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When you take on a car loan to buy a car, your lender purchases the car for you and allows you to pay it back over a period of years. Most car loans use simple interest, a type of interest of which the interest charge is calculated only on the principal (the amount owed on the loan). However, simple interest does not mean that every time you make a payment on your loan that you pay equal amounts of interest and principal. Let’s say you take out a car loan for $12,000 to be paid back over five years (or 60 months) at an interest rate of 10%. Or, you can just use a car loan calculator. For sake of simplicity in this example, make the tax rate 0%. It is a common belief that over the 60 months of such a loan that the borrower would pay down the loan principal evenly as the graph below shows.
The above graph incorrectly depicts the loan being paid down by $200 per month until the balance reaches $0. Notice how the payoff curve is bowed so that it is less steep at the beginning of the loan than at the end. For the second month’s payment, you will pay a slightly smaller interest charge, because the first month’s payment will have paid down the principal by $154.96.
In this way, as you pay down a car loan, the amount of interest charge you pay decreases while the amount of principal you pay for increases, all while the monthly payment remains the same.
It is important to realize that your interest rate is not the only factor that affects the total amount of interest charge you pay for your car loan. As you can see, the total interest charges you pay on the 60 month loan climb higher than those of the 48 month loan. At this point, it is important to note that it is possible to have a longer car loan term length and still pay less for your car than with a loan of a shorter term length if your longer term loan has a sufficiently lower interest rate.
Since your interest charge every month is based on how much you still owe on your loan, you can reduce your interest charges by making unscheduled payments that bring down your loan balance. Paying a debt like a car loan early is generally a good thing, because you end up paying less interest charges. While taxes are generally a complicated issue and need to be worked out on an individual basis, the concept of how taxes affect your car loan is straightforward. While shopping for car loans, credit cards, and other financial services, you have probably come across the term APR.
To clarify how much you will pay in interest charges versus how much you will pay in interest charges plus fees, your car loan paperwork will likely come with two rates.
Please note, while these equations are helpful for understanding these two rates, they do not necessarily reflect how you would calculate the two rates. Yamaha Motor Philippines launched a unique new lifestyle vehicle dubbed the Tricity recently. After hosting a successful first round of the Northern Series two weeks ago, the National Drag Racing Championship (NDRC) moves to the Batangas Racing Circuit (BRC) today for the start of the Southern Series. At the recent Toyota Media Thanksgiving Party (which also served as the launch venue of the all-new Alphard and refreshed Prius C), Toyota Motor Philippines President Mr.
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Tripda is modernizing the carpooling experience by allowing drivers and passengers to connect with each other via the web or via its own dedicated app (iOS, Google Play). BPI Family Auto Loan pioneers another extraordinary offer in the car and car financing industry with the first-ever Bagong Kotse, 1-Month Libre promo! BMW motorcycle enthusiasts earned top honors in the first ever Cannonball 1000 endurance run in the Philippines. Auto-loan terms will continue to expand, boosting car sales as a "powerful tool" to make pricey vehicles accessible, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' Reid Bigland told the Automotive News World Congress today.
As the economy grows stronger, more consumers have already sated their desires for new vehicles, so expanding auto loans will encourage sales, Bigland said. Consumer Reports recommends keeping the loan time as brief as possible, noting that a three-year loan (or half the average new-vehicle loan term) lets buyers build thousands of dollars of equity by the end of their first year of driving the car. Essentially, the lender gives you the service of using its money, and in exchange you compensate the lender for its services by paying interest.
Instead, car loans are paid down via amortization, meaning you pay more interest at the beginning of your car loan than at the end. The reason that car loans behave this way is that monthly payments at the beginning of a car loan include more interest charge than the payments at the end of a car loan. The interest charge that is included in this payment is based off of how much you owe on the loan. For our example, the graph below illustrates how during the course of the loan the interest charge per month would fall while the amount each payment contributes to paying the principal increases if all the monthly payments are paid as scheduled. Rather, the interest charge line decreases at an increasing rate while the line displaying how much of the principal each payment covers actually increases at an increasing rate.
