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However, in the last few years there has been an increasing trend towards leasing (also known as Personal Contract Hire or PCH) – in which the customer typically gives the car back at the end of the finance period, but in return gets to drive a new car with a reduced monthly outlay (there being no balloon payment required, and typically a relatively small initial deposit). PCP and leasing are of particular benefit for plug-in cars since depreciation rates for plug-in cars purchased outright are not easily predictable but are likely to be high.
Recently Euro Monitor held a research on car rental industry in UAE based on figures from year 2008 to year 2013.
Due to the increasing trend of renting a car in Dubai more and more companies are investing in car rental business in Dubai. Most of rental companies has the policy that you should pay charges and security deposit for the vehicle in advance. If the driver was charged with some traffic fine, the company will recover it from security deposit. Like every where in the world you should read the company’s policy clearly before renting a car in Dubai. Often people dona€™t read the terms and conditions carefully and it brings them lots of troubles.
Like the hatchback model, the new Fabia Combi adopts design elements first seen on the VisionC show car. The new model is 10mm longer, 90mm wider and 31mm lower than its predecessor, which gives it a 4257mm length, 1732mm width and 1467mm height. The Fabia Combi has a 530-litre boot capacity, which is 25 litres up on its predecessor and a class leading figure according to Skoda. The seat can be folded down in two positions, with the seat folding first and then the backrest.
The car's interior is wider by 21mm and longer 8mm and although the car is now slightly lower, there is more headroom for the driver and front passenger.
The Fabia Combi adopts elements of VW's modular MQB technology, such as the engines, electro-mechanical steering and electrical architecture. The engines powering the new Fabia Combi are on average 17 per cent more efficient compared to the units in the second-generation model. Three petrol and three diesel engines will be offered, all equipped with stop-start and a brake energy recovery system. Improved technology will also form a centerpiece of the new Skoda’s appeal to younger customers.
It is the first car in Skoda’s range to feature Mirrorlink, a system that allows smartphone apps to be displayed on the infotainment screen. Making its debut in the Fabia Combi is the new column-electric power steering, which replaces the previous electro-hydraulic power steering and saves weight and fuel.
The car also includes up to 17 of the ‘Simply Clever’ items found on other models in the range, including the ice scraper in the fuel filler cap, storage nets on the inside edges of the front seats, a smartphone cradle in the centre console and a rubbish bin in the side door.
Get the latest car news, reviews and galleries from Autocar direct to your inbox every week. Is the Skoda Fabia good enough to challenge for top slot in a sector packed with talented competition?
The 488's incredible engine and handling and open-top experience make for something very special indeed. The Isuzu D-Max is starting to show its age; after a drive in the range-topping Blade version, is it still competitive? The refreshed Alfa Romeo Giulietta hatchback has been revealed, and benefits from a light facelift, new trim classifications and the addition of the TCT dual-clutch gearbox as an option for the fuel-sipping 1.6 JTDm engine. Cosmetic changes on the outside are focused on the nose, where there’s a new honeycomb grille, black bumper inserts and very subtle changes to the headlamp and fog light surrounds - all of which bring the Giulietta closer to the styling of the long-awaited Giulia saloon that’s expected towards the end of the year. There are seven trim levels available on the Giulietta at present: Progression, Distinctive, Exclusive, Sprint, Business, QV Line and Quadrifoglio Verde.

All benefit from the newly upgraded Uconnect infotainment system that now includes smartphone integration for online services such as music streaming, news, social media and traffic updates for cars equipped with sat-nav. The old Business Edition trim is replaced by Tecnica to include practical touches such as sat-nav and front and rear parking sensors, while sporty Speciale brings stiffer suspension, Brembo brakes, aggressive exterior styling touches, 18in alloys, sat-nav and interior embellishments such as leather and Alcantara seats and a flat-bottomed steering wheel. The quickest model, powered by the 237bhp 1750 TB engine from the 4C coupe, becomes the Veloce (Italian for ‘fast’), shedding the Quadrifoglio Verde name that will be reserved for ultra-high-performance models in the Alfa Romeo line-up, such as the 503bhp Giulia super-saloon.
The facelifted Giulietta goes on sale on 1 April, with the entry price remaining unchanged at ?18,450 for the 118bhp 1.4 petrol in basic Giulietta trim. Finally its got the grille it always should have had, why oh why didnt they redesign those headlamps ? A new grill is fairly cheap to redesign as it's usually just the front bit of plastic (as in this case) with the old fixings.
They managed to spend hundreds of thousands on new headlamps for the 4C which sells in tiny numbers. Much as I don't like the angry look of many new premium cars, I think that on balance I'd probably prefer to drive a cross car than one that looks like it's startled and confused. Its strange, cos the exact same gearbox manages to improve acceleration times on the 2.0 JTDm and the 1750. Ultimately, we own the car but have paid a high price for it, including a large deposit with the order.
There is a fixed term contract (usually for 2, 3 or 4 years) where you pay a charge for the use of a plug-in vehicle for a given monthly mileage. For sure, in 3 or 4 years time plug-in cars will have longer ranges and better specs than now so it may be hard to get a good resale price for a car bought outright. Its been noticed that people living in Dubai generally prefer to rent a car in Dubai instead of buying as they find the benefits of enjoying upgraded and new models of cars. The report predicted that by this year in 2015 the car leasing market will reach the figure of AED 880 millions. You must know them before renting otherwise you can get into trouble or get ready for the huge bill. If you own International Driving License or have Driving License from reputed countries, You don’t need to get UAE driving license to drive on UAE roads.
If the vehicle gets damaged in an accident the rental company may charge you for the loss despite the fact if it was not your fault. It has a 30mm wider track at both the front and the rear and a wheelbase that is 5mm longer. Folding the rear bench increases load space to 1395 litres, which is actually 90 litres less than the outgoing car. The loading sill is 611mm off the ground to make loading easy, and the tailgate opens to 1900mm and is 1028mm wide. These improvements are the result of a new generation of petrol and diesel engines, improved aerodynamics and all-round weight reduction. The infotainment systems in the new Skoda Fabia Combi are all adopted from Volkswagen’s MIB (modular infotainment matrix) technology. Another new function is Smartgate, where vehicle-specific information such as fuel consumption, average speed or g-force readings can to transferred and recorded on a smartphone.
The estate-bodied car first went on sale in 2000 and to date Skoda has sold more than 1.1m examples.
It's unmistakably Skoda but looks so, so so much better than the current Fabia Estate, which looked ungainly from day 1. What does this 567bhp range-topping brute have to offer, seeing as it costs more than ?100,000?
A leather steering wheel becomes standard, while 16in alloys, Bluetooth, air-con and the Q2 brake-based front differential are carried over from the existing basic kit list.

