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The British division of SEAT announced today the launch of the latest version of its free SEAT Race game, a new iPhone and iPod Touch app that comes with the facility for players to share results on their Facebook wall and challenge other Facebook users to a race. The new SEAT Race game comes with a new layout and design, as well as a bunch of new features, such as the arrival of a fresh SEAT model, the Ibiza ST, and a new camera view from the cockpit.
Furthermore, players are given the chance to try more circuits thanks to the addition of two new tracks.
There is also a new competition section called Full Throttle included in the game’s Championship mode.
The latest SEAT iPhone app can be easily downloaded for free by visiting the iTunes store at the following link. Google Play Store has come up with multiple Financial Calculator apps to perform financial calculations in one go.
Financial Calculators is a free Android app which provides an advanced calculator with the functionality to calculate all the finance related calculations. Smart Financial Calculator is a free Android app to make financial calculations on Android. Financial calculator by Ulrich is a free Android app to make basic financial calculations related to interest. Financial Calculators Lite is a free Android app which provides the bundle of calculators on Android. BMI Calculator calculator, Discount Calculator calculator, Loan – Payment calculator, Net Asset Value calculator, Price to Book Value calculator, Quick Ratio calculator, Rate Of Inflation calculator, Retention Ratio calculator, Return on Investment (ROI) calculator, Sales Tax Calculator calculator, Tip Calculator, Earnings Per Share calculator, Currency Converter, Compound Interest calculator, Capital Gains Yield calculator.

If you find any other good financial calculator for Android, then do let us know in comments. Users can access the code to unlock the Championship mode exclusively via the Club SEAT website.
Android has its own calculator which allows you to perform basic mathematical calculations on your Android phone. Smart Financial Calculator is a bit different financial calculator app for Android which includes different calculators as compared to 1st and 2nd calculator apps discussed above. The app includes over 70+ financial calculators to calculate financial transactions on Android. If you want to do some financial calculations in one go, then it becomes harder to perform calculation with basic calculator installed on your Android phone. The app is full fledge calculator app to calculate almost all types of financial calculations on Android. Financial Calculator app is a simple app that allows you to perform almost all the financial calculation with ease.
The app allows you to prepare calculation note, fuel consumption calculator, unit price calculator, sale calculator, loan calculator, exchange rate calculator, and more.
You can easily calculate any type of interest amount and interest rate on your Android phone. This Android calculator app makes your work easy by proving the selection to the long list of calculators on your Android.

Financial Calculator makes it easy for you to make your calculation fast by just entering the values. It becomes faster to make financial calculation containing mathematical formulas and tricks. The app even has a smart feature to shake and delete the values entered or calculations done on Android. Below are few which we thought were useful out of the long list of calculators provided by this Financial Calculators Lite app. You just have to launch the app, select the calculator, and you are ready to perform financial calculations on your Android phone. The calculator app also provides you the option to hide unwanted calculator from the long list of calculators in the app. You can save withholding tax and inflation rate to let the app make financial calculations accordingly. The good part of this financial calculator app is that the free version of the app is ads free in Google Play Store.
While searching Financial calculator, you will find many calculators with the same name (financial calculator).

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