Your car loan term length plays a major role in how much you pay for your car no matter what interest rate you have.
Suppose still that you are financing your $12,000 car with a car loan requiring you to pay a 10% interest rate. Moreover, the 60 month loan levels off later than the 48 month loan, meaning that the portion of each of your monthly payments that covers your monthly interest charges is greater for the 60 month loan than for the 48 month loan.
Understanding interest rates and loan term lengths and how they interact is important if your are considering refinancing a car because refinance customers often both extend their term lengths and secure lower interest rates. When you make unscheduled payments, you are engaging in an accelerated car loan payoff which will reduce the total amount of interest charges you pay over the course of your loan and may help you pay back your loan faster than originally planned. However, you should always consider your entire financial situation before choosing to make unscheduled payments. If you refinance to a lower interest rate, you may pay significantly less for your car loan.
When buying a car, you are charged taxes on the price of the car you are purchasing, meaning the amount of tax you owe is added directly to your loan amount. However, the amount of tax you must borrower to pay for your taxes will be included in the amount you borrow from the lender, and you have to pay interest on the full amount you borrow. Still, it is important that you understand how your tax rate will influence your auto loan. Each gives you different information about your loan, yet mathematically they are the same in that they both give you the same payment (the one quoted on your loan paperwork) and both require you to pay the same amount for you car over the course of you loan. This rate describes how much in interest charges you will pay on the balance of your loan over a year period.
However, you can read much more about how APR works here, including how to use the above equations to correctly estimate your note rate or APR.

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With this new campaign clients will enjoy big savings with the free 1 month loan amortization they get when they avail of a BPI Family Auto Loan. Cementing his reputation as one of the country’s finest professional riders, 68-year old businessman Max Kienle led the individual category on a BMW R1200 GS Adventure LC. Experts warn that buyers could get trapped in a debt cycle where they are continually paying off a new vehicle because of the length of the loan. As a general rule, for the same interest rate, the longer your term length the more your cumulative interest charge will be. However, you have a choice between a four year loan (or 48 months) and the five year loan (or 60 months) that we have discussed so far.
Furthermore, the concept of how car loan term length affects your cumulative interest charges has important implications for how you can save money on your current car loan. Obviously, you need to have the extra cash to make such a payment, but even if you do, you have to ask yourself if you have better uses for that extra money.
So, if you wish to buy a car for $20,000 and you owe taxes on it of 8%, then you will owe $1,600 [$1,600 = $20,000 * 8%] in taxes and thus will need a car loan for $21,600. Your taxes do not increase your interest rate, but they do increase the loan balance on which your interest charges are based. The finance charge is made up of both your interest charges and your prepaid finance charges, which are various charges rolled into your loan amount that can include different loan fees and the interest that accumulates to the day of your first loan payment.
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On top of that, Kia will even throw in an additional P 20,000 if you trade in your old car (on top of the appraised value).
Established in October of last year, Tripda Philippines is the latest venture of PLDT-backed Rocket Internet whose portfolio includes carmudi, lamudi, foodpanda, pricepanda, and Clickbus. The BMW Motorrad-supported Club PK also displayed a stellar performance and finished ahead of their counterparts in the Group of 10 category. For example, if you owe money on a credit card, then you are probably better off paying down that credit card’s balance before making an unscheduled car loan payment. Looking at the monthly payment, you may be tempted to take the 60 month loan because it saves you money every month – and this decision is not necessarily wrong. Remember, just because your APR is higher than the interest rate quoted to you does not indicate that your lender has changed the loan terms it is offering you. Still you should consider the effect the extra 12 months will have on the interest charges you pay over the course of the loan. Remember, you have to pay 10% interest on the balance on your loan, so the longer you owe money on your car, the more interest you have to pay.

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