Pricing for other models is yet to be confirmed, but indications are that adding the TCT gearbox to the 1.6 diesel will cost around ?1500, reflecting the premium currently commanded by that transmission.
New headlight shape might entail new front bumper, new wings, new bonnet, new fixings, new inner wings etc.
Uniquely, with Fuel Included™ the monthly charge includes the electricity needed to cover an agreed mileage so there need not be any additional fuel costs. Conversely, when a Fuel Included contract for a plug-in car expires you can simply upgrade to the latest model. But before renting a car in Dubai it is very important to know the general UAE driving rules and regulations. Also In case your car doesna€™t work properly or breaks down, you must contact the company immediately otherwise they may charge you for the damage. Believe everyone but stay alert and very cautious so that any unfortunate incident may not cause trouble while you are enjoying your holidays in Dubai. On average the car has lost 55kg across the range, the weight of the lightest variant – the 1.0-litre, three-cylinder petrol – is down to 1004kg. Other highlights include keyless entry and start, front and rear parking sensors, a new-generation aircon system and the option of a panoramic glass roof. The entry-level model is now simply called Giulietta, with Super, Tecnica, Speciale and Veloce above it. Also you have to know the general policy that most of the companies set for renting a car in Dubai.
In the UK, the number of EV charging points is rapidly increasing and expected to exceed the count of traditional forecourts by 2020. It will indeed be a momentous time when that happens and certainly signals a major shift in the UK’s car buying and driving habits.Does it mark such a groundswell move in how many cars of each fuel type there will be on the roads, though? Yet, without the government’s continued support of EVs with the Plug-In Car Grant (PICG), would so many be choosing an EV?We will only know the answer to that when the fund of cash for the PICG runs out, which is expected to happen in 2018.
Those who might have chosen a diesel-powered car for its economy and low carbon dioxide output are now more wary and come have definitely voted with their wallets to choose alternative fuel options.So, we know EV sales are on the up and petrol stations are dwindling in number, but is this an accurate measure of electric vehicles coming into the mainstream as a replacement for petrol and diesel-fuelled cars?
The cost of running a petrol station is simply not viable for many of the independent operators we’ve been accustomed to for decades. Just like the pub trade, fuel retailers cannot make enough selling their core product and have had to either diversify or die.The large fuel retailers can afford to run their businesses and, as they dominate the market, the price of fuel becomes less flexible. It’s not ideal, but that’s capitalism for you and putting petrol in the car to get to work, go to the shops and collect the kids is more important than worrying about the cost of a litre of fuel for most of us.This has opened up a great opportunity for EVs, which can offer the prospect of low-rate charging overnight from a domestic supply.
At present, 98% of EVs are charged at home, which demonstrates that most owners have access to this kind of charge point and also the sort of journey they use an EV for.We’re not going to get mired in the debate about EV range versus the internal combustion engine. Until we can all either afford a Tesla, or battery technology in all EVs allows significantly larger range, petrol and diesel will remain big players in the propulsion game.It’s no reason we should not be pushing for EV charging points to outnumber petrol stations.
Edward Jones, EV Manager for Nissan, said: “As electric vehicle sales take off, the charging infrastructure is keeping pace and paving the way for convenient all-electric driving. Combine that with constant improvements in our battery performance and we believe the tipping point for mass EV uptake is upon us.”Mr Jones is absolutely right to have faith in EVs, and not just because he works for one of the major producers of such cars. Even so, the ‘tipping point’ he talks about is not one that will see off fossil fuel cars any time soon. It’s more about EVs going from the periphery of the car market and coming into the mainstream.Looked at in this way, the discussion about EVs shifts from whether or not they will replace traditional cars to asking if EV sales have plateaued? After all, we predicted hybrids to be the future in the late 90s yet these only account for a small portion of car sales in 2016.Expecting consumers to move wholesale to EVs is an over-ambitious wish in my opinion.

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