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April 9, 2015 By Billy On the previous article, we shared information about the comparison of savings account in the Philippines. If you’re a beginner like me and looking for a ways to make your money grow, time deposit is one of the basic option we can have.
Below are the comparison of time deposit account rates from the major bank here in the Philippines as of November 11, 2015.
Please take that in general, the returns or gains in time deposit is still subjected to 20% tax. Interest rates are not the only consideration we need to check when opening a time deposit account in the Philippines. If you think this article is helpful and informative, kindly share to inspire and help others.
I created this simple blog aiming to share basic and fundamentals of financial literacy, personal finance tips and other money-related information for everyone especially for fellow Filipinos around the world. Why working abroad is one of the ultimate goals for many Filipino?How we handle our finances as newly wed couple5 Simple hacks to save money on electricity bill at home8 Practical tips to save money when eating outBlog update. As a universal bank, BDO is providing various products and services to its customers like savings account, credit cards, checking account, loans, money remittance, unit investment trust fund, payroll account, foreign currency deposit account and many more. As a customer, you should look for the best savings account out there that suits according to your wants and needs. PDIC insurance is your protection when the bank closes its operation because of bankruptcy and other reasons so you should know whether the bank has insurance or none. As much as possible, your chosen savings account must have an online banking for your convenience. The factors above is some few tips when selecting the best savings account, you must do your own investigations and research so that you can be sure that your choice is the right one. I have made some articles in the past that outline the interest rate you can get from different types of BDO savings account as well as the maintaining balance to avoid penalties, dormancy fee and the minimum initial deposit when opening a new account.
Basically, opening a savings account is not that hard especially if you are staying in the Philippines and you have the necessary requirements needed in the application.

When applying for a bank account, you should submit several requirements because it is the bank’s policy to know their customers.
You should fill out application forms and signature cards so that the bank has your information.
The nice thing about opening a savings account in the branch is that you will know whether your application is approve or not. When your application is approved, you can get your ATM or passbook after 3 to 5 banking days. As a final remarks, opening an account at BDO is not difficult to do as long as you have the requirements and enough money for initial deposit. Please let me know as to how I can open up a savings account, as late nxt yr I will be moving to live in the Philippines, but until then I would like to open a savings account to start saving for my move. That information could help you decide which bank you’re going to choose when opening a savings account. Other banks were not included since most of the time, people are looking for information in these 3 major banks.
I will try my best to keep this updated over time. But you have to take note that time deposit rates may change at any time without notification. Those are the comparison of time deposit account in the Philippines and their interest rates as of today(November 15, 2015).
Customer service, convenience and others must check when opening any type of bank accounts in the Philippines. Some Filipino words are being blocked and are getting rejected automatically and might not be displayed. It has been a recipient of many local and international awards in the category of banking and financial services.
I think the best way to open a BDO savings account is by visiting a branch nearest you or a branch inside a SM mall.
For example, if you are an OFW or will be working abroad, a Kabayan savings account can be the best for you.

The most common requirements are one valid photo-bearing ID, a billing statement and the initial deposit. You should wait during the checking of your documents, ID, application forms and signature cards until you are informed of its approval. It is better to apply Internet banking at the same time you apply a savings account for your future convenience. For most updated and exact details, please contact the bank’s nearest branch in your area. The types are indicated above by clicking the links indicated so you could study which one you should choose. However, some banks do not follow this rule or maybe they want to make it sure that you are the real person behind the ID so they are requiring two valid ID from depositors. If you want to know more about particular details about the articles posted in this blog, you must do your own research and verify the accuracy of that article. It also operates numerous ATM and has longer banking hours than any other Philippine banks. Here are some of the tips I want to share with you when applying for a savings account at BDO Philippines.
If you have no choice and you only have one ID, you should tell them that it is BSP rule to present just one ID and it is sufficient.
I recommend also to you to apply online banking at the same time you apply for the savings account.

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