active tourer first drive – review, 2015 bmw 2-series active tourer the revolution will be front-drive.. 2015 bmw 2-series active tourer photos and info – news, The 2-series active tourer is the second bmw-badged model to be fitted with a three-cylinder engine after the i8 plug-in hybrid sports car. Bmw 2 series active tourer xdrive (2015) first drive, Bmw’s 2 series active tourer brings four-wheel drive capability to the mpv party – it’s still great to drive and is as premium as ever.
Then the i3 proper was launched in August, and at seemingly sensible prices (c?25,000 after the UK grant), with leasing costs at around ?350 a month.
My first day as an EV driver was spent going round friends & relations, and blowing their minds.
Each month, Petrolhead Nirvana (the guys who organize the long distance driving trips) hold a meeting at the Ace Cafe, a famous venue for car & bike owners in northwest London. As it is, one thing I’m enjoying immensely is coming home, plugging it in, and knowing that a few hours later I’ll have a full “tank” for minimal cost. You’ve probably seen this video of the drag race at Brands Hatch from the UK launch, where the i3 storms ahead of the M3 before finally being overtaken at maybe 50mph. I guess I’m a bit of a geek, although I don’t profess to be any kind of computer expert. The rear doors can be closed quite gently before you close the fronts – but if you do, a warning appears on the dash as you drive round corners saying they’re open! BMW supply with the car a cable for plugging into an ordinary wall socket, but the Wallbox costs ?315 in the UK after a ?700 gov’t subsidy. Once the lease price of an EV reaches the cost of fuel of the current ICE vehicle, and the daily commute is within range, it’s time add an EV to the home fleet. Any chance you can get your electric provider to run additional service, even if it’s a dedicated circuit for the EV? BTW, if your commute is subject to congestion charges, you can take those off your monthly now too! Just out of curiousity Andy do u have a 40 amp 2 wire (50 hz, 240 volt) service to your house currently? My take, being an American, is that European single phase loads are usually quite limited, although I do believe the UK will allow a 32 amp single phase load, Switzerland 16 amps and Germany 20. Too bad the US i3s will have a UK charge port location – right side, and to the rear. Germany drives on the same side of the road as the US, so if anything I would have thought that it would be UK drivers who would have to put up with a charge port on the wrong side.

Loooking at this intital info it would seem real world range in the US wont be much better if any than Leaf with hybrid heater. In a lot of places in the States the range is going to be impacted by severe cold at times. Now I’m even eye balling the KIA Soul EV, which has a 27 KWh battery, which arrives in the autumn of 2014. Later, in 2017, a small BMW Z2 roadster is planned, along with a replacement for the current 1 Series hatch. All those new models will not only be extremely profitable for the company, but they will also open the gates to new demographics that traditionally would choose non-premium cars. Quite a large population of BMW fans are upset with the onset of the second-generation BMW X1. Next month at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, BMW will introduce to the world the BMW X2 Concept. This year, a total of 25 models receive an award for their overall appeal to consumers from J.D.
According to the report, BMW is preparing a new version of the i8 plug-in hybrid which will deliver 750 horsepower.
BMWBLOG goes to Dallas to test drive the new 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost Series II When is a car not a car?
I’m sure this is old news to all you current EV drivers, but the whole experience is so alien, yet so pleasurable, that a huge grin is inevitable the first time you try it, whether driving or as a passenger. If Andy drove a Leaf in the same manner, the Leaf would probably report a lower range estimate when full. I’ve been driving it quite hard, mainly because I enjoy it, and the cost implications are minimal. But in these early days of EV driving, people cross shop for range as this is still the biggest bottleneck. While MINI aims to launch a total of eight models on the new UKL1 front-wheel drive platform, BMW will release six FWD vehicles by 2016. The new 1 Series is expected to grow in size from the current model, with the wheelbase stretched even further than the 2,567mm of the five-door MINI. The only times I really got to enjoy the M3 was on my drives with the guys at Petrolhead Nirvana, who arrange trips to Scotland, Wales, the Alps, and elsewhere – amazing places where you can give a 400hp car a bit of stick. My man-maths (or man-math for our American cousins) told me that the fuel saving, together with fewer miles on the M3 meaning lower depreciation, less tyre wear & fewer services, could make the i3 a “free” car!
A quick trip down there after work confirmed there was a car matching my order exactly, sitting there quietly – but the dealer at first denied it was mine!
It’s a fantastic talking point too – friends, clients, even strangers are all eager to know more about what the future of motoring holds for us all.

The voice control is very good, much better than the old iDrive’s in the M3, and the phone call sound quality over Bluetooth is much better too, helped by the quietness of the car I guess. If I wanted or needed to, I’m sure I could drive more sensibly and get many more miles out of each charge. In 2016, BMW will launch the second generation X1, along with the first X2 coupe crossover.
A quick spin in an ActiveE in September blew me away and confirmed my thoughts that I was doing the right thing, then an actual i3 test drive in early November really sealed the deal. A bit of pushing from me finally established it was mine, but also that there was a mistake on my invoice, putting the dealer’s ?5,000 grant from the government in potential jeopardy. The M3 needed a bit more finesse, and it was strange having to get used to driving it again after only a week.
The Parking Assist threw a fit last night too, just when I was showing it off to someone, naturally. Except the demo car was loaded with extras which I had a chance to play with, so my originally bare bones car ended up, if not fully loaded, at least three-quarters loaded. So while it was all sorted out, my car sat there doing nothing, just out of my grasp, and I eventually took delivery on the Saturday. I don’t know for sure yet though, as driving economically is next week’s experiment!
However, I somehow imagined the quiet peaceful surroundings of the car, and using the Active Cruise Control, would get me to work completely relaxed and happy, but that was expecting too much: it still takes me just as long, and there are just as many idiots on the road, after all. As it began to reverse, it lost track of where it was and slammed on the brakes (it sounded like the ABS came on, even though we were going slow), with dire messages appearing on-screen about the system being broken and insisting the car be taken to a dealer ASAP. Frustrating – but in light of the delays others are experiencing now, I should’ve been more patient! I figured that if the range remaining got close to the distance to home, I could soft-pedal and knock it back to EP or even EP+ mode and still get home.
For now, I’m looking forward to many happy miles in this futuristic vehicle which seems to get everyone talking. I might be a latecomer to this particular party, but hey, I’ve got the perfect ice-breaker!

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