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An amortization schedule is a list of payments for a mortgage or loan, which shows how each payment is applied to both the principal amount and the interest. This spreadsheet-based calculator creates an amortization schedule for a fixed-rate loan, with optional extra payments. Start by entering the total loan amount, the annual interest rate, the number of years required to repay the loan, and how frequently the payments must be made.
The payment frequency can be annual, semi-annual, quarterly, bi-monthly, monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly.
The Commercial Version allows you to use this spreadsheet in your loan or financial advisory business. The header includes a place for the borrower's name and your company info: View Screenshot.
The Vertex42 logo and copyright are outside the print area so that they don't show up when you print the schedule. This spreadsheet provides a more advanced way to track actual payments than the Payment Schedule included in the standard Loan Amortization Schedule. Usually, the interest rate that you enter into an amortization calculator is the nominal annual rate. Basic amortization calculators usually assume that the payment frequency matches the compounding period. Some loans in the UK use an annual interest accrual period (annual compounding) where a monthly payment is calculated by dividing the annual payment by 12.
There are two scenarios in which you could end up with negative amortization in this spreadsheet (interest being added to the balance).
A loan payment schedule usually shows all payments and interest rounded to the nearest cent.
When an amortization schedule includes rounding, the last payment usually has to be changed to make up the difference and bring the balance to zero.
With this template, it is really quite simple to handle arbitrary extra payments (prepayments or additional payments on the principal). If you are on your last payment or the normal payment is greater than (1+rate)*balance, then pay (1+rate)*balance, otherwise make the normal payment. Mortgage CalculatorUse this free mortgage calculator to save money on your home loan today. Mortgage Repayment Calculator, Home Loan CalculatorA home loan calculator tool for repayment and interest only mortgages. FHA Mortgage Calculator - How much are my payments?FHA home loans were created to help minorities and first-time homebuyers .
Mortgage Calculator with Taxes - Estimate Mortgage Payment - ZillowMortgage calculator quickly shows what you can expect to spend on your home loan.

Mortgage Payment Calculator from MoveEstimate your monthly mortgage payment by using our calculator and get . Mortgage Calculator & Loan CalculatorThe mortgage calculator with taxes and insurance estimates your monthly home mortgage payment and shows amortization table. Loan Repayment CalculatorUse this loan calculator tool to work out the repayment costs for your loan. LOAN CALCULATORloan payment calculator, calculates amount borrowed, payment amount, number of years, time, interest .
Simple Loan CalculatorUse this simple loan calculator to calculate the monthly payment for any loan. VA Home Loan Calculator: Calculate Your Mortgage PaymentsUse this mortgage calculator to determine your monthly payments and find the right home to fit your budget. Mortgage Calculators, Payment, APR, Interest Rate CalculatorGMAC Mortgage provides mortgage calculators to estimate a payment, calculate APR or amortization, and an interest rate calculator to compare mortgages. Mortgage Calculators and Tools from Bank of America Home LoansUse these mortgage calculators and tools to estimate your down payment, closing . Home Loan Calculators and Tools from Bank of AmericaLooking to buy a new home or refinance your mortgage? Monthly Mortgage Payment Calculator: Fixed-Rate LoanFree, online mortgage calculator computes monthly mortgage payment, total mortgage cost, and interest expense. They usually wear them toRead More   Natural Hair Care TipsTaking care of hair is too necessary for all hair types. There are many stylesRead More   Long Hairstyle Inspiration for 2016Who says you have to chop off your long tresses to be in style?
The schedule shows the remaining balance still owed after each payment is made, so you know how much you have left to pay. Then you can experiment with other payment scenarios such as making an extra payment or a balloon payment. You can also make multiple copies of the Schedule worksheet within the same workbook, to compare different loans and scenarios. It can be used to estimate a payment schedule for a Simple Interest Loan or Simple Interest Mortgage, in which the interest accrues daily in a separate interest accrual account. It allows you to create a payment schedule for a fixed-rate loan, with optional extra payments and an optional interest-only period.
However, when creating an amortization schedule, it is the interest rate per period that you use in the calculations, labeled rate per period in the above spreadsheet.
In that case, the rate per period is simply the nominal annual interest rate divided by the number of periods per year. HomesThis mortgage calculator shows estimated monthly mortgage payments for different home loan amounts, interest rates and mortgage terms.

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To create an amortization schedule using Excel, you can use our free amortization calculator which is able to handle the type of rounding required of an official payment schedule. Make sure to read the related blog article to learn how to pay off your loan earlier and save on interest. When the compound period and payment period are different (as in Canadian mortgages), a more general formula is needed (see my amortization calculation article).
The way to simulate this using our Amortization Schedule is by setting both the compound period and the payment frequency to annual. The second is if you choose a compound period that is shorter than the payment period (for example, choosing a weekly compound period but making payments monthly).
Changing the Payment Amount makes more sense to me, and is the approach I use in my spreadsheets.
For fixed-rate loans, this reduces the balance and the overall interest, and can help you pay off your loan early. The monthly payment mortgage calculator with taxes and insurance estimates the monthly house . You can use the free loan amortization schedule for mortgages, auto loans, consumer loans, and business loans. Many loan and amortization calculators, especially those used for academic or illustrative purposes, do not do any rounding. So, depending on how your lender decides to handle the rounding, you may see slight differences between this spreadsheet, your specific payment schedule, or an online loan amortization calculator. But, the normal payment remains the same (except for the last payment required to bring the balance to zero - see below).
You may need to change this option if you are trying to match the spreadsheet up with a schedule that you received from your lender. If you are a small private lender, you can download the commercial version and use it to create a repayment schedule to give to the borrower. This spreadsheet rounds the monthly payment and the interest payment to the nearest cent, but it also includes an option to turn off the rounding (so that you can quickly compare the calculations to other calculators).

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