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There are many voices in the industry hinting that Fiat-Chrysler is currently developing a new small pickup truck for the US.
As opposed to the Brazil-only Ram 750 truck, this heavily-camouflaged Ram prototype will also arrive in the United States according to several reports.
Previously caught on film testing in the US several months ago, our carparazzi spied the mystery Ram small pickup truck this time around in Europe, which means that there's a Fiat-branded variant in the pipeline. The second generation of the Damas appeared in 2003, after Daewoo Automotive was bought by General Motors. Dacia hasn't mentioned whether it intends to use the Duster for several derivates, just like the Logan was for other models such as the MCV and the Pickup.
Obviously, this is only a sketch, so we can't talk about a production version at this time.
The imagined Duster Pick-up provides enough room for only two passengers, but a four-seat configuration would probably make more sense. As for the regular Duster, we told you yesterday that the car is already shipping in Romania, as trailers full of SUVs have been spotted leaving the main assembly plant in Mioveni.

The Indian market is still considered to be a growth market, one that could enjoy many of Hyundai’s smaller cars.
To capitalize on this, Hyundai is rumored to be offering a diesel version of the i10 city car in the second half of 2013. A 1.1 litre 3-cylinder diesel CRDi variant is available in Europe and is the likely candidate. After our carparazzi sent us the spy photographs below, it seems like the Italo-American group will be offering a bigger Ram 750.
It is a very small MPV with a mid-engine rear wheel drive layout and is available in three body styles: passenger van, cargo van and a pick-up called Labo. The car is due to go on sale in several markets in the upcoming months, with Romania, Dacia's domestic market, to see the vehicle in all its glory on March 18. However, Theophilus Chin from Malaysia created in Photoshop a preview of what seems to be a pick-up version of the Duster which, we must agree, looks better than the regular model.
Dealers across the country revealed last month that interest for the Duster is impressively high, with several buyers already making deposits of over 1,000 Euros to reserve their car.

A new dimension has been added recently, diesel, as engines displacing less than 1.5 liters and running on diesel are rapidly becoming popular.
We’ve shown you that Hyundai is working on a new generation of the i10 which will be ready by 2014.
That black cladding hides a bigger bed than ever and four proper doors, tell-tale signs engineers are adapting it for the United States.
However, the Indian market will most likely be slow in adopting this because of its price competitiveness.

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