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You may be aware of the dangers of identity theft while using your smartphone, shopping or even going to the doctor, but few of us think about the risk of ID theft at airports. One seemingly innocuous piece of paper that poses a significant risk is your boarding pass, which many people discard at the airport after their flight.
Bar code readers are cheap and easy to get, so an enterprising identity thief would merely need to go through airport garbage cans to turn your trash into his treasure.
Another identity theft problem cropping up at airports involves credit cards with Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, technology embedded in microchips in the card. These cards can be safely used for purchases by merely waving the card within a few inches of a remote card reader used by retailers. Unfortunately, retailers aren't the only people reading smart cards. An identity thief with a small, remote card reader in his pocket needs to be within only about 10 inches of the card you are carrying in your wallet or purse to be able to read the information on the card.
There are simple precautions you can take to protect the information on your smart card from being stolen.
A simpler, but less attractive solution is to merely wrap your RFID credit cards in aluminum foil before you put them in your wallet or purse; this, too, will effectively block illegal card reading. EmailThe IRS changes to 2016 tax brackets, exemptions and standard deductions are small, but every little bit helps. The 7 existing tax brackets are the same in 2016, but the amount of money that falls into each will change a bit in 2016. The good exemption news is that every taxpayer gets to claim a specific dollar amount, along with the same amount for all dependents, to help reduce their adjusted gross income.
If you claim the standard deduction, and most taxpayers do, you'll be able to reduce your adjusted gross income a bit more on your 2016 taxes.
But the 2016 numbers are good to have handy as you plan your strategies to keep next year's tax bill as low as possible. You also can keep up with tax news and tips by subscribing to Bankrate's free Weekly Tax Tip newsletter.

87% of home buyers in 2008 stated they used the internet to find a home and 85% of them stated they used a Realtor®.
Using our team’s advanced marketing techniques and vast internet exposure, I bring your listing a unique and incredible advantage. List your property at the right price to get the most amount of money and sell it in the time frame required.
Market the property more aggressively than other agents utilizing the powerful tools of the internet including dozens of social networking sites, hundreds to thousands of real estate search sites, exclusive internet marketing techniques, and attractive virtual tour websites.
Provide superior service and keep you updated on your listing’s interest and progress. While your pass does not appear to include much personal information, the truth is that the boarding pass bar code contains information -- including your name and phone number -- that could be used to victimize you. All you have to do is tuck your used boarding passes into your pocket and shred them when you get home.
There are many documents that we routinely get rid of at home that contain sensitive personal information, and shredding is the best way to discard these papers.
Entrepreneurs have created new thin wallets made out of aluminum that will block the card readers used by identity thieves and prevent identity theft. These are a good choice. We ask that you stay on topic, respect other people's opinions, and avoid profanity, offensive statements, and illegal content. Please refer to Bankrate's privacy policy for more information regarding Bankrate's privacy practices.
Weisman just needed to include in the article that individual aluminum protective sleeves to protect credit, debit cards and driver's licenses are available for purchase online costing less than $1 each. Bankrate may be compensated in exchange for featured placement of certain sponsored products and services, or your clicking on certain links posted on this website.

That means the tax provisions that are adjusted each year to account for inflation aren't changing that much. And the 2016 inflation adjustments just announced by the IRS mean that most taxpayers will see some changes. And those inflation increases mean that you can earn a little more in each bracket and stay at the same tax rate.
It starts phasing out at $259,400 for single taxpayers and $311,300 for married couples filing jointly. Expect to see your property listed on more websites, search engines, and online searches than any area agent can provide.
Today’s selling market is a different ball game and only an agent with the right set of skills and tools will get the job done quickly and easily. Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to (but are not obligated to) edit or delete your comments. It disappears totally when a single filer's income hits $381,900 or $433,800 for married couples filing jointly.
Please avoid posting private or confidential information, and also keep in mind that anything you post may be disclosed, published, transmitted or reused.
These statistics show that your home will sell faster with not only an experienced agent, but someone who knows how to market effectively on the internet.

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