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Schekelberg was a member in good standing of the Church of Scientology'I've six brothers and three sisters, and was raised a Catholic, but my brother died when I was 13, and I started searching as I didn't want to believe in the God who'd taken my brother,' says Schenkelberg.'I did a commercial with an actress friend and she said I should join this group. Since those dark days, Schenkelberg has been trying to turn her life around.Her daughter is a talented musician and Schenkelberg cleans houses and housesits cats and dogs. It would seem that the glut of abandoned supercars littering the streets and airport car parks of Dubai are the result of locals and expats fleeing the country due to the extreme anti debt laws. Under Sharia law, observed across the Middle East, non-payment of debt is a criminal offence and as the UAE has no bankruptcy laws, there is no protection for those going into debt, even accidentally. There have even been cases of foreigners being prevented from leaving the Emirates after being blacklisted for simply missing a credit card payment! These cars are left by expats and even locals skipping out of the country because of illegal debt…most often missing payments on the cars themselves! The couple split in 2012 and Holmes sought full custody of their daughter, SuriDesperate for cash, she even begged the Church for $17,000 she'd paid in advance for a course she never actually did, saying in a letter: 'I am broke beyond brokea€¦ this is a survival issue. You can help the universe and suddenly the world will be clearer.'So I began doing all my levels and courses.

I remember there was a load of us in the lobby of the Celebrity Centre.'I didn't know I was being auditioned [to be Cruise's girlfriend], so I was being asked on camera: ''Where are you from?
I said it was not OK for that to happen,' says Schenkelberg.'Eventually I think those kids came back to Nicole, but they got special treatment at the Celebrity Centre. Have you had an unkind thought about Tom Cruise or David Miscavige?a€?A It would come up in one of my auditing sessions, but Ia€™d stand firm on it, I dona€™t have to like everybody.
Then, "What do you think of Tom Cruise?"'I thought I was auditioning for a training course, so when he asked about Tom Cruise, I said: "I can't stand him, I think he's a narcissistic baby!" I said, "I'm really bummed about him splitting with Nicole".
I kept thinking I was changing the world.'Schenkelberg did many courses and levels, called Operating Thetan Levels, the highest being Operating Thetan 8 (OT8).
I hate the guy, even before I was in Scientology I didn't like him.'I then go on a litany about him and I remember saying at the end: "Do I have a script now?

I feel like I'm helping people.'We even had two people from Scientology come to see the show, asking for information, one even started filming it in the front row. I'm like, wait a minute, I just masturbated and had to tell them [in an auditing session] and it has cost me 800 bucks!'Schenkelberg first got involved in the Church in 1991 through an actor friend; she says she was Chicago's best voiceover actress and was making more than $300,000 a year.
In 14 years, she spent $938,000.According to the website thetruthaboutscientology,A Schenkelberg has completed 30 courses.
I was on food stamps and was kicked out of my rental house as I was in arrears of over $20,000,' adds Schenkelberg.'I gave $1million in 14 years, but I wasn't a celebrity, I was a single mom, who believed I was helping mankind.